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Exclusive: Total Politics apologises for running ‘gay cure’ Core Issues Trust advert

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 28 Aug 2013, 11:00am

    I feel they could have checked what they were running and don’t believe they passed the ad blind for one of the most anti-gay/anti-human groups.

    1. Shane Greer 28 Aug 2013, 1:24pm

      A bad call was made and as the MD in charge of Total Politics it’s a matter of personal regret. I’m afraid we made a mistake which I can only apologise for, we’ve held our hands up to it and it won’t happen again.

  2. Disgusting, that any institute in the 21st century takes serious these claims about changing peoples sexuality – like there’s something to be a shamed of.
    What next? – Change your race from white to black, or black to white, to imply there’s anything wrong with being either of those.

    1. More importantly than it being disgusting is that it’s completely and utterly ludicrous. Changing your sexuality through this “cure therapy” is impossible and potentially very damaging.

  3. It is all very well saying that they won’t run the ads again but they have already profiteered from the ads already placed.

    To make this bad situation better they should pass the fees paid onto a LGBT charity.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Aug 2013, 4:02pm

      I kind of this that’s a few quid less the homophobes have got in their bank accounts, so its all good.

  4. Openly Fabulous 28 Aug 2013, 11:29am

    I wish these insufferable fundies would just F.O. I’m sick and tired of it.

  5. It is all about Core Issues Trust’s persistent campaign of dishonesty.

  6. Ridiculous decision.

    Re-orientation therapy does work for some (not all) people, even if the results are often incomplete or short-lived. For many people in therapy, it’s always a work in progress – the more they understand about the ORIGINS of their same-sex attractions, the better able they are to manage them and not act on them.

    “Turning people straight” is not the aim, and the success rate is not high. Often, it depends on where one starts from. A middle-aged man who has been homosexually active all his life and who has watched hundreds of hours of gay pornography may well find change impossible: sex is reinforcing behaviour and sexual responses are often difficult to “unlearn”.

    But the gay press needs to grow up and calm down. Not everybody is happy with their homosexuality and no, the reason isn’t necessarily “internalised homophobia”. People who choose to undergo such a process deserve respect.

    1. John, you are wrong in every word you state. The success is next to zero. The Shidlo and Schoreder found only 4% claiming more opposite sex attraction and of those not ncessarily in heterosexual relationship. Conversted? I don’t think so. Behaviour modification is not re-orientation to straight.

      People can choose whatever therpay they like, but therapists are not free to lie to their clients about the etiology of homosexuality. Homosexuality is not an illness therefore therapuetic treatment is not ethical. There is no illness to cure. Leslie Pilkington ahd the nerve to suggest that Patrick Strdwick might have been abused.

      Distress is a separate issue. Any therapist can provide such therapy without the need to lie about the nature of attractions. The only ones unhappy are the religously motivated and I’m sorry but no-one beleive what they say about any claims about treatments they have undergone.

      Until therapists stop lying about homosexuality then no, we won’t calm down.

      1. In fact, homosexuals report much higher rates of childhood abuse and molestation than the average, and that is one of the pathways into homosexuality for some adults.

        The success rate for this type of therapy is no lower or higher than for a lot of other things. Generally speaking, a quarter will experience no change, a quarter will experience significant and long-standing change, and the other half partial change. Thousands of “ex-gays” do exist, though that term means different things to different people.

        It’s not a question of “curing” homosexuality. But, for some people, retracing their developmental history and dealing with past traumas and relational difficulties does help modify patterns of sexual arousal. It’s not just a case of changing behaviour – which anyone can do at any time. It’s the patterns of sexual fantasy and the ways one relates sexually to the opposite sex that sometimes change, along with the sensory pathways that underpin how we respond sexually.

        1. No. Conversation therapy was deemed harmful by experts in 2005 by the BMA. That’s where the story ends, at least here in the UK.

          If there is a CHANCE that someone could change sexuality – it will happen of its own accord. I’ll say it again – forcing it to happen has been deemed HARMFUL.

          1. Conversion*

        2. John, if it is Developmental history that is the cause of homosexuality? Please explain why there are wild animals that are homosexual, are you going to try and argue that they have developmental history issues as well.

          Ex Gays do not exist. All people like you have done is simply force them to repress who they are. Time and time again you wheel people out and then we find them hunting on Grindr full of guilt and damaged beyond belief. You are peddling lies.

          When will people like you see that it is just nature doing its thing to control population growth and that there is nothing wrong or unatural about homosexuals. Stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken, all you are doing is causing pain and suffering.

    2. Such nonsense. Why would anybody *choose* to be different in a infantile, ignorant intolerant society, where you job, your apartment (if rented privately) schooling, career, family and friends can turn against you? Where they face physical, emotional and in some cases fatal violence? Where many vulnerable teens (and sometimes adults) commit suicide because they can’t continue to face the daily bigotry and prejudice.
      It would take someone extremely foolish to think anyone would *choose* to be different and face those obstacles.
      The point is, the problem lies with the ignorance of society, not those who’re only guilty of loving another human being who feels the same way back.
      Interracial couples used to face this same prejudice, fortunately things are looking up for them. Same for gay couples now too, but that won’t be helped with ignorant bigoted comments like yours.

