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Colin Murray: I regret that Clare Balding was insulted on my BBC show

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Reader comments

  1. He regrets the consequences of the insult rather than the insult itself? Not really an apology, is it?

    1. I had to read it twice to actually follow what he ‘regretted’

      The headline is a bit misleading … should read, “Washed up has been not sorry for being a d1ck”

    2. I think you are wrong. Mr. Murray said, ““The minute I said it, the second I said [the question], you know as a presenter, everyone on the team knew, f**k, that was over the line. It was just too much.” So he was uncomfortable with it the minute he said it.

      I haven’t looked into this episode, but generally speaking I have to say we live in hypersensitive times, where employers from the public sector seem to think the only way to salvage their dignity and appease the offended is to sack those who transgress the holy tenets of political correctness, hang them out to dry, and say “look! He won’t be back to annoy you again.”

      I myself am offended by what was said, but what happened to the slap on the wrist, and – as in this case anyway – being told, “you’ve made a mistake, we can see what happened and it wasn’t entirely your own fault. Now apologise and be careful in future.” ?

  2. What a complete rusted tool with the lowest of IQ.

  3. Paula Thomas 26 Aug 2013, 5:42pm

    He gives himself away with the last comment about “…the outraged few.” He really thinks he could have got away with it doesn’t he? Horrible man.

  4. Helen Wilson 26 Aug 2013, 5:46pm

    TalkSport is the natural home of rape apologists! He will find like minded collogues in James Whale and George Galloway.

    1. Not sure what you mean about James Whale but he is very pro gay and hasn’t been on Talksport for several years.

  5. And Bob Mills is so fat now, he COULD turn any woman… away.

  6. James Whale, George Galloway, Colin Murray and Bob Mills are all very pro gay. Colin’s team made a mistake but the faux outrage was ridiculous.

    1. … so a ‘little bit’ of homophobia is OK?
      I suppose a ‘little bit’ of racism is OK too?
      How about a ‘little bit’ of Jewish genocide ……?

  7. So what he’s saying is that his show was entirely scripted and he’s not sharp-witted enough to improvise something else instead of reading it out.

    Somehow I think the BBC will cope without him.

    1. I think they call that the “Ron Burgundy” defence, that he reads anything straight off the autocue without letting it register.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Aug 2013, 8:47am

      Pretty much … I mean, dear God, he even fvcked up the apology

  8. Just looks like a mealy-mouthed cop-out. Especially with the last line about ‘outraged few’
    Is this really an apology or just a bitter response at being dropped by the BBC.
    How as a presenter can he not even check what he’s given to read before a show? Or even think that this was over the line. Or just another auto-cue boy who would read anything if he’s paid enough to ask it?

  9. David Waite 26 Aug 2013, 7:51pm

    No one who didn’t agree with the sentiment could read such a question even from a previously unseen script without stumbling over it in the process, or disavowing it immediately after reading it. His ‘outraged few’ crack says all we need hear from this male donkey addicted to masturbation.

  10. He regrets it and then we have:

    “The 36-year-old says his new employer is a place where he can “be myself without every so often spasmodically having to deal with the shit of the outraged few”.”

    Yeah, this regret sounds sincere, doesn’t it? Hah.

  11. Bill Cameron 26 Aug 2013, 7:59pm

    I thought at first glance that this was going to be a proper apology, but what it is in fact is a whining attempt at justifying his unacceptable conduct. What an obnoxious jerk! it’s great his mum is brought face to face with the son she helped to create and his embarrassment is just too bad – as ye sow, so shall ye reap, jerk!

  12. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Aug 2013, 8:12pm

    Anyone who knows Colin or has listened to his work on Radio 1, 5 Live or on TV will know he is one of the most gay-friendly people around and is a really clever and sound bloke.

    He made a ghastly error and said something he should’t, who hasn’t?

    But he’s apologised and there is little to be gained and much to be lost by not accepting that apology and moving on instead of continuing to snipe from a point of zero knowledge about him and so alienate a real friend of the community.

    Believe me, the BBC is a worse place without him.

    Save the ire for actual bigots.

    1. Hear Hear

    2. Hello Mumbo Jumbo. Apt name. There is no apology here at all, in fact.

    3. you mean the people who discuss worse things than raping lesbians to cure them as a joke?

      i’m curious to know who these people are?

      Mark lamarr back in 1992 – that is an example to this guy

      “sound bloke” is a matter of opinion, hosting a discussion on raping lesbians is bigotry (both homophobic and misogynistic)

  13. JohnRussell 27 Aug 2013, 7:16am

    Give me 20 minutes and I reckon I could turn Colin. Or leave him bleeding, crying and wracked with shame.

    Either way it’s win win.

  14. Two Revolting men & the dear BBC that I used to admire so much, but now has sunk to such a low when it comes to LGBT equality….NO positive coverage at all over gay issues. Only this poison. You can stuff the licence fee cos I’m not paying it until we are represented.

    1. Speak of the devil I just read a BBC report about ‘gay Pakistan’ that makes the place sound like a freakin gay mans paradise and makes out its not actually that bad there despite the laws and the forced marriages and the parents etc. lol

  15. I think this reads more like the restrained rant of a man who thinks he was a “victim” for getting a justified response from those who don’t find bigoted attacks acceptable humour.

    I can get that people want to be funny, and sometimes that means controversy, but what a lot of comedians don’t seem to understand is that targeting an individual for their differences is an old and outdated method of getting cheap laughs.

    Humour has moved on, but several comedians haven’t. That ginger tw@ from Mock the Week is another good example of it, and the Brand/Ross debacle was another.

    The masses generally don’t like seeing nice people being attacked and used for a cheap laugh, and no matter how a comedian tries to backtrack to make it “just a joke”, it’s a joke at someones expense, and most of us find it distasteful and weak, not to mention the last resort of unfunny people.

    Any decent comedy club will aggree, the audience mostly doesn’t like that brand of humour these days.

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