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Survey: Homophobic discrimination still ‘expected’ by a majority of gay UK citizens

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Reader comments

  1. >”Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill said: “Completion of OUR work on marriage means that one strand of Stonewall’s domestic focus – legislative equality – is effectively complete….”

    Yeah, right. Shame he forgot pensions.

    Is this the same Ben Summerskill claiming credit for other people’s efforts in getting SSM on the statue book? The same Ben that originally didn’t support SSM and thought it would be far too expensive?

  2. il duce benito summerskill, also known as duke of stonewall has a cheek to claim credit for passing the equal marriage

  3. Is this the same Ben Summerskill who had no idea that schools still had discriminatory anti-gay policies whilst Stonewall volunteers worked with some of these schools and was actively working against SSM a wink of time back and now claims credit for its passage?
    The legislative job is not yet complete as he claims either.
    Pensions for one,
    The continued persecution of young gay and trans teenagers by those who would denigrate and instil in them shame and inferiority for who they are; with no avenue for legal redress.
    The quasi-legality, to torture your child through “conversion therapy” needs to be made a legal abuse.
    These are forms of child abuse.
    No Mr. Sumerskill the legal matters are not yet complete.

  4. Godric Godricson 25 Aug 2013, 4:46pm

    Stonewall is always there “Calling” for someone to do something rather than actually doing anything. Time for Stonewall to live up to their own claims!

  5. It was very disappointing that Stonewall felt the need to start their own “Say I Do” campaign for marriage equality when there was a perfectly good – in fact brilliant – campaign already in progress (Out4Marriage)

    Stonewall should, in my view, cooperate more with other groups and organisations such as Schools Out and the BHA.

  6. I’d settle for holding hands without stares and comment in the first instance

  7. Governments can pass equality laws but unfortunately it does not mean that all people accept them. Those who actively dislike LGBT will continue to find ways to express their hate towards us but will comply with the letter of the law to avoid prosecution – e.g. by simply giving the cold shoulder instead of being neighbourly to a married same-sex couple who happen to be their neighbours (my spouse and I have experienced this), by not being as ‘tender’ to an LGBT patient but otherwise complying with one’s duties as a doctor or nurse, etc. In such examples as these (and there are many others) the letter of equality laws is not broken even though the spirit of the law is in a way that cannot easily addressed. In my view this is one of the reasons why many LGBT people feel unsafe despite the passing of supportive legislation. Equality laws can force homophobes to the water but it cannot make them drink.

    1. No you can’t make them drink, but you can prove them wrong by being more kind, more considerate, more gracious than them. You don’t defeat hate with more hate.

  8. Laws never change attitudes immediately; it points people in the right direction and gives us the protection we need to be visible. My local area has become less homophobic since CP’s came in; yes there are those that will never change but they are becoming less and less. It doesn’t help when people in the media make bigoted statements but they are usually pulled up quickly by the twitterati. I notice Bradley Manning is coming in for some stick for his transitioning statement. I thought, in my opinion, Michael White made a blatant trans phobic statement on BBC’s Dateline London this Saturday , when he connected BM’s not being a credible witness with his announcement of transitioning. At least one journalist on the panel (not the BBC presenter) pulled him up on it s I suppose there is hope for the media.

    1. apologies – that should have been Chelsea Manning and CM’s

  9. “Homophobic discrimination still expected by a majority of gay UK citizens.” As a bisexual, does that mean that I’m entirely free from experiencing homophobia? I must have been imagining all the homophobia I’ve received from the support workers who come into my home (I’m disabled), or from their agency who wants to charge me £600 a year to make sure their staff “have the right values for you”.

    As for the main purpose of the article, no one expected homophobia to magically vanish just because SSM legislation is currently being put together. We don’t even have SSM yet. Give it ten or twenty years and I expect there will be clear signs of improvement in that respect.

  10. David Carpenter 26 Aug 2013, 6:18pm

    It will never matter how much people state they accept gay people in the community, we will like blacks and women be outside the norm. You can pad it out and pretty it up but hetrosexuals will never ever understand gay relationships which means they will never accept it. You can discuss it, you can legalise it, but you’ll never force society to accept us I’m afraid. We are at least parallel now alongside each other but never to integrate.

    1. Well what a bleak world you must live in! I’m 22 and I fully believe that the only reason we are so misunderstood is because we are still being denied education in schools and institutionally censored and always have been, but I also believe this catastrophic mistake will be rectified in my lifetime. By the time I’m dead kids will know all about LGBT people, have seen them everywhere, have gay friends or teachers and it will just become a non-issue. The only reason people still don’t “accept” us is because they still don’t understand us and they are still kept sensetized to us. Their parents are allowed to fill their heads with their recycled prejudice that nobody rectifies. Homophobia is mostly a learned behaviour. Once kids are properly educated and see more gay couples kissing in the street etc. it will melt away. Homophobia stems from sexism as well don’t forget, once the patriarchal 1950’s paradigm of masculine dominance has subsided things will get much better. Also, closet cases

  11. ..these weak minded idiots are making life so unbearable–I mean ‘what if they were homosexual’, what would they do—kill themselves? Well you know what, some people have got the guts to remain on this earth and fight discriminating cowards all over the World! FACT!…

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