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Macmillan Dictionary revises definition of ‘marriage’ to include same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, well I guess we changed the definition of marriage after all !


  2. A 21st Century dictionary!

  3. Where are my farking comments Pink News!!

  4. A perfect birthday gift for Baroness Knight

  5. Dominick J. 24 Aug 2013, 8:57pm

    It didn’t change the definition of marriage it REVISED it…

  6. Macmillan is keeping up with the rest of the world!

  7. im sure anti equal marriage brigade will now push for the definition of ‘traditional marriage’ to be added to the dictionary.

    anyway, hope leaders of dictionary world such as cambridge, oxford or collins will follow the suit next

    1. Oxford and Collins already have, and I imagine Cambridge has too. The leading dictionary of the French language also recognises equal marriage in their definition now.

      1. well, oxford still bit hesitant

        oxford- marriage:
        1)the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife

        [as modifier]:
        marriage vows
        ~(in some jurisdictions) a formal union between partners of the same sex.

        cambridge is closer, but still not very explanatory

        a legally accepted relationship between two people in which they live together

        and collins follows cambridge

        1.the state or relationship of living together in a legal partnership
        2.the legal union or contract made by two people to live together

  8. Christopher Hobe Morrison 24 Aug 2013, 9:50pm

    Oh, I can see the folks on the far right will probably boycott the Macmillan dictionary and this will result in massive losses to Macmillan. Or maybe not.

  9. Erm – what about the Oxford English Dictionary, then?

  10. Dictionaries by their very nature don’t make the rules they reflect society and it’s changes. All dictionaries will follow suit or their reputations as sources of accurate information would suffer.

  11. Husband = a married man

    Wife = a married woman

    I don’t see how hard that is to understand and no need to refer to the gender of the person the husband or wife is married too at all.

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