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US: Anti-gay group attacks state Supreme Court’s ruling against photographer who refused gay wedding

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Reader comments

  1. What you believe in, religious or otherwise, is just that; freedom to believe in anything you like. It’s the act of discrimination that was found to be at fault.

    1. I think Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, after the verdict of the NM Supreme Court, put it rather well –

      “The Constitution guarantees religious freedom in this country, but we are not entitled to use our beliefs as an excuse to discriminate against other people.”

  2. A business for public service is totally and legally different from a place of worship. The national organization for marriage has consistently violated political campaign laws of transparency. There have been several judgments against them for this purpose. It is only a matter of time until they are unable to continue to avoid this issue. The other major obstacle this organization is up against is that as marriage equality has become legalized in different countries and across the states, none of their dire predictions have come true. And this is a very major problem for them and those like them. As long as their dire predictions continue to not come true, short of the collapse of the economy, the ball of marriage equality will continue to roll forward.

  3. ....Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2013, 10:14am

    Is it not time this foolishness of protection for religious faith (delusion) was abolished worldwide. It is an anachronistic throwback to the days when religion held sway and blighted the lives of millions of human beings, now long dead, without ever knowing real freedom from this vile disease.Thankfully there is a groundswell of Atheism and secularism sweeping the world but there is still that awful problem, where hundreds of millions of innocent children are indoctrinated into these vile creeds, and it is time that was ruled child abuse, as surely as the sexual child abuse being inflicted on millions of children by Clerics of all three branches of the Abrahamic cult, but especially the christian cult clerics. The jewish abuse is more insidious as a lot of it is done under the gaze and guise of being religious ritual where millions of baby boys have there sexual organ mutilated by the ritual of circumcision and in some cases have contracted HIV and Herpes because the rabbinic…..

    1. ...paddyswurds 24 Aug 2013, 10:38am

      ….cleric sucks the child’s penis in order to”stem the blood flow” after the mutilation has taken place, which is done without the benefit of anaesthetic or proper medical sterility.. there have been hundreds of cases in the last two years in Jewish areas of NYC. This particular abuse is sanctioned under religious ritual and is, unbelievably, protected by law. Enough already with protection for religious belief….

      1. ...paddyswurds 24 Aug 2013, 10:51am

        hen there is the abuse of women under islamic delusion where women are forced to walk around completely covered top to toe in black or blue sacks with either a mesh or slit to see through, children especially girls are dened standard education and boys are forced to learn bt rote the entire islamic texts. Some children have even been murdered because they have failed thisbarbarity, then there is the stoning to death of women , who are firstly buried up to their breasts , before being stoned to death for minor infractions, thieves ahave their hands cut of or worse have all four limbs removed. Gay teenagers are hung by the neck from the jib of excavators in the public square for as little as showing affection toward another boy or girl. meanwhile there is the awful spectacle of Afghanistan’s “dancing Boys” or Bacha Bazi where boys are taken by war lord or tribal chiefs as their personal playthings … watch the awful spectacle here .


      2. I’m sorry, there is state sanctioned child c*ck sucking going on? OH LAWD

  4. I never realised the bible had any teachings on photography.

    Of course if Elane followed the bible literally she would refuse to use a camera at all. God didn’t even know about photography or surely he would have included it in the bible ready for when it was invented. He is all knowing after all.

    It is why I have more respect for Amish even though they are thoroughly deluded. At least they are consistent in their actions.

  5. Christopher Coleman 24 Aug 2013, 5:13pm

    Do people open businesses to express their religious beliefs? If so, good Christians should refuse to serve anyone who does not share their beliefs and that would include Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and all non-Christians. But they would never do that. It would compromise their profits.

  6. Because it says in the Bible “Thou shalt not photograph gay couples”…everyone knows that!

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