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Russia: Vladimir Putin signs decree banning protests for duration of Sochi games

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Reader comments

  1. This level of restriction is rarely, if ever, seen outside of wartime and natural disasters.

    Putin certainly has an agenda here, and I would not be at all surprised if on the 21st of March, the restrictions are expanded over a much longer area and for a longer duration.

    1. Next. Welcome to the book burning.

      1. That’s already being done:

        “God’s Will” members steal books and other printed materials from Yabloko party headquarters and burn them (Yabloko is a social liberal party founded in 1993). They claim Yabloko is a party of “satanists and perverts”. These are the same religious fanatics who attacked people a year ago at the Pussy Riot trial. The police turns a blind eye to their activities.

        1. Ughhhh it’s all so very… Mao-ish *shudders*

        2. Or when the Nazi inspired thugs (1933) gutted the Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin, torched all the books , research documents and studies and a figure of the director Magnus Hirschfield. The building was later burned.
          Shudder indeed.

  2. Two or three steps from being one of the vilest dictators alive on the planet.

  3. If this was South Africa in the 1980s, there would be a boycott, but the UKs Conservative led government don’t really care about Gays!

    1. de Villiers 23 Aug 2013, 6:39pm

      The Conservative-led government just used an enormous amount of political capital to push gay marriage into the law.

      The Minister for Education has condemned the schools who were trying to resurrect section 28.

      The Prime Minister has said that gay equality is important, publicly in a way that no other European Prime Minister of the right has done.

      There has been no repeal of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 which refer to the homosexuality.

      There has been the removal of historic convictions for offences of gay people.

      To say that the “conservative led government don’t really care about gays” because Vladimir Putin passes an dictatorial law in Russia and when the leaders of the other countries in the Union European have behaved no differently to David Cameron is stupid, unfair, partisan and dishonest.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Aug 2013, 7:29pm

        I have to agree with you on that!

      2. I’m not so sure… the EU has been pushing equal marriage on a human rights basis and there’s every possibility the conservative party recognize it as the inevitable nature of the legislation, and so capitalized on the policy to drum up favour and appear progressive. There’s also every chance the “minor” issue of gay marriage was used as a form of distraction.

        Do the conservatives approve of gay rights? Hell naw. Does the PM care about gay rights? Sure. Would the PM be prepared to put his neck on the line for LGBT people? Remains to be seen…

    2. Julian Morrison 24 Aug 2013, 1:45pm

      When it was South Africa in the 1980s, the UK Conservative government supported the Apartheid regime.

  4. What’s the phrase?

    Oh yes – “Red Flag …Bull ….etc”

  5. All with the backing of the bigoted IOC and all the spineless athletes sniveling to comply.

    I’m looking forward to this, because the reaction of Putin and his uniformed goon squads to any protest will probably do more to damage the image of Russia around the world than just allowing protests to take place.

    I’m really hoping there will be some brave people ready to defy this blatant attack on freedom of expression and opinion and protest anyway, and I hope it gets the response I predict it will.

    Our governments are about to sleepwalk into a potentially catastrophic confrontation, and the IOC will be responsible for it.

    What will CaMORON do when he has ten British citizens locked up by Putin for daring to fly Rainbow flags in Sochi?

    All our leaders are pathetic wastes of skin, and we are increasingly seeing that being proven over and over again.

  6. Banning peaceful protests…. Russia really shows the spirit of freedom the Olympics represents. I can see why they won the winter games for 2014…

    oh wait…

  7. jonnielondon 23 Aug 2013, 5:59pm

    Sieg Heil, Adolf Putin!

  8. And still, everyone is trooping off there to have a jolly olympics. Putin is flexing his muscles and everyone is just going along with it. Pathetic.

  9. With this knowledge on board, he really does look EVIL now, doesn’t he. Cold-blooded and evil.

    Vladmir Putin appears to have chosen his epitaph.

    “Vladimir Putin.
    Evil dictator.
    Vile despot.”

  10. VLADIMIR PUTIN SIGNS DECREE BANNING PROTESTS FOR DURATION OF SOCHI GAMES… I have a bad feeling about this. Putin is up to no good and since he’s a demonic arse hole… the olympian’s don’t demonstrate, they complete. I guess with the pressure from the countless petitions, the boycotts and other world leaders, Putin felt the pinch. Unfortunately, it’ll be very short lived. He has no control over those neo-natzi groups or as some call them, “Putin’s Goons”. If there’s going to be issues, the IOC will crash and burn! Perhaps this is the ticket to oust them old crusty farts on the IOC board? 6 months to the games? That’ll be here before we know it. I guess it’s a waiting game right?

    1. Not to mention Sochi is close to the most terrorist infested region of the Russian Federation. Given the corruption and other factors I wouldnt go to Sochi, even if I was given a few 10’s of thousands £ to turn up.
      You should note, he (Putin) has signed this decree under terrorism!! provisions.

      1. Ahhhh, the good old “terrorist” shtick – classic! Governments have been making good use of that now haven’t they!! A fool proof way to erode rights; scare the people into thinking an attack is immonent from outside or even inside the state and they will surrender their freedom and liberty in exchange for the promise of “safety” and “protection”

        1. I wonder who the terrorists really are? The governments ..

        2. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin “Those who would exchange security for their freedom deserve neither freedom nor security and will loose both.”!

  11. Surely no one is surprised by this? Since when has Russia not been a country marked by authoritarianism and a lack of understanding of the finer points of a democracy?

