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Russia: Putin critic vows to allow gay pride rallies in Moscow if elected as Mayor

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Reader comments

  1. Waiting for the news item about him being put in jail for tax frauds and other “criminal activities”…

    Props to him though…

  2. What a brave, brave man……I’m humbled.

  3. I’m tired of listening and reading this nonsense.
    With that said, Navalny has no chance in the elections.

    The more the West criticizes Russia, the more homophobia ..
    Get away from Russia. please.

    1. of course Putin tired of his new image in Europe and America. Hello from Russia. I’m gay from Russia and I’m thankful everyone who supports russian LGBT people.

    2. So why look at a site where it is available to read? Get away from us please?

    3. nixiotemba 25 Aug 2013, 2:54pm

      well mr zero, fo**k of then

  4. despite being populated by ‘new money’ people (small village mentality and no style whatsoever) i would still expect moscow to be more liberal as a capital city.

    good luck to the man

  5. Awesome!! Very cool, good luck :)

  6. Jock S. Trap 25 Aug 2013, 9:56am

    Good Luck to him…

    I really hope the voice of reason, those opposed by Putin returning Russia to a regime of communism help this man get through.

    I suspect though, sadly that any possibility to success and the Putin regime will crash any chance by arresting and imprisoning.

  7. > “He was last month found guilty of corruption and sentenced to five years in prison, however he was released 24 hours later on a technicality.”

    Poor journalism again: it’s not clear whether this refers to Sergie Sobyanin or Alexei Navalny.

    1. I’d assumed that Sergie Sobyanin had been found guilty of corruption. That would explain why Alexei Navalny was standing on an anti-corruption ticket.

      However, it turns out that Alexei Navalny is the one that had been found guilty of corruption, so it’s all rather confusing !

      PN really needs to add some explanation to these copy and paste reports.

      1. watching or reading the news usually helps, although thats not the case with the homophobic bbc (if it wasnt for other uk and international news outlets you would still be in the dark about passage of equal marriage in england and wales)

        anyway, anyone standing against putin regime will eventually end up found guilty of something, its not like russians courts adhere to the virtue of blind justice

        putin, berlusconi of russian politics without sense of humour

  8. Velvet Steele 25 Aug 2013, 4:40pm

    Putin is the classic example of a dictator, and the world is letting it happen! Look at our middle east countries as examples! I hope that the IOC and Putin love the bed they have made and enjoy it together!!

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