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Rab C Nesbitt star Elaine C Smith: ‘I’ll be so proud when Scotland passes equal marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. Guid on ye Mary Doll!

    1. Mind you, some people will do anything for a wee slab o’ weddin’ cake!

  2. I had to chuckle at her term ‘best bird’

    Good on you Elaine for speaking out in favour too.

  3. She is mainly known as an avid supporter of Independence/ SNP. That party has several high-profile homophobic supporters, notably Brian Souter the Stagecoach millionaire, who tried to stop Scotland’s previous Labour govt from abolishing Section 28. They were also coochy-coo with Keith O’Brien, touting for the catholic vote, until everyone found out just what sort of a bloke he was.

    1. The SNP’s record on gay equality hasn’t always been good, even in recent years – e.g. refusing to deal with same sex marriage in their first term despite being advised to do so by a Scottish Parliament Committee, and the way they helped (and still support) St. Margaret’s adoption agency.

      And there are a couple of high profile homophobes in the SNP or with close links to the SNP – such as Souter and Scottish government minister Roseanna Cunningham (who tried to ban gay people from adopting and who is currently refusing to deal with the same sex marriage Bill despite being the minister responsible).

      I’ve been critical of the SNP in recent years, but I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt since they announced the same sex marriage Bill, but even then they weren’t exactly enthusiastic about it (and were much more reticent than the UK government were) saying they’d make no decision until they’d heard all views etc.

      So I do understand your feelings towards the SNP.

  4. It’s good to see another voice speaking out for equal marriage in Scotland, although I’m a wee bit frustrated that we’re still a fair bit away from it becoming law.

    Although it’s widely expected to be passed, we can’t get complacent and just assume that a majority of MSPs will vote for it because they’ve pledged to do so – Lib Dems and tuition fees, anyone?!!!

    There’s bound to be another onslaught from the bigots in the next couple of months when they get the chance to air their views at the Scottish Parliament’s Committee meetings.

    So we need to stand firm and make sure our MSPs know our views on equal marriage.

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