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US: Conservative churches change by-laws to avoid lawsuits from gay couples

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  1. Would not lift a single finger, sign a single petition, nor give a single damn to help those who participate in their own oppression by participating in religion.

    Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    I’d sooner work to support those who are not internalising the bigotry against them, or wallowing around in their own version of Stockholm Syndrome. Complete and utter waste of time to argue with the wizards, dragon handlers and other purveyors of magical nonsense.

    1. Paul Halsall 25 Aug 2013, 3:41pm

      You seem as bigoted as the people you attack.

      1. Unfortunately, sometimes people on the anti-religion side of the issue use the same types of attacks as the very people they criticize. It’s a shame that with one sweeping statement they condemn all people of faith to this one hateful definition. The truth is that there are many people of faith who are not hateful. But repeating that simple fact seems to have no effect whatsoever on some anti-religionists.

      2. Valksey is telling it as it really is, no nonsense. The people of “faith” just love their delusions and no matter what the harm those delusions does either to themselves or others they simply will not give them up. To say so is not bigotry is simply to observe the truth, religious people are delusional, some are more deluded than others but deluded they are. All religions are nothing more than a money making racket intended to play to the needs of the deluded. LGBT people have little or nothing to thank the ‘faithful’ for and I agree with Valksy that it is time to bin that entire collection of childish nonsense and move on.

      3. “Help help I’m a victim” – The cry of the religious who feel their power and delusions slipping away.

        Might I remind you, as a British citizen, I am STILL bloody required to put up with fools in funny hats sitting in power over me in the House of Lords – Men who would sit around and debate the assumed wishes of a supernatural entity created thousands of years ago to explain why the sun rose, and to give divine mandate to tribal warfare in a land very much distant to the UK.

        And tell me again how I am a bloody bigot for refusing to participate in that hogwash, or hold the hands of those who do want their supernatural security blanket.

        Spare me your snotbubbling and go cry to SkyDaddy.

        1. de Villiers 26 Aug 2013, 6:38pm

          You are a bigot.

          And what is worse, you are intelligent but neither well mannered nor well read.

          Your waving of your stumped arms, shouting “look no hands” is depressing. Your character is as hateful as those religious people you attack.

          I don’t think I can recall you saying one pleasant thing about anything or anyone.

      4. Unfortunately, organised religion is essentially excluding of all those who doesn’t believe in their teachings and follow their practices. This cannot be changed, is part of how religion is. I am with Valsky on this one.

    2. Like lambs to the slaughter! What is People of Faith? Blind acceptance of a proposition without any evidence. And then you think you have right to complain against church’s decision? Accept it without evidence lams! Nothing is more disgusting than asking these hateful fundamentalist for pity. And why you do that? Because you are lams of faith! Having no self respect and cherry picking these old anti humanist verses. Enjoy the grass!

  2. ‘…Gregory Erwin, an attorney for the Louisiana Baptist Convention, said: “I thought marriage was always between one man and one woman, but the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision said no….’

    clearly someone hasn’t read their old testament

    1. Cherry-picking hypocrisy – Inevitable when the dogmatic instrument in question is contradictory and, in places, completely and utterly insane.

      1. de Villiers 26 Aug 2013, 6:43pm

        Many things are contradictory in matters of human emotion. Quantum physics and the standard model are incompatible. The higher maths models behind string theory seems, to many, insane.

        Your stupidity is to shout loudly about things you have never properly studied or understood.

  3. Derek Williams 25 Aug 2013, 3:13pm

    Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain & Abel. Cain murdered Abel, and then went on to have children. Since the only woman on the entire planet at that point was Eve, he must have had sex with his mother.

    Looking forward a ‘few’ thousand years, here are some other biblical marriages:

    1 Kings 11:2-3
    “Solomon … had 700 wives … and 300 concubines.”

    2 Chronicles 11:21
    “Rehoboam … took 18 wives, and 60 concubines.”

    2 Chronicles 13:21
    “But Abijah waxed mighty, and married 14 wives….”

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Aug 2013, 3:19pm

      Yes Derek, they hate it when we raise the incest card in that creationist fairy-tale. Some even claim there was more than one Adam & Eve. Eve is alleged to have had more than 60 children, go figure. Some dumb religious nutters actually believe it, let alone that other nonsense taking a rib from Adam’s side and creating a woman while he slept, bloody loons.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Aug 2013, 3:17pm

    Every country with equal marriage including 12 American states all clearly state in their laws that civil marriage is gender neutral. No religious cult is compelled to marry a same-sex couple in all 50 states and no court is going to uphold it. This is just nothing more than the victim card game scare-mongering to foment opposition in states where there is no equal marriage. They know they’re losing so they resort to desperate acts to incite hatred and opposition.

    To think that religious nutters even in our own Parliament call us aggressive gays. They need only look to their own religious agenda, an exercise in arrogance and indoctrination, beyond aggressive.

  5. Every State that has passed marriage equality has and will continue to fully exempt in their marriage laws any and all churches from performing gay marriages. In these safeguards built into these laws, a successful lawsuit should not be possible against any legally defined church. On the other hand a legally defined business that serves the general public cannot refuse services to gays based on the religious convictions of the owners or employees. This is the source of confusion here.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Aug 2013, 3:22pm

      We have those two gay loons who are going to sue the CoE, don’t forget. They’re as delusional as those people in the conservative churches in America.

      1. I VERY strongly suspect that this “gay couple” is a plant from the religious right. This because they are in desperate need for at least one of their important dire predictions to come “true”. This is called, “the ends always justify the means”. In the military this is known as a “false flag” operation. In the absence of a real and justifiable reason to wage a war, a reason is fabricated and staged in order to make it all appear as the preceived enemy started it.

  6. GulliverUK 25 Aug 2013, 4:10pm

    First they managed to pervert the institution of true democracy and deface the US constitution, and then when the world finally wakes up to this, blindingly obvious, injustice, and scraps DOMA, they then implement DOMA-style rulings in their canons. Although it’s quite wrong, this is perhaps what they should have done in the first place. Religions can have rules for those that want to join their club, but they have no right to impose their obscure and irrational beliefs on the general population. They are being put back in their box where they belong, and they can make rules for themselves till the cows come home, as long as it doesn’t infringe the rights of everybody else in society.

  7. Being a member of a church is like being in a relationship. If for any reason your partner no longer wants you around, why stay? If they are bigoted and you are not, say goodbye and don’t look back. They’re not worth your time and energy. There are more important things you could be doing.

  8. That There Other David 26 Aug 2013, 12:09am

    So what this “pastor” (I prefer the term “snake oil salesman who should go get a real job” myself) is saying is that the gay couples who attend his church are good enough to give him their money, but not good enough to be considered equal to the other members of the congregation.

    Just about sum it up?

  9. This pastor is saying that he has gay friends and that gay couples are attending his wretched church. There is, moreover, no suggestion on his part that they are giving him hell over this issue. I so want to believe that he is making all this up. But, sadly, I can’t.

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