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US radio host: ‘90% of Americans would find homosexual behaviour disgusting if they thought about it’

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Reader comments

  1. We find your hypocritical behaviour as a closeted gay more than disgusting, its abhorrent and deplorable.

    1. can we please stop assuming homophobic people are gay? homophobia is perpetrated by straight people a large majority of the time.

  2. 90% of gay people would find heterosexual behaviour disgusting if they thought about it

    1. I was just about to say exactly the same thing!

  3. Is sex dirty? Only if you do it right.

    (Woody Allen’s All You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex)

  4. Dear Bigot, most of us (gay or straight) would find the thought of you have sex disgusting, if we thought about it. Fortunately we are not obsessed with the sexual activities of others as you appear to be!

  5. Why do homophobes spend so much time thinking about gay sex?

    I’m gay – and when I think about a cock in a shitter… yeah that sounds gross.

    But then does murdering an animal for food – but I still do it (or at least, eat the resulting murdered carcass!)

    His point?

    Tip for him: Stop thinking about gay sex.

    1. Jeepers that’s cynical. Good grief, sex is thrown at us all the time! When a woman is with her man and dressed to the 9s or even just holding hands, most men think about their sex. If two men look and act sexual together, difficult thoughts and images pass through our heads. People are sexual and it is ridiculous to pretend men are just going to view other men and women in a non-sexual manner. And the truth is that there are a lot of gay men that intentionally flaunt their homosexuality just to illicit negative reactions from the overwhelmingly heterosexual public.

  6. Well, at least he finally admitted thinking about gay sex alot. ^^

    1. Exactly what I’vd been saying about this vile specimen for YEARS! No matter HOW religious someone claims to be, they do not OBSESS about homosexulity like this unless you CONSTANTLY have same-sex thoughts. This man’s homophobia is undoubtedly driven by the revultion he feels at having homosexual desires. Either get some gay sex, Bryan, or get some councelling to handle your inner guilt

  7. And 100% of me is disgusted thinking about Bryan Fischer’s parents having sex to produce him 100 years ago! Eughhhhh.

  8. Think he ‘s got his stats wrong. I think he means that 90% of americans find homosexual sex absolutely fascinating. Thats according to most searched for data for internet porn anyway.

  9. Neon Genesis 23 Aug 2013, 9:15pm

    If Fischer hates gay sex so much, why does he think about it so frequently?

  10. Tim Hanafin 23 Aug 2013, 10:27pm

    If Americans stopped and thought about Bryan Fischer having sex, 90% of the population would find it disgusting.

    1. Hopefully more than 90%.

  11. Uh, I find Bryan Fischer’s behavior disgusting, which is why I choose NOT to think about it. Seriously, what is wrong with you when you’re a creepy old man who goes around encouraging others to think about the sex lives of strangers for the purpose of condemning them? Seriously, dude is making me ashamed to call myself a pervert.

  12. As he is a “traditionalist” I am assuming by homosexual sex he is referring to anal intercourse.

    Is he aware of how many heteros indulge in this practice? Why do people like Fisher never refer to this?

    By the by, if you are ever bored guys go onto a forum where heteros talk about having anal sex. You can actually have quite a bit of fun.

    It would seem hetero men are very sensitive on the issue when it is referred to as gay sex (and perhaps they have issues).

    They like to think they are very progressive and that I am a homophobe (I don’t tell them I am gay at first). After being abused for awhile (for being a homophobe) I then tell them I am gay.

    Needless to say they show their true colours then and suddenly become extremely homophobic.

    It is not for the faint hearted but if you don’t mind copping abuse you can have a lot of fun with them.

    It will also demonstrate that many heteros who claim to be gay friendly are in fact extremely homophobic.

  13. My advice is stop to thinking about it. I don’t think about what Mr Fischer (whoever he is) does between the sheets.

  14. Someone who think about how other people have sex so constantly as Fisher does has some major phobia issues and sexual issues of his own. Please get some help.

  15. I’m sure that 90% of homosexuals feel find heterosexual intercourse unappealing too, what’s your point, Fischer? Even if true, there are plenty of things I find unappealing’ that I wouldn’t want to ban. I wouldn’t particularly want to watch two really old people have sex. Yet I wouldn’t ban them. Or two extremely obese people, for instance. But I recognize their right to do so, just as much as I recognize my own.
    Bryan, I’ve seen your wife, bud, I really would not want to imagine you too getting it on. Maybe I should start a petition to ban you from having sex… because after all, just imagining you two having sex, offends me. >sarcasm<

  16. James Savik 24 Aug 2013, 4:30am

    I’m sure that I would find the sex habits of a dried up old fart like Fisher disgusting but I don’t obsess over them. In fact, I don’t think of them at all.

  17. Teresa Thomas 24 Aug 2013, 4:46am

    Thing is, people usually don’t go around thinking about other people having sex. They/we are too busy thinking about who WE want to have sex with. If you are worried about what others do in the bedroom (between 2 consenting adults), then you have major issues. I hate when people group a bunch of other people together and say how the feel, act etc.

