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Police seize painting of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing women’s underwear

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Reader comments

  1. Now we wait for the exhibition of ‘degenerate’ art which will include these pictures.

  2. Voilà. It has started.
    next Putin will have people hard at work repairing the country’s infrastructures – roads, railways, etc… The Russian economy will pick up and soon, Latvia, Estonia, et al will be in the cross-hairs.

    It’s almost like the Russians have picked up a book somewhere and are following it to the letter for some sort of “plan”. Where have we seen this happen before, I wonder.

  3. I’m wondering – in 2009, the Lithuanian Seimas adopted the Law “On protection of children from homosexual propaganda.”
    And all together silent, and after Lithuania – the country of the European Union.
    The same law adopted Russia and all excited and had a tantrum. Although Russia is no relation to the EU has not.
    Where is the hypocrisy?

    1. What you state is not in fact correct. Lithuania does not have a good record on gay rights and has lots of bigots, attempting to pass discriminatory laws which fall foul of the European Charter, but the law you mention does not exist. Those that do, come nowhere near to the Russian antigay laws recently enacted either in effect or ferocity and Lithuania does have anti-discrimination laws which are enforced. They have a long way to go to realise gay equality however, but do not compare to Russia.

      1. Oh, yeah…very pornographic ! ^^

        1. Have’nt you put this in the Wrong place Jeffery?

  4. While the painting looks a lot like Picasso’s “blue period” in style, the figure portrayed in the female underwear does not look anything like Putin and that is more than a bit disappointing.

    1. Putin is in the background.

      The figure in female underwear is the current Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev. You might also remember him pretending to be the President of Russia from 2008 to 2012.

    2. Turns out, there IS a painting of Putin in female underwear: .

      1. Yes, thank you Sergei. It looks perhaps a little more like Putin than the one featured here on PN.

  5. Here’s another painting from the exhibition, “Rainbow Milonov”:

    The man depicted is Vitaly Milonov, the author and promoter of the original St Petersburg anti-gay law that has been later instated as a federal law.

    This painting has also been seized, though it’s hard to understand how it could possibly be offensive to Mr Milonov, let alone “of a distinctly pornographic character”.

    I humbly propose that from now on, all articles mentioning Mr Milonov feature this painting.

    1. Bah, it is “formalist art”.. nothing but bourgeois posturing. This is not “for the people”, it does not reflect the “values of the people”. It is the insidious infection of the decadent Western world trying to pervert Mother Russia.

      Where is Dmitri Schostakowitch when we need him… oh right, they censured him. Kabalevski, then.

      1. Right. This decadent piece of “art” clearly insults German… err… I mean, Russian feeling! It destroys and confuses natural form and—let’s be blunt—simply reveals an absence of adequate manual and artistic skill.

    2. Oh, yeah….very pornographic! ^^

    3. Perhaps Mr. Mironov is incredibly aroused at the sight of his own face?

  6. Oh I see, the one in the pink slip is supposed to be Putin, the likeness is poor, the artist is no Steve Bell.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Obviously, this cross-dressing incarnation of Putin has had a nose job. (While Medvedev’s got a breast lift.)

  7. Though it’s a struggle to see Putin it is a recognisable likeness of Dmitry Medvedev however.

  8. Hmmm…Is a man wearing ‘women’s’ underwear any more absurd than a gender normative man wearing a tie, though? Kinda odd that they’d picture Putin bravely defying gender norms when he’s actually the exact opposite of someone who does that: i.e. he’s a gender paranoid male who feels the need to hide behind a hyper-masculine persona whilst persecuting LGBTQ people as a way of taking out his profound insecurities about his gender and sexuality by scapegoating other people. In that respect, it’s sort of like someone painting a picture of Adolf Hitler dressed as an Hassidic Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto.

  9. Just like out of the movie “V for Vendetta”.

    #V for Vendetta #Adam Sutler #God Save the Queen #Sedition #Art

  10. Gordon’s secret room.

  11. I predict a Russian Spring very soon, as I see the Kremlin doesn’t intend to change its mind on human rights.

    1. GingerlyColors 28 Aug 2013, 4:16am

      Be careful of what you wish for. Look at what they ended up with when various Arab countries had their ‘Spring’ and Egypt especially have regretted their ‘Spring’ which gave them the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Yes I know that Russia is not a Muslim country but what is to stop the Russian Orthodox Church from setting up some kind of theocracy in the event of such a power vacuum and what is to prevent the Islamists in the Caucasus from getting a foothold. And the Chechen rebels are worse then Al Qaeda – remember the Belsan School Siege when many young children were massacred.

      1. russian orthodox church has no history of being in power and as such apart from strong political influences has no means to become ruling class like it happened in iran. and i dont think general public is that big on democratic values like human rights. they prefer their russia to be strong and powerfull, so i dont expect any revolutions taking place any time soon

  12. I bet I could get Vladimir Putin drunk and turn him into a wild sex beast all over my body. It’s in him. I can see it. All the time.

    1. And he’s only 5’7″ (170cm) but Vladimir Putin comes across as larger than life in the media.
      Tom Cruise is not that.short. OK, 5’7″ isn’t tall or anything, but Cruise’s height has been a hot topic of conversation and even ridicule. Which is amusing because I don’t recall anyone mentioning anything about Robert Downey Jr. being called a squirt or about Javier Bardem’s stature nor Vladimir Putin having a Napoleon complex. Yet, they too stand 5’7″ (170cm).

      1. I’ll give you that Robert Downey Junior isn’t all that tall at 5’8″, but Javier Bardem isn’t 5’7″. He’s a very respectable 5’11”.

