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Singer Demi Lovato to join cast of Glee as lesbian lover during Beatles episode

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  2. I don’t watch the show – am a chronically cynical curmudgeon, so not the target audience for pop fluff – so can anyone who does watch explain what the phrase “We’re bringing her to the dark side might be?”

    I do know that the representation of LGBT women, and the attitude of the creator of the show, are suspect to say the least. Is this a potential ratings stunt, with no particular depth or meaning, by any chance?

    1. I only watched a few episodes, but the show seems to be positive towards gay people (for the most part, at least). Santana, in the few episodes I watched, seemed to be portrayed in a positive light.

    2. There are many problems with representation of LBT women on Glee and with Ryan Murphy’s attitude – go to AfterEllen if you’re interested.

      But Santana is still the best lesbian on US television IMO. She is also a b*tch, which I think is what Naya Rivera meant when she said they would be bringing Demi Lovato to the “dark side”.

      Santana’s three-season girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris) was very sweet to balance Santana’s sour. I imagine the new love interest will be much spikier as a contrast – perhaps as snappish as Santana herself. That would be a change for Ms Lovato and her ultra-wholesome image.

      As for being a publicity stunt, yes – but the stunt is the casting of a well-known TV personality, not Santana being coupled up. Ms Lovato has too many other projects and probably won’t be staying long, but Santana is too popular to leave single forever.

      1. We days of frequenting AE are long gone, place has become noxious and counter-intuitive to representation for LGBT women as far as I’m concerned.

        I wondered about the stunt aspect because I know Santana was briefly hooked up with one of the other women who – as far as my awareness goes – was only considered LGBT in fanon in the past as a blatant stunt that harks back to the offensive tedium of “sweeps week bisexuality”. Ultimately meaningless, offering nothing of narrative consequence, and intended merely to titillate.

  3. “Lesbian lover”?

    Seriously, PN? When was the last time you heard anyone under 40 refer to their significant other as their “lover”?

    Or is this a bit of Daily-Mail-worthy sensationalism, putting the words “Demi Lovato” and “lesbian lover” in close proximity?

    Ms Lovato will be playing Santana’s new girlfriend.

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