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Russia may reintroduce gay blood ban and provide voluntary gay conversion therapy

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Reader comments

  1. Colin Ross 26 Aug 2013, 2:12pm

    It is as bad as the UK Blood Service which also bans active gay men from making donations

    1. exactly. just as bad. why is this what is making the news? i think pinknews needs more reporters in the field and we all need to worry about what’s happening closer to home as well as over there if this is what;s being reported.

    2. Yeah, but this isn’t really about blood donation. This is about a worrying trend of homophobia increasing at official levels in Russia. Things in the UK, on the other hand, are mostly improving.

      I’m reasonably confident that the UK blood donation service will get its act together sooner or later. At the moment, its regulations are pretty messy in a variety of ways. For instance, I am currently barred from giving blood for three reasons:

      1) I’m below the weight limit. That one’s fair enough.
      2) I’ve had sex with a bisexual man within the last year. He last had sex with another man in 2002, so he’s free to give blood, but I’m banned for a year after having sex with him.
      3) I’ve got ME/CFS. They are unclear as to why this means that I’m banned. (There’s little research on the transmissibility of ME as yet.) They claim that it’s because I’m too ill to cope with giving blood, but it’s a lifetime ban that would hold even if I recovered. Meanwhile, I am permitted to donate organs.

    3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 26 Aug 2013, 7:05pm

      The same situation in Norway. “Active” gay persons are not allowed to donate blood. But in Sweden it is allowed !

    4. at last a country willing to protect its citizens against diseases which are caused by unnatural practices, I have nothing against homosexuals/queers as long as they stay under the rocks they belong under.

      1. @bobbo You belong in a psychiatric hospital.

  2. Hmmm, what follows this?

    LGBT people will be forbidden from owning businesses.

    Then they will be forbidden from owning land.

    Their right to vote will be removed as they will not be considered “citizens”.

    Then the government will decide to move them all into a ghetto… after all, gays already live in ghettos.

    And then I leave the rest to your by-now horrified imaginations.

    No similarities there at ALL, nope, nothing to see, they’re all good. No discrimination going on in Russia at all.

  3. If a country wants to be progressive, liberal, and stable, it simply needs to analyse everything that Russia does and do the opposite. One day, perhaps 50 years from now, Russians will look back in shame at the actions of the state which are happening now.

    1. The sad thing is, they probably won’t look back in shame on this. They are already so warmly nostalgic about Joseph Stalin, now considered the most popular Russian in history there. His mass-murders? “Necessary.” His totalitarianism? “Justified.” His opposition of Hitler? “A mistake. Russia would have been better with the Nazis.” After hearing a certain amount of crap about stuff like that, I realized that Russian society and Russian international relations were never simple, and were never going to be simple, because they actually bewilderingly seem to like being this way. They like the ignorance, they like the hate, they like the suffering, and the ends always justify the means. Why they think these things, I may never comprehend.

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 26 Aug 2013, 2:35pm

    —“gay-to-straight” therapy ? The absolute majority of Russian psychologists and psychiaters !!! knows this is nonsense-

  5. im not condoning any of the anti-gay stuff thats happening in Russia, but as far as im aware gay people cant donate blood in the uk either, and gay conversion therapy isnt exactly illegal….. report the actual new please, pinknews

  6. my blood is good and far to precious to give these Putin freaks.

  7. Guglielmo Marinaro 26 Aug 2013, 3:20pm

    “an initiative to offer voluntary gay-to-straight conversion therapy”

    And who has sold them that fraudulent idea? People like that preacher of evil, Scott Lively, of course.

  8. Jeremy Hoad 26 Aug 2013, 3:24pm

    What is this? Pink News excusing government bodies in the UK of institutional homophobia because you are desperate to make Russia look worse? Sad, hypocritical reporting.

    1. What’s hypocritical about the factual reporting of abusive laws resulting in emboldened thugs murdering gay men consistently?
      If you are complaining about news agencies highlighting abuses that are offensive to millions of gay human beings, you have no effective voice here.

  9. Do what you want with our blood but
    keep your filthy mitts off our brains. If the conversion therapy goes through we have to shut it down ASAP.

  10. The Nazis-like abuse of the gay community is in full swing. This will degenerate into all out genocide, you watch.
    The thugs in Russia have already begun the attacks.

  11. This is one step closer to genocide and still the world watches and the corporates line Putin’s coffers.

    Investment in Russia must stop, our Government must take action.

