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ILGA-Europe: ‘EU leaders must confront Putin over human rights crisis’

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Reader comments

  1. Actually that is not quite accurate Pink News!
    “It prescribes fines for providing information about homosexuality to people under the age of 18 – ranging from 4,000 roubles (£78) for an individual to 1m roubles (£19,620) for organisations.”
    What it does is proscribe any positive information about homosexuality (one of the categories of “non-traditional relationship”), there does not seem to be a problem denigrating gay people, lying about homosexuality and gay peoples relationships, as long as it derogatory, no matter how much at variance with facts or reality.
    In the words of the legislation: -…..prohibits “creating non-traditional sexual attitudes, makes non-traditional sexual relations attractive, equates the social value of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, or creates an interest in non-traditional sexual relations.”

    The last part “creates an interest in non-traditional sexual relations” is so broad it could mean almost anything.

  2. GulliverUK 29 Aug 2013, 9:27pm

    There is the option to postpone the Winter Olympics for a year to allow reflection and clarification on this law – the same would be true of the 2018 World Cup also (for FIFA).

    This is by far the best option in my opinion, it does not cancel Russian’s involvement, it doesn’t not ask participants to boycott, it allows time for the International community to discuss the legislation with Russia, and for International courts to act. They already told Russia that its ban on Pride events was unlawful.

    The law, clearly, cannot stand. It infringed human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the same goes for the law disallowing criticism of religion, which in violation of the same declaration, which Russia has signed.

    I think this is where efforts should be focused. I’d prefer outright cancellation of the Winter Olympics, and World Cup, to send a clear message to others, but I think that’s unlikely.

    1. They already told Russia that its ban on Pride events was unlawful.

      Yup they did, and Russia paid the fine, then made Pride parades illegal in Mokaba for the next 100years.
      Then – they passed the “offending” adherents of the RO Church law, and the anti gay “propaganda” laws, but still through convoluted unconvincing argument that makes your head spin, claim they are adhering to the Eur. Convention and the UNDHR.

  3. Well done ILGA, but I fear they will need a bit more to stir them out of their trance.

    Technically I suppose the EU could as a legal entity and signatory of the Convention (ECHR), they could haul Russia before the European Human Rights Court in Strasburg, but it would be better if two or three Council of Europe States did it at the same time.

    I suspect though Russia would not comply with any negative judgements, the road they are on at present, but it would clarify the Convention rules if any other member were to try something similar in the future. Moldova or Serbia for example.
    And Russia could then not continue to claim with any credibility (not that they have it now) that they were conforming with their International commitments
    But I’m not going to be holding my breath.

    1. I’ve collated some documents some may find iluminating on the subject of european humanrights discussion.

      Adopted text by the Council of Europe Assembley on sexual orientation and gender identity 2013 and the coe venice commission .

      Explanation of various documents can be found here –

      Summary of documents discrimination & minority rights coe etc.

      Hope some one finds this useful perhaps you may want to add to it or give some insight.

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