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Kenya criminalises homosexuality but allows for straight polyandry and polygamy

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Aug 2013, 12:56pm

    At least nobody can accuse the UK of leaving a legacy of polyandry and polygamy after Kenya gained independence. It isn’t the only African country where its practised. What this does is really debunk the slippery slope nonsense coming from the right wing religious nutters regarding equal marriage. I am relishing this one.

    Poor old Sharon James of C4M won’t be happy to read about this including her Tory bigoted supporters in Parliament.

    1. And this is in a country that’s over 80% Christian too! I think it’s fair to assume that, with names like Sylvester and Elijah, neither of the two men who’ve entered into this contract to share the woman are Muslim.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Aug 2013, 1:38pm

        The largest denominations there are the Anglicans and RCC. I wonder what Anglican Archbishop of Kenya Wabukala will have to say about that?

    2. Funny thing! They outlaw something required to be legalized by international human rights law, while permitting a backward practice that’s in violation of international human rights law!

      Backward African regimes, sigh.

  2. Oh how very biblical…..and that is where they can stay!

  3. Oh! These funny old former colonies! They pick and choose from The Bible’s rules and regulations at will. That’s why they simply cannot be considered as intelligent and progressive. I hope thing change or they will forever be regarded as ‘backward’.

    1. But even people in places that aren’t former colonies, like California, do that still!

      1. No-one is suggesting they don’t. I’m simply pointing out that former colonies – particularly those in Africa which have embraced biblical ‘laws’ introduced by white missionaries – are revoltingly homophobic. How ironic – that the people in may of these countries suffered subjugation and discrimination at the hands of oppressors …. and how, now, they oppress their own people with the same fervour. Backward and hypocritical, wouldn’t you agree …?

        1. It’s certainly unfortunate but, sadly, accepting social and political structures that were introduced by colonisers meant that the systems were taken on as a whole, and the people who perpetuate them seldom have an interest in progress. (BTW, however toxic the missionaries might have been, they couldn’t introduce laws without the legislators. Let’s not forget that the governing classes, both colonial and post-colonial, are more than capable of homophobia in their own right.)

          It’s also worth bearing in mind that many of the (largely tribal) societies in places like Kenya didn’t have a system of written laws in place, and so we really don’t know how accepting they would have been of anything unconventional, like men or women who don’t necessarily want to reproduce. Their customs and unwritten laws might well have been even more blighting and extreme than the Europeans’ laws.

    2. Please don’t read the utterances of a select few in the media and then paint us all with one brush. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate us doing the same. Not all of us are traditionalists, narrow-minded, religious or backward in our thinking and we’re not all stupid either! I’m sure you can make your point without mocking all of us.

  4. This argument does my nut in. What’s wrong with polygamy? Isn’t this argument (they allow gay but not polygamy) just another case of pass the minority? How about equal rights for gay people AND/OR polygamists?

    1. The backward practice of polygamy is in violation of international human rights law, has been condemned by human rights and woman’s rights organisations, and that’s not a minority – it’s backward practice.

    2. What’s wrong with it is that it’s a backward practice that is outlawed under international human rights law, has been condemned by human rights organisations and the United Nations, and is not a minority but rather an outdated, backward, and barbaric practice found in exact same places where woman and gay people are oppressed and human rights disrespected.

  5. jamestoronto 27 Aug 2013, 2:34pm

    This blows all of the religious types’ argument that equal marriage will lead to polygamy, etc. right out of the water. Archbishops and their ilk will be a while before they can come up with some Biblical approval of this one.

  6. Straight people are stupid

    1. Now, now – let’s not resort to making sweeping generalisations about 90+% of the population.

      1. Obviously when I say “straight people are stupid” I don’t mean all straight people, but when it comes to LGBT understanding, straight people can be pretty stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I love my straight friends, but their understanding of LGBT people is pretty lacking. If my liberal western friends are lacking, you best believe Kenya be lacking.

        1. Most people have little understanding of what it’s really like for minorities – even those who’re a part of one minority seldom seem to have much understanding of those of another minority.

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