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Walmart extends health insurance benefits to same-sex domestic partners

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Reader comments

  1. This should really piss some conservatives off. Love it!

  2. This will cost Walmart very little as they deliberately keep the majority of their staff on contracts of under 30 hours a week, to avoid paying any benefits at all.

    As a result most Walmart employees live below the poverty line (gay or straight).

    At least Walmart is engaging in equality of exploitation.

    1. VERy clever. YOur brilliant – equality of Exploitation

      BTW Walmart is HQ in Arkansas, one of the poorer states in the union in generl. They are considered right wingers in many ways

  3. repeating myself -Its hard to believe how backward they are in the USA – they worry about every other part of the world apart from their own people

  4. Before anyone chirrups what a wonderful mega-corporation Walmart are, just remember how disgustingly they treat their cattle overall, gay and straight.

    Walmart, the vampire squid of the consumer world that makes zero hour contracts seem like a cushy job for life by comparison.

    Go figure!

  5. A nice thought, except the vast majority of Walmart employees make barely above minimum wage, and as such cannot afford the coverage being offered.

    Walmart. One of the most heavily government-subsidized companies in the United States.
    And the blame doesn’t fall on the US government.
    Walmart pays its employees so little, that most are eligible for various government-run anti-poverty programs. Which essentially works out to the government paying Walmart’s employees.

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