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Politicians set to block payoff to anti-gay marriage wife-beating MSP

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Reader comments

  1. £30,000 for being a convicted wife beater? Madness.

    1. AS usual the people most anti gay have their own agenda of se;f hatred – often secretly gay, and that could be why he beat his wife

      In any cases please Scottish people – get this piece of trash into what we cal here in the states the big house.

  2. This better get blocked! People in this country have had the p*ss taken enough by scandals such as this…

  3. Bill Cameron 27 Aug 2013, 7:17pm

    The man is noisome and I hope he gets a lengthy prison sentence (certainly longer than the one year which would oblige him to step down as an MSP).

    However, I think the justification for the so-called “re-location” allowance for MSPs and indeed for MPs needs to be revisited – my view is that these should simply be abolished completely. I would rather pay them (MSPs and MPs) a higher salary, but eliminate most if not all allowances. And if the electorate ditches them then they should receive only the statutory pay-off that any other employee is entitled to, depending on years of employment/service. MSPs and MPs are simply civil servants and should not have any other special privileges.

  4. the money should go to the women he abused

  5. These stories about Bill Walker have suggested his homophobia has something to do with the recent outcry, but let’s be clear that Walker it’s only his domestic violence that has brought all this about. None of these MSPs currently shouting for him to resign and wanting to change the rules to stop him getting a pay off are doing it because he’s a homophobe. I’m not condoning domestic violence but I’m a wee bit annoyed at homophobia once again being overlooked and not treated the same as other forms of discrimination.

  6. Metsän poika 28 Aug 2013, 12:47am

    Relocation? Yes, to prison! Won’t need an allowance for that.

    1. Jordan Ridgway 28 Aug 2013, 3:58am

      For one, no MP should profit other than what their salary brings them. It is a job and nothing more, like everyone else in the country. They make a conscious decision to enter politics as their preferred form of employment. To have a “resettlement allowance” because you either fail in your job or because you stand down from your job is ridiculous. Every other normal employee in the UK would have to fund their own changes of life because normal employers just would not pay for this expense. It cost me a great deal of money to retrain and relocate domicile in 2001 to “get on my bike & find work” as Maggie T opined. Nobody else paid for it, I did.

      The fact he is or will be a convicted criminal should even go to seal the deal. A politician, one who makes policies and laws for our country should be whiter than white. Most employers expect a moral standard of their employees and anyone who does have criminal convictions usually find it difficult to seek work as far as I am aware.

  7. I am stunned that despite the guilty verdict he is allowed to remain in position. The law needs to be changed so that any politician who is found guilty of any offence should automatically lose their post, forcing a by-election.

    Secondly, why should he or indeed any other politician who loses their seats gain a resettlement grant? That is pure madness.

  8. They should cut of parts of his anatomy – never mind his pension, the vile, cowardly, homophobe.

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