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Actress Michelle Hardwick: Starring in Emmerdale helped me to publicly come out as gay

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  1. Too bad the storyline is abysmal. The way to express your lesbian love for a straight woman is by feeding her prescription drug addiction until you trap her in a sapphic web? Yeesh.

  2. Yeah- and you just watch-as soon as this particular storyline is concluded-whoosh! OUT goes the lesbian character-leaving Emmerdale yet again “gay free”.


  3. Shame, posters are reflecting on shagging-dale storylines!!! Its not her fault that ITV write such utter pony & trap.

    I wish more actresses like Michelle would come out. I had nobody like her to look upon as role model when growing up and I’m glad that she is able too see that people public in the eye can help more people come out!

    Thank you Michelle xxx

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