    3. So what you have said John is that they won’t ‘act’ on their attractions so therefore they are gay people that don’t have sex? But they are still gay and always will be. So actually what’s the point of therapy?.
      If I were a mass murderer who hadnt killed anyone over the past year am I not still a murderer?
      This is touted as a cure which is impossible thus it’s a lie.

    4. Not everybody is happy with their homosexuality and no, the reason isn’t necessarily “internalised homophobia”

      who is this dick.

      Yeah sometimes its external homophobia from idiots like you. I’ve been out all my life and I see peoples faces change when I enter a room or I receive bad service there is this constant drip of homophobia so I’m not surprised that some gay people are happy with their sexuality but unhappy with their treatment in this “tolerant” society

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Aug 2013, 12:17pm

    Let Cores prove that an heterosexual male can be programmed to resist his natural sexual urges instead by turning to homosexuality then I just might give it some credibility. It’s nothing more than a scam industry, preying on vulnerable, insecure people, in many cases fleecing them of their money and some sadly ending up far worse than when they took that first disastrous step. Some have even taking their own lives as a result.

    I find it a bit rich that Cores calls on the CoE to “support those who seek the right to move away from homosexual practice” when the church has and continues to be one of the principal perpetrators of institutionalised homophobia and discrimination, has admitted some responsibility but has yet to officially apologise.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Aug 2013, 12:18pm

      Some have even taken their own lives I meant to have said.

  8. I suggest leaving reviews and comments on the Amazon site for the self-published vanity project referred to in the advert.

    Laughably, one of the authors is qualifed in mechanical sciences. What a joke. The book references the 2001 Spitzer study, the author of which repudiated the findings last year!! What a bunch of jokers, any fool giving their good money to these guys needs their head examined.

    1. I just left it a lovely review :-)

  9. When will they learn? These people would have you believe that being gay is a choice, therefore If that were true I could simply decide to be straight thus there would be no need for conversion therapy!
    There is no logic to their argument .

  10. GingerlyColors 28 Aug 2013, 12:40pm

    I am pretty sure that any advert for gay conversion therapy will fall foul of the Trades Descriptions Act or other laws regarding advertising as you cannot change a person’s sexual orientation.

  11. This publication claims to be a political magazine? Were they not aware of the caffuffle over the london buses attempted advert for this religiously motivated hate group.
    I hope no-one has been foolish enough to take up this group on their “therapy”, but if they have, and believe they have been harmed in any way by it, I hope they will consider consulting an attorney and will get some reputable help to overcome the damage.
    These snake oil charlatans and purveyors of hate are selling something which is not credible, has been prooved to be harmful and is a lie and a scam.

    1. Shane Greer 28 Aug 2013, 1:32pm

      As the MD in charge of Total Politics, I can only apologise. The buck stops with me. A mistake was made which won’t be repeated.

      1. Actually you can do more than just apologise and donate a % of the takings to a good LGBT cause.

        1. 28 Aug 2013, 3:28pm

          I agree with this and I’m sure Mr Greer will too.

          Mr Greer has been reasonable enough to both apologise for this and has taken time to respond to comments here. He says the mistake will not be repeated and I take him at his word.

          I also would expect that the ‘Core Issues Trust’ cheque for the advertisement will be donated to an LGBT cause.

          That would be more than enough to satisfy me that this was a mistake/oversight by ‘Total Politics’,

          Although, As a political interest magazine, it might be nice to donate for free the same space given to ‘Core Issues Trust’ to an LGBT group with the opposing opinion of Core Issues? Just a thought.

          1. Shane Greer 29 Aug 2013, 10:21am

            Damian, David, thanks for taking the time to respond. I can confirm that the money received for the ad was donated to Stonewall. We are also working to have the ad removed from the digital (iPad edition) of the magazine (this is taking a bit longer for technical reasons).

  12. Guglielmo Marinaro 28 Aug 2013, 2:31pm

    If anyone wants to move away from homosexual practice, that’s their unquestionable right. I don’t see why they should want to, but it’s up to them. Similarly, if anyone wants to move away from heterosexual practice, that’s their unquestionable right. I don’t see why they should want to, but it’s up to them. Still less do I see why a person should need “therapy” to pursue the program of sexual abstinence, continence, self-denial, self-deprivation – or whatever they choose to call it – any more in the former case than in the latter.

    If the claim is made that the “therapy” will change a person’s sexual ORIENTATION, then it’s a con. Any magazine should be wary of running adverts making phony claims, especially adverts whose aim is to recruit vulnerable people into harmful hocus-pocus that can swallow up years of their lives, such as an “ex-gay” cult, by making them feel bad about their natural sexuality.

    1. Let us not forget these delusional hate purveyors tried to get their delusions written into our laws!

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