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Associated Press issues reporting memo for Chelsea E Manning stories

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Reader comments

  1. News?

    1. It’s good that they’re using the correct terms but surely it isnt newswothy, all news providers should be doing this.

  2. thelostdot 27 Aug 2013, 1:04pm

    It is a breach of human rights to inflict an EXTRA punishment on somebody because they are transsexual. The punishment of transsexual should be the same punishment as inflicted on any other human being. Disgraceful thick yanks.

    1. The BBC are worse – there seems to be no suggestion that they have even considered using the correct pronouns (though even the Mail and the Telegraph are getting it right, from what I’ve heard).

      1. its a strange world where the mail gets it more right than the bbc :S

        1. Hodge Podge 27 Aug 2013, 9:48pm

          I feel like they’re only ever nice to mess with us.

  3. I remember reading the original article on here, last week, then reading it on the Beeb, who insisted on still addressing Chelsea as a ‘him’, rather sad.
    Then again, the Beeb’s institutionally homophobic, but that’s okay, so long as its not racist, and all….

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