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Video: Ten thousand march in Copenhagen against anti-gay laws in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. This is very good news. If only the UK was taking the insidious nature of Putin’s anti-gay laws as seriously. We, as a nation, ignored Hitler’s marginalisation of a minority pre-WW2. We ignore Putin’s actions at our peril …..

    Help: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

    1. David Myers 23 Aug 2013, 10:50pm

      Interesting that your comment has been voted down by six (so far). Is it coincidental that the petition you leak to is not available in English? Perhaps it is not what you claim? And that you are a troll, trying to get gay rights supporters to sign an anti-gay petition? This is actually addressed to anyone on Pink News who can explain why you are being downvoted. Are my suspicions correct?

      1. No, I translated the petition with Googe Translate. It is, as Enrique claims, a petion to support equal marriage in Romania, or rather civil partnership. I´ll post the translation.
        I apologize for the poor translation (Google Translate, you know)…

      2. Why is it important?
        Civil Partnership is a social reality and is recognized in most European countries in order to guarantee the rights of people living in consensual relationships. want that civil partnership for heterosexual couples and those of persons of the same sex to be legalized in Romania as soon .
        Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that any person has the right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination of any kind. Romanian anti-discrimination legislation explicitly mentions sexual orientation as criteria protected by law.
        Legalizing civil partnership in Romania would be the first step towards a society where all people are equal in terms of validation of love and human relationships. Both same-sex and heterosexual couples should be able to conclude a civil partnership if they wish.
        By signing this petition, we inform government, Parliament and political parties that we legalize civil partnership.

  3. Hi Keith, For FCUKs sake go back on your Meds.

    1. Poor wee thing, he doesn’t realise being groovy isn’t the same thing as being stuck in a groove.

  4. John Clark 23 Aug 2013, 3:12pm

    The law is so loosly writen that.
    1. Any education material, health advice, discussion, ect, or even a display of a “non traditional relationships” (i.e. straight religious marriage) is banned anywhere a minor could be. (i.e. everywhere)
    2. Nowhere does the law ban anti-“non traditional relationships” propaganda.
    3. While the law bans anyone even informing a minor about the existance of “non traditional relationships” it allows the indoctranation of “traditional relationships” into minors.
    4. We all know what “non traditional relationships” is meant by the law!

    This law has encouraged the extreme ‘phobes to run riot, as they perceive that the state is condoning their views and actions.

    So… I maintain that this law is anti gay in the extreme and should be struck down.

  5. Being Russian is a race now? How weird.

    1. Actually the way we define race is pretty clumsy and has no taxonomic value whatsoever. There is more genetic diversity in Africa than the rest of the world combined

  6. Denmark is a wonderful country, one of my favourites. Copenhagen is a cool city and great to visit?

  7. Bent sauer 23 Aug 2013, 5:26pm

    I’m produktion to by Danish :-)

  8. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Aug 2013, 6:40pm

    My deepest honour to mild and gay friendly Denmark ! Thank you from neighbouring Norway !

  9. Velvet Steele 23 Aug 2013, 9:40pm


  10. Sujay Kentlyn 24 Aug 2013, 12:48am

    In terms of conveying a sense of solidarity for LGBTI people in Russia, this is a fabulous event. Well done Denmark!
    However, in terms of actually getting this legislation changed, all of this protest from other countries I think will only stiffen the resolve of the Russian government. The threat to their prestige in being seen to bow to foreign pressure is just too great.

  11. “Organisers of the demonstrators in the Danish capital had expected 2,000 to turn up to the rally, but media reports out of the country suggest that five times that number attended.”

    I have a feeling Russia will act as a spark for a brand new era of LGBT liberation, it will breathe life back into LGBT people and wake them up to the injustice they are dealt daily !

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