  18. Why does Bryan Fisher always sound like Mrs Doyle in this Father Ted clip?

    Do you get the impression he’s envious of the 90% of the population who aren’t constantly thinking about gay sex, who go to bed untroubled by what other people are doing between the sheets?

    I bet he’s not thinking about gay sex right this minute, foreplay, which lube to buy, multiple positions he [I mean they] can try, sex toys, leather chaps, bondage… he’s not thinking about all of that, all of the time.

  19. Jock S. Trap 24 Aug 2013, 9:42am

    So don’t think about it then.

    See the person not the sex they have, pervert!

  20. That There Other David 24 Aug 2013, 10:31am

    No wonder he’s so anally fixated, it’s obviously where he keeps his statistics.

  21. Only a. Closet Gay would find the thought disgusting. THAT is the root cause of all homophobia, you stupid closet gay.

  22. “Don’t confuse the children”

    But if course the omnipotent God and the Holy trinity or three in one God is not at all confusing for children is it.

    Being omnipotent God already knows everything his creations are going to do, however God then deems some certain things to be sins and so he sends himself to die for the things he himself deemed sins in the first place so that people can be forgiven again by himself and be pardoned of their sins which he already knew they would commit before he created them…nothing confusing in any of that for children is there.

  23. Thing is, people only find it “disgusting” because it’s been censored on a systematic level and they have been kept sufficiently sensetive to the concept

    They play on the whole “gay is gross” thing to drum up support because they know the people are still highly sensetized in the same way people find old people having sex “disgusting” becuase they never see it and so are kept perpetually sensetized to the idea

    It’s no different than when people found all sex disgusting and all violence/gore but have gradually been de-sensetized to it over the decades

    That’s why I make a point of kissing men in public whenever I can ;)

  24. Nobody spends as much time thinking about it as Bryan Fischer. Except Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Tony Perkins. . . .

  25. Well, yes, he’s right! 90% of Americans probably WOULD find homosexual behaviour disgusting if they thought about it from a totally negative, traditional, or a religious point of view!

    The “trick”, Mr. Fischer, is not to think like either a moron or a dinosaur.

  26. It seems only vile examples of so called humanity like this monstrous closeted self loather spend a lot of time thinking about it.

    Men who cheat and beat their wives are disgusting, Men who torture their daughters are disgusting – Americans willingness to allow people like this to hold public jobs is disgusting

    How people engage in consensual sex – is private & No One Else’s business!

  27. Living in America, these Westboro types, the Linda Harvey and Bryan Fischer have more impact on the lives of the average LGBT person – than one would believe from a distance. A neighbor tunes in to focus on the family radio, or email list – they become contaminated by the hate. I have lost track of how many times I have heard words along the lines of ‘I don’t care what you do, but I think it is wrong’ or something along those lines. Live here for a while and a you will see that American Christians are a lesson in hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

  28. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Aug 2013, 4:09pm

    B. Fischer, I would not even in a dream touch you with a tweezer.

  29. Christopher in Canada 24 Aug 2013, 5:00pm

    Hmmm – sex that results in visual proof of a mutual orgasm is “disgusting”… makes you wonder how many times his wife has faked it with him…

  30. Christopher Coleman 24 Aug 2013, 5:07pm

    If 90 percent of American fundamentalists thought about it, they would find Fischer’s nonsense disgusting. It’s just as well for him that so many people rarely think at all.

    1. What a fool. Obviously he thinks often about where we gays “Hide the Weenie”

  31. What a fool. Obviously he often thinks about where we gays might “Hide the Weenie”

  32. I usually disapprove of those who mischaracterise others as being mentally ill because they share a different viewpoint, but this man must be a bit crazy. There’s definitely something wrong upstairs.

  33. Lol, that’s because 90% of Americans are straight and therefore don’t like to have sex with people of their own gender. But we don’t forbid carrots, because some people don’t like them. (And we wouldn’t if 90% of Americans didn’t like them.)

  34. I find the thought of Bryan Fischer having sex with ANYONE disgusting and abhorrent. I guess this means he should not have sex anymore.

  35. And 99% of people find the idea of their parents having sex disgusting if they really think about it. If we legislated based on that, the human race would be in trouble!

    I’m amused by how many people in this thread, and probably Fischer too, seem to be assuming that “gay sex” just happens between men. Lesbian and bisexual invisibility for the win, eh.

  36. I imagine when people stop and think about the American ‘socalled’ Family Association , they would just vomit!

  37. So many of these comments are cissexist. Newsflash, there are men without penises and women without vaginas and people with penises or vaginas or who are intersex who are nonbinary. Stop erasing trans* people.

    But seriously, frick this guy’s homophobic BS.

  38. johnny33308 7 Sep 2013, 7:02pm

    Well, 100% of American gay people would find heterosexual behavior disgusting if they ‘thought about it’….doesn’t mean a damn thing! What a moron! Clutching at straws much?

  39. Mike Dalgarno 4 Oct 2013, 4:19pm

    100% of people would find the thought of their mum &/or dad having sex disgusting if they thought about it.

    Since the majority of them will be hetrosexuals, that means my stat outranks his.

    Do I win a cookie now?

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