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IOC Vice President: There will be no discrimination at the Sochi Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t trust these so called assurances!

    1. I trust them to completely kiss Putin’s ass all the way to the end of the games and bend over on cue.

  2. Yet another IOC bloke completely missing the point.

  3. Beelzeebub 26 Aug 2013, 7:22pm

    People of Jewish persuasion will not be affected by our antisemitic laws whilst at the Olympics.

    Berlin. 1936.

    Anyone see a pattern.

  4. So? The uninvestigated murders, the public beatings etc will carry on before and after the event.

    You just don’t get it!

  5. Phew ,thats a relief. Its the complete opposite of what Putin has been saying of course but i’m sure that Ser Miang is the one who holds the real power in Russia .

  6. keith francis farrell 26 Aug 2013, 9:05pm

    I don’t care what this idiot says, anyone who attends the winter Olympics or supports it will have lost my respect. what is going on with LGBT people in Russia is wrong. don’t come with your sorry excuses, don’t tell me that “we are sports people we will protest from within” that is nonsense, protest by not going. tell your government that they are wrong to support discrimination by going. We do not need another repeat of the 1936 Olympics. We need to make sure Putin gets our message loud and clear. We need to take homophobia out of sports and out of all countries that want to participate in world sports. Note that includes the commonwealth games. This is the time for LGBT equality, nothing less

  7. f they had followed their Charter his statement wouldn’t be necessary, If last fridays decree closing down Sochi for almost 10 weeks hadn’t been made, his statement wouldn’t be necessary, if the laws introduced AFTER Russia got the Winter Olympics hadn’t been introduced, his statement would,t be necessary — And if there is A Human Rights ( Sporting Events Act ) in the future, his statement wont be necessary. Self regulation by the IOC has failed Human Rights – Its time to Legislate for a Human Rights ( Sporting Events ) Act.

  8. The IOC are behaving like King Canute commanding the tide to stop. Just saying something is so won’t do a dam bit of difference. The IOC know they are lying through their back teeth.

    1. Good analogy actually as Canute was trying to show his people that he didn’t have the power to turn the tide.

      The IOC is just as toothless and powerless. Until they show some guts they will have no respect.

  9. So public displays of affection made by same sex people will be treated the same as those of opposite sex couples? I think not.

  10. Colin (London) 27 Aug 2013, 8:36am

    Look he misses the point of human rights and chooses to put sport before rights.

    The only way i can think of to get our point over is to hit the TV broadcasting of the olympics. We need to change our focus and get a boycott on the broadcasters. Simply delete the stations from your boxes during the Olympics so the money makers, coca-cola McDonalds etc get nothing back for their marketing spend.

    Contact everyone you know and ask them to do this for us.

    1. Colin (london) 27 Aug 2013, 8:37am

      This included BBC etc.

  11. “I have in my hand a piece of paper…”

    1. oh yes, took me a minute to get this reference, but very apt.

  12. The games should NOT be held in a country which refuses to comply with the STRICT Olympic Code on ‘discrimination’. To treat gay people in ANY way differently from heterosexuals is in DIRECT contravention of the Code. Russia should either drop the recenly-introduced laws or the games should be moved elsewhere. For the IOC to continue with Sochi Games is simply colluding with discrimination and will forever damage the credibility of the organsiation.

  13. Colin (London) 27 Aug 2013, 11:17am

    Rubbish….I can see why they want to keep sport and politics separate but the world must stand up for Human Rights as has politicians and the Olympic bodies. I find it sad that the athletes have nothing to say about this as it’s their big moment.

    When will gay people get their gay moment. Yes it’s all right for them and we are expected to support them but will they support us…..deaths every day in Russia just because someone is gay.

    We the gay community and our friends need to tackle the media. Surely we can organise our fellow gays, families, friends and supporters to boycott the Olympics by switching off the TV companies that broadcast the Olympics. It’s easy just delete the channels from your TV boxes for the period of the olympics. This means that sponsors, country TV broadcasters, politicians and the olympic committee will feel that there is People power.