  12. “Voluntary”: See, forced by threat of physical violence, social and community exclusion.

  13. Russia used to be known for its great contributions to science. Now it’s mainly known for its fear, hate and bunk.

  14. glenn taylor 26 Aug 2013, 4:59pm

    tell the russian mp`s to go xxxx themselves the men are all ugly as there vikle building`s why should we care here in london what idots like that suggest or think for that matter?

  15. ” also introduce
    measures for voluntary gay-to-straight
    conversion therapy”
    I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before this becomes compulsory, with jail terms for those who refuse to ‘volunteer’.

  16. So…how can they know that these gay men are diseased from having sex with other men? Whats their proof? Maybe they took drugs? Maybe they inserted dirty needles/syringes? Maybe they ate dirty infected foods? Maybe they have lived inhospitable lives? Or an unhygienic life or household?

    Seriously the world needs to be re-educated on aids as some of these people have seriously been dropped when they were babies…

    1. HIV rates have long been known to be much high in MSM than in other groups. That’s not disputed. Last I checked, HIV rates were *growing* faster in heterosexuals, but the percentage of people with is still lower in heterosexuals. The thing is, this alone isn’t enough reason to justify a blanket ban on MSM. It’s a lazy way of filtering out a higher-risk group, it’s not particularly accurate as a means of putting people into high-risk and low-risk categories on an individual basis (a heterosexual with a very high number of sexual partners and nary a condom in sight will be passed as long as they’ve not slept with a sex worker or had sex in certain countries), it results in some gay men giving blood and lying about their sexual history (fine if they’re sensible chaps who practise safer sex and get STI checks, but not the way the system should be working), it stigmatises gay men without enough of a good reason, and it reduces the number of blood donors when we don’t have enough.

      1. Again Sophie, how can we be sure that it is because of msm? We need physical proof. We can’t just automatically say these men have aids because of sex otherwise it’s ignorant to say aids come from sex only.

  17. GulliverUK 27 Aug 2013, 9:29am

    Perhaps world governments will eventually have to act, collectively, invade Russia, and overthrow this dictator, and free the Russian people from tyranny.

    But …, as a start, … we should make sure that all the civilised developed first-world countries ensure they accept asylum applications from any Russians who are gay and fleeing persecution. I know it’s not the answer, but it’s a start, and a safety-net, for those who might be overwhelmed by this oppression.

    Makes an even greater case for cancelling the Winter Olympics altogether, or at the least postponing it for a year, so it can be moved elsewhere. Governments could also decide to limit travel for all government ministers to Russia, and impose travel bans on Russian ministers, and limit diplomatic relations with Russia. THAT would have a big impact.

    And.. remember to boycott Coca Cola and McDonalds for now, and ask local councils to cut their twin cities ties with Russia. We will win.

    1. GulliverUK 27 Aug 2013, 9:36am

      … oh, and as we still have a ridiculous blood ban here in the UK, I propose we now start a campaign to get that sorted out once and for all, and force the government to provide exactly equal rights, so that all blood is full tested with the NEW HIV test, which can detect the presence of the virus (not the OLD anti-body test). If it means that they continue with the old-style test for people are pose a lower risk, i.e. straight and gay sexually monogamous individuals, and only use the new test on everybody else, then fine. I don’t know if the new test is more expensive, and if so how much, but if it were more expensive the moment the government starts using that in bulk the price would come down.

      I’m convinced that given the number of homophobic Tory MPs, particularly people like Anne Milton, we can’t assume the majority of Tories favor equality at all. Their homophobic outbursts during the equal marriage debate have got me quite anti-Tory right now.

      1. Firstly, apparently the year’s wait before MSM can donate bood isn’t about HIV, it’s about Hep B, which can take up to a year to be detectable in the blood. So it may well be more appropriate to get people to wait a year after high-risk activity. They just need to define high-risk activity in a more appropriate way.

        Secondly, they’re not asking if you’re monogamous. They’re not asking how many sexual partners you’ve had. They’re not asking if you use condoms. It has been proposed to them that they do this in order to assess risk more accurately, and they’ve refused to, on the grounds that they don’t want to offend heterosexuals.

        Thirdly, surely this is an issue which has been campaigned about for years? I don’t think you need to start a new campaign for scratch. Look around for an existing one.

  18. Let’s also remember that Putin’s Russia backs Syria’s Assad – it’s like backing Hitler. I think that either his own citizens will eventually remove him or a coalition of countries will. Either way it isn’t going to work out well for Putin.

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