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York Pride honours memory of transgender singer Chrisie Edkins in charity fundraiser

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Reader comments

  1. One of the friendliest, caring and polite person i have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. She helped so many so much. You will be sadly missed on the pride circuit. RIP Chrisie

  2. thelostdot 27 Aug 2013, 7:45pm

    RIP Chrissie Edkins, BUT, giving money to the Beaumont society? THat’s like giving money to the BNPs LGBT section! They will only use the money to opress LGBT people by colluding with acts of homophobic abuse which they wil say is just light banter or some such thing. For heavens sake!

    1. Greg Stephenson 27 Aug 2013, 9:56pm

      The Beaumont Society have donated £1000 to Chrisie Edkins family for funeral costs and also passing the York Pride donation onto them too!

  3. CHRISIE EDKINS DIED !!!!???? My heart has just blacked and sunk. As a transgender myself she has always been a great inspiration for me.

  4. i just did a search on fb to see why i had not seen chrisie on my newsfeed for months, thought i had noticed they were no longer on my list… i thought maybe they had deleted me but no. sad news is what i found when i did a search… devestated : \ but chrisie was a great person and friend i couldn’t say enough here…

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