    We are 6% of the world and heavy purchase power. 420m people turning off TV, advertising budgets, BBC.


  14. Someone please send this man a vat of olive oil with the instructions to rub it around his neck, and pull his head out of his ass.

  15. ‘There will be no discrimination at the Sochi Winter Olympics’ – Cut to Sochi and mass discrimination of ALL LGBT contestants and spectators…

    How does Mr Miang like to eat his words?

  16. If it is a just law, we should not expect to be exempted. If it is a bad law it should be scrapped. All this politics is just hypocracy!

  17. What a delusional tosspot, ofcourse there will be discrimination, there is discrimination now, there will be during the games (IF they go ahead), and after the event. Supporters, athletes and Russian citizens will all be discriminated against.

    Russian people are already heavily discriminated against whether gay or straight – nobody is even allowed to insult religion or hurt the feelings of Orthodox Russian Christians – that is a bizarre. It appears nobody in Russia is allowed free speech, which is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The IOC is a collaborator … and you know what happens to collaborators once the war is over ! The current management of the IOC isn’t fit for anything, they should all resign en-masse and leave. The IOC should be disbanded and a new organisation formed, one which upholds human rights. In the meantime all international sporting events should be put on hold.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Aug 2013, 12:03pm

    And if something happens, Mr. Miang, what then?

    1. Of course, the games will be stopped part way through, oh I meant they will white wash it until its over.

  19. It must be nice not to have to deal with reality at all.

  20. I guess he didn’t see the law dictating that all protests by anyone during that period will now be criminal?

    Are these people actually living on our planet, or are they some kind of alien race who occasionally pick up stories that they can respond to?

    Why are these imbeciles ignoring the facts as and when it suits them, and ignoring their own charter as and when they need to?

    Every single member of the IOC is a bigot, a hypocrite and a liar. They claim to be moralistic in defending Human Rights, but they selectively ignore abuses of Human Rights as and when it suits them.

    I would like to see just one of these individuals actually being INTERVIEWED by someone able to make them confront the real questions.

    Enough of these bullsh*t statements dodging the issues, come out and face the music and answer the questions you are ignoring, you spineless little wastes of skin!

  21. The cognitative dissonance is strong with this one……

    I cant figure if these people just don’t get it! or are being deliberately stupid, Then surely no-one can be this thick…….?

    1. Money has passed hands to get this kind of denial.

  22. The decision to not boycott is not one based on a choice between sport and discrimination but based on money. The revenue loss, should there be a significant boycott, would be massive so the games were always going to continue as planned.
    The games should be boycotted and is a clear instance of something we should do not because it is easy but because it is hard.

  23. Everyone who cares should not eat a single mc donalds or drink a single drop of coke, while the olympics is on. They need to see a massive reduction in their revenue directly associated with the games.

    1. Dont forget Proctor and Gamble.
      P&G includes – Fairy, Gillettee, Dreft, Pantene ProV, Always, Lenor, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Wash&Go, MaxFactor, Hugo Boss, Oral-B, Wella, Silverkrin, Fixodent, Dunhill Fragrance, Old Spice, Olay, Bold, Daz, Flash, Pampers, Febreze, Duracell, Iams, Tampax, Braun and others.

  24. I am really beginning to think the IOC is more the source of this problem than Russia.

  25. So the IOC say there is no discrimination against gay and trans people in the Olympics and there will be non at Sochi –
    OK then – so everyone just carryon as normal then, and so same sex cuddles and hand holding a quick snog with your same sex partner nothing too sexual, just the same as Mike and Brenda or Vlad and Sorcha are doing. That is not political, it is being, not discriminatory!
    Let every-one take them at their word. Including same sex couples dancing at Olympic Social events.
    Yeh -thought not.

  26. Yeah, we know. Discrimination during the games isn’t the issue here and you know it. These people keep sending out empty promises and statements designed to distract, mislead or otherwise re-assure people with hot air.

  27. There will be blood on your hands, Mr Miang

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