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US: 21-year-old trans woman dies after being brutally beaten in transphobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. What the actual f**k is wrong with people?! What the hell was she doing to these guys that they beat her to death? Her existance threatened them in some way? I’m so bloody sick of hearing things like this.

    1. I suppose when you build ideas in your head that certain genders must behave certain ways and someone challenges that, what they’re effectively doing is challenging everyone who subscribes to those ideas. If her attackers strongly identify with preconceived notions of their birth gender then I suppose they do feel threatened by her. The question is why on earth anyone can feel so unbreakably attached to those notions in the first place.

      Remember this is after those three minority trans women were murdered in April in the US. This is surely past the point of being ignorable, but if you’re black and trans then sadly you’re pretty close to the bottom of the political pecking order. This is revolting.

      1. Well, I’m straight, and I was brought up in an environment in which boys tended to behave in certain ways and girls tended to behave in different ways, but I don’t feel threatened by transexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals or any other -sexuals. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if you were brought up with those perceptions (and there’s nothing wrong if you were, it’s normal human nature) you are going to feel threatened if you encounter or become aware of people who diverge sexually from the norm. You will be challenged, but in an intellectual way – “how can this be, what causes it, should I shun such people”, etc.

        I just wish people would see others as individuals, and realise that there are many ways of being a human being, and that the line between male and female is not always clearly defined; that one can be male physically and feel female, and vice versa; and that the question of divergent sexualities is not a moral one.

        1. Thanks very much for your reply.

          I disagree that there’s nothing wrong with gender roles, especially when aimed at children. I understand the jist of what you’re saying though – that we are all exposed to these roles as children to some degree or another, and yet the majority of us can indeed formulate rational and intelligent responses to things which challenge those preconceptions.

          As I said, I think the problem is the strength with which these murderers (and violently anti-queer types more generally) affiliate with those roles – that they become an intrinsic part of their identity. When that’s something you’ve built up and reinforced in your head, and then you see someone else born just as “male” as you were representing everything you don’t understand being “male” to be, it’s effectively saying, “This could be you too”. I wonder if that’s what the perpetrators of this awful violence are frightened of.

  2. I just cant find the words… “charge is expected to be increased”…. expected? why hasnt it already been changed to murder? You already know she was beaten to death…

    Anger. Rage. Sadness..

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Aug 2013, 8:42am

    I fully agree and support Jules,Ialocura and Adam B in what they say ! Incidents like this make me sad and angry. These are the worst crimes I read about-

  4. So sad her life ended like that

  5. Rest in peace, Isla <3
    I hope these scumbags are charged with murder and receive the maximum sentence possible.
    To Isla´s friends and family: Keeping you all in my thoughs today <3

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