    I am boycotting all their goods. I am not someone who drinks vodka a great deal but in future I will drink Absolut instead of any Russian vodka. It is a small thing by itself but as the Tesco slogan says ‘every little helps’

    1. Peter Duncan 26 Aug 2013, 7:46am

      One needs to hit the IOC as well. Boycott Coca-Cola and MacDonalds their sponsors

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Aug 2013, 7:33pm

    And now the IOC finally has egg on its face. I don’t think it quite expected this last missive from the Putin regime. Trouble is brewing!

    1. I hope so. Not that I would like to see anyone get hurt but I hope this will bring down the IOC once and for all. It wields absolute power and is the most corrupt organisation in sport. It typifies everything that is wrong in modern day sport and the sooner it goes the better.

  13. Tom (Winnipeg) 23 Aug 2013, 8:16pm

    There is only one way to deal with this bully, and that is to ostracize him. If IOC is not going to do the right thing and pull out of the Russian olympics, then all free countries should be given a good reason to shun the winter olmypics. It would be great to start hearing from around the world that “our country will not participate in Sochi”, because…

  14. This sounds a lot like Martial Law to me.

    I agree, the Russian LGBT community is going to pay a high price for this when the Olympics leave. Putin is punitive.

  15. Putin’s anti-gay laws would already make any type of pro-gay protest illegal. I think his decree is a very blunt message aimed at his goons, supporters and anti-gay Russians not to protest or demonstrate during the Olympics.

    Therefore, if any pro-gay protests take place Putin can claim the high moral ground to his own people and the world by saying it is the gays who are causing the trouble not the vast majority of Russians who are good law abiding citizens.

    Every nation that hosts the Olympics uses the event to showcase their own country and uses it to some extent as a propaganda exercise. Putin is using Sochi to strengthen his own position and he knows many leaders around the world are now facing a dilemma because of it.

    He has got them by the balls and is applying pressure. And I have no doubt he is enjoying it immensely.

  16. According to Russian Constitution, such restrictions can only be introduced by a federal law, not a presidential decree. Thus, this decree is anti-constitutional.

    1. I dont think they are following the Russian Constitution, that would seem to be a common practice recently. Is it not “traditional”. ?

    2. keith francis farrell 24 Aug 2013, 1:31pm

      Do you really think that hate filled homophobe Putin cares about the Russian Constitution, if so you are a misguided individual. He has already breached most of the clauses in your constitution. He has caused Russia to go back on her international agreements. and made seven million our Russia’s people unwelcome in their own country. The only this I wish he would do is Die for Russia not tomorrow but now. Between the Russian Church and Putin’s, “Hitler Youth” Russia is a country which has stepped back into the Stalin era.

      1. No, not at all, Keith. As a Russian citizen and a political activist, I know all too well that Putin doesn’t care about Constitution.

        However, he does care about his world image. Inordinate amount of money is being spent on RT propaganda TV, Olympics (>$50B), FIFA World Cup etc. A dictator at home, he wants to project an image of “strong and wise leader” internationally. That’s why Putinists always try to make it look like the law is being followed. For example, they would never accuse opposition members of ‘crimes against the state’, as was the case in Soviet Union. Instead, they would forge evidence and press criminal charges. Their calculus is that too few people have time to analyze the facts and see through the lies.

        My point is that this new decree is so blatantly, obviously anti-constitutional, that it will be impossible for Kremlin propagandists to “explain” it in any way. It’s like Putin does not even try to hide the fact that he is a dictator anymore. That’s new.

  17. This is an intimidation tactic. I imagine any protest regarding LGBT people would already violate the “law” – so this is just bravado. Nice way to stamp on freedom of expression though, I’m sure that’ll push quite a few fence sitters in the right field !! You know how much the sheep care about freedom of speech and their precious “democracy”

    These fools need to learn from history; when you try to silence the gays we just get louder and louder.

    Love Conquers Hate

  18. In a democracy things like this would never happen because people have a voice… but then again with Putin as leader, Russia is not a democracy. The worst thing about this dictatorship he imposes on the country is no one can oppose him! (or d aren’t)

  19. keith francis farrell 24 Aug 2013, 1:25pm

    I have seen my posts disappear from Pink news and others, maybe it is because I am so anti this evil monster called Putin, The world can carry on, you can all send your athletes to Russia, you can issue half protests, But I will never respect you the athletes who go to Russia. You should be saying no, we will not go to a country that backs homophobia. You should be standing strong and saying to your government that equality is more important than medals. As long as Putin is in power, Gay people will get murdered. live with their blood on your hands and on your medals. In years to come, look back and wonder why you were so blind to the genocide taking place in Russia. Our politician’s think that by sending you there they will be fighting this homophobia, but all they will be doing is giving Putin more power to kill LGBT people. Then honourable sports people wonder why I hate you so much. You are the people I will never be able to forgive.

  20. I really wonder why anyone would want to go to Russia in the first place. In the name of sporting tradition….? There were never any Winter Olympics in Ancient Greece as far as I know. The Winter Olympics hmmm …. money, tourism, Winter sports competition
    … a bit ify that… maybe …. another country would be a better idea so that freedom and the love of competing would not be hindered or over shadowed by hate and tyranny that sort of dilutes everything, really into a ….if you don’t win you vill be shot….if you hold hands you will be arrested….sort of scenario… not a lot of freedom there, now is there? On the other hand Putin could use this Winter fiasco (because that it is what it has turned into) to show his ‘humanitarian side’ (sic) not sure how but….

  21. Must see –

    The start of this made me physically sick, so dont watch this if you have just had you supper.

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