        Putin’s problem isn’t his height. It’s his obsession with appearing “manly”. All of his bare-chested photos, his endless photo opportunities participating in “manly man” activities, and now his obsession with LGBT people. To me, that smacks of projection and insecurity.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Vladimir was harassed as a child for being “less than masculine”. Bullied children sometimes turn into far worse bullies as adults. I’m not excusing him. AT ALL. But we should at least criticize him for the right reasons.

        1. I think you have your facts wrong Mikey..

  13. “One of the paintings seized featured Putin wearing a tight women’s undergarment, and brushing the hair of the country’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who wears black knickers and a bra.”

    Just in the painting, or in real life too?

    1. An artist friend of ours in Manhattan painted a picture of a nude in a rocking chair, that looked much like President Kennedy. It got good publicity for a few days, even in the New York Times, a few days later the Secret Service came to the gallery and took it away. It was never seen again.
      Although that was almost 50 years ago, it can happen here.

  14. And so it begins….. Mark my words!

    1. … and no doubt your message – and the one I’ve been attempting to broadcast for months – will fall on the same deaf ears as did those who warned of the impending humanitarian disaster of WWII Germany. Putin is looking increasingly emasculated and impotent on the world stage … the Syrian situation for example. He WILL seek out scapegoats in an attempt to restore national pride. Persecuting a minority within your own society has always prooved an effective way of galvanising support for a failing dictatorship.

  15. That is just so Chairman Mao

    The echoes of 1936 are getting louder

  16. The thing is that this sort of censorship really doesn’t work today with the internet. As it is now, everybody everywhere has seen this painting.
    We know about Putin’s sham marriage since the (whisper it) “D.I.V.O.R.C.E” and both Putin and Medvedev have so often been photographed together looking as close as a couple of giggling schoolgirl chums.

  17. Lyrics to A Hymn To Him :
    Why can’t a woman be more like a man?
    Men are so pleasant, so easy to please;
    Whenever you’re with them, you’re always at ease.
    Would you be slighted if I didn’t speak for hours?
    Of course not.
    Would you be livid if I had a drink or two?
    Would you be wounded if I never sent you flowers?
    Why can’t a woman be like you?

  18. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Aug 2013, 8:13am

    Censorship- fascism-discrimination-violence-attacking The Human Nature. The loud bells from Nazi-Germany sound across Europe !

  19. Jock S. Trap 28 Aug 2013, 9:19am

    Wow… any freedoms are slowly being removed to put Russia back into the Dark Ages of communism.

    Not good for anyone and I cannot believe this is really what the majority of Russians want.

    It’s nasty that Russians cannot see what is happening right under their noses because it suits them to see homophobia.

    Wait until the freedoms cease for themselves before they start to squeal.

    By then it’ll be too late.

    1. Yes, it’s easy to get support pandering to a popular prejudice and it’s a great diversion while more restrictions are being planned to be put in place while people are looking the other way.
      “Normal” Russian citizens, as they increasingly seem to refer to themselves, will be in for a shock when their own freedoms begin to be withdrawn and as you say , by then it will be too late.

  20. i bet the paintings can be found hanging on the walls in putin’s bedroom. after all they were “of a distinctly pornographic character”

  21. Here’s the third painting that has been seized, “Of Confession”, depicting Patriarch Kirill:

    By the way, you should definitely read the Wikipedia article on him: . As a Russian citizen who’s been following the events closely, I confirm these stories to be true (except the bit about his ‘wife’, which is a speculation at this point). For me, the most insane episode was Kirill saying that forgiving his neighbor would be ‘inappropriate’. Truly jaw-dropping stuff.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Aug 2013, 3:00pm

      Thank You,Sergei -for being so informative. It is interesting to look at these paintings. Tells a lot. Greetings from Norway !

      1. Patriarch Kirill seems to have some strange power over Putin.
        (“WARNING” I received a high risk website warning from that link however Sergei, I don’t recommend anyone click on it)

        1. Hmm… that’s strange, Pavlos. ‘Ekho Moskvy’ is a well-known radio station and blog platform. Perhaps there are some third-party adverts that are being flagged as malicious by your security software? Anyway, here’s the direct link to the image, this should be safe: .

      2. Thanks, Helge! By the way, I’m a big fan of Scandinavia, and I hope to visit Norway someday. Greetings from Russia :-)

  22. Ben Foster 28 Aug 2013, 2:37pm

    Too late. We’ve all seen it now. Actually, probably more people have seen it BECAUSE it was seized than would have if it was left well alone.

  23. You KNOW that Putin no doubt POSED for the artist…!

  24. Further proof, as if needed, of Putin’s desperation. When dictatorships fail and the leaders feel emasculated and impotent, they seek out scapegoats and will silence ANY criticism. The similarities between present-day Russia and pre-WWII Germany are VERY scarey. We (and I mean ‘the civilised world’) ignore this mad man’s current actions at our peril …..

  25. Christopher in Canada 28 Aug 2013, 3:32pm

    Neither looks particularly like the personages they are supposed to, and it’s rather misogynistic when you think about it – the old axiom that a woman can dress in men’s clothes and no one cares, but the minute a man wears something feminine, the world is about to end.

    Humans are weird.

    1. And instant recognition is of fairly high importance when making satirical art.

      Putin is one of those men who is quite the male impersonator in his daily life and given that he is one to such an extreme macho degree, he’s so often pictured in a tank or a submarine or on a horse with a gun going hunting, I don’t think it’s misogynistic to imaginatively lampoon Putin getting in touch with his feminine side.

  26. Velvet Steele 28 Aug 2013, 7:49pm

    He’s never looked better!!!!! Shame he can’t see that!!!

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