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London: Teenager who suffered anti-gay bullying at school found dead

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Reader comments

  1. Damn.

    Considering a school life to be analogous to a work environment – We don’t expect adults to put up with harassment and abuse, so why do we demand that young people suffer through it? It is not a rite of passage. It is not inevitable. And the proper recourse is zero tolerance against those who choose to bully – let their life be ruined, not the lives of the people that they victimise.

  2. I would encourage the naming and shaming of the school.

  3. Michael Hudston 29 Aug 2013, 12:18pm

    How can it be “Not Suspicious” if she was bullied. Something has led to her death, and if it was suicide, then those responsible for the bullying should face the consequences.

    How many more kids have to commit suicide before we do something?

  4. Never come out at school unless your like the post kid going to some £17k a year school and feeling very please with your self for coming out. The reality is less friendly for most poorer LGBT people. For all the talk of equality and progression the reality is a little bit different.

    1. I disagree. It varies by school.

      I’m 29, and I came out at 15 – no problems at all, far from it.

    2. @James!

      Well, he has every justification for being pleased with himself. He’s the first openly gay head boy, which is quite an achievement and this very positive news certainly deserves praise. He will be a role model and an inspiration for anyone with low esteem or at risk of being bullied.

      In contrast, what are your achievements in these respects? You’re just bigoted against people that attend good schools.

      1. That is very nice but what is this to do with this poor girl? Was anyone around for her? Was their anyone for her too look up to? Am sure she must have been in a terrible place especially after been bullied so badly…

        Thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends today. Its such a horrible, horrible tragedy. How do people ever get over this type of thing I would never know. Guilt will follow over this, but this hideous situation but this will become irrational over time. Such a beautiful young lady and I hope her memory will live on and like so many. Many young people who have suffered in this situation and this has led too many young people been taken away from us callously & too early, bless them all :'(

        1. @ p

          >”That is very nice but what is this to do with this poor girl?”

          If the school had had an openly gay head girl or head boy, Sinead would have at least had a role model to look up to. She might also have been able to confide in that person.

          Homophobic bullying would also be less likely in a school with an openly gay head girl or head boy: staff and pupils would know that homophobic remarks would be much more likely to be challenged.

          1. That is talking in hindsight and maybe true but lets not pull away from the fact that a poor girl has died. So whoever is a head person at different school or place its not going to bring her back or change the situation.

    3. Actually there’s no indication (from this article anyway) that this poor girl did come out at school. It seems the bullying was based on assumptions made from her appearance.

  5. How very sad. If only some kind person could have told her Honey, it gets better … it won’t always be this way ..

  6. TheBigGayAl 29 Aug 2013, 12:26pm

    Shame on us all that we still allow this to happen in 2013 in London.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Aug 2013, 12:27pm

    I can’t imagine the torment this poor girl went through to lead to such a tragic end to such a young life. I hold the school and staff responsible as well as the vile perpetrators.

  8. My heart goes out to her family!

    What an awful thing to happen.

    When will people realise that bullying can have such serious consequences?

    1. Poor girl. RIP Sinead.

      Those responsible deserve a good kicking.

      I’ll hold on the sympathy for her family.

  9. Jan Bridget 29 Aug 2013, 1:39pm

    When is this country going to do something about the vulnerabilities of young LGBT people? Perhaps when more kill themselves? How many will it take? When will schools, mental health service, government, religion, families and the media acknowledge the roles they play and take responsibility and do something about it? Of course not all young LGBT people are vulnerable. If you want to know more about the vulnerability of LGBT youth and what you can do about it click on my name.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Aug 2013, 2:05pm

    I hold the majority of the religious denominations accountable. The protagonists in promoting of homophobia and discrimination are the CoE and RCC, let’s face it. Centuries of brainwashing society, infesting our schools and Parliamentary system. every walk of life, are all complicit. No amount of equality laws will wipe it out entirely. Many of those in opposition to equal marriage in both Houses are also culpable given their vile vitriole during the debate from January to July 2013.

    If anyone should be leading the charge to stamp out bullying it should be them but sadly, it’s not going to happen and we all know why. Not even one official apology has been elicited from any of them. All of Welby’s crap about his sheeple being repentant are empty words and no action.

  11. Rest in Peace Sinead.

    I hope her friends and family can come to a peaceful place over this tragedy.
    This should not be happening in this country – what the hell is the matter with people that a teenager can be hounded to death like this.


    I hope they are going to look at their implementation, and how they may have helped or didn’t.
    I don’t think we know enough at present to point any fingers, if at all, but they should be looking.
    Perhaps we need a statutatory right for students to form gay/ straight alliances in all secondary schools.
    These have been succesful in Canada, including Catholic schools which recieve public funds, by law!
    I believe there is a trial GSA project supported by the Welsh Government, in some Welsh secondary schools.

  13. WTF is wrong with today’s [British and other] youth?! First Hannah Smith and… now this?! I am appalled and outraged by such horrific and utterly-callous treatment. I hope the children/ adolescents [certainly not adults] who participated in such cruelty can live with themselves. I most certainly could not!

    1. I would say that there has always been such horrific and utterly callous behaviour around (indeed I’d guess it was often much worse in the past), the only difference now is that the victims’ tragic stories are getting sympathetic publicity – once, not all that long ago, it’d have been hushed up by the families out of misplaced “shame”.

  14. This is TOTALLY and UTTERLY unnaceptable. If children were dying because of racial abuse, there would be HELL to pay. Is there no fuss over the increasing number of gay-bullying suicides because people are still ‘ashamed’ to be associated with homosexuality? If it IS for this reason, then people should hang their heads in shame. It’s DISGUSTING that homophobic bullying in schools is still so prevalent. It HAS to be stopped … and NOW!!!! Anyone who fails in their duty to stop it has blood on their hands.

  15. My heart and thoughts are with her family.

    No one should suffer any kind of bullying .

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