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London minicab driver sacked for calling gay couple “dirty” and throwing them out of cab

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Reader comments

  1. Swift and effective action: well done, Addison Lee.

    1. de Villiers 23 Aug 2013, 6:31pm

      It seems so.

    2. Agreed!

      No messing about, just a no-nonsense “don’t report for work tomorrow”

  2. The law is there to protect genuine discrimination (and while I don’t know the whole story) I can’t imagine a taxi driver who is not used to a broad spectrum of of clientele (especially if he was picking up in Soho). Its too easy to leap to the D word. I would object to any couple if they weren’t behaving in a reasonable fashion. So please furnish more details and let us decide…..

    1. Get a clue!

    2. He picked them up outside G-A-Y Late…. What was he expecting?

  3. A text book example of how to deal with an incident such as this.

    I wasn’t aware yesterday that Addison Lee had re-provided transport immediately for the couple, which in itself is an indication they felt their customers had been treated wrongly.

    I don’t think from the information we have, you can find any fault with their handling of the matter at all.

    They have gone up enormously in my esteem following this

  4. Good. I will continue to use the company. I wonder why Addison Lee claim to have supplied another taxi when the 2 victims stated they went home in a “black taxi”. I think all Addison Lee cars are black so remarking on the colour is odd.

    1. I had assumed in the original article that that they meant they’d hailed a black cab, rather than phoning for a minicab that happened to be black. But evidently not.

  5. Good. I was thinking I would have to boycott Addison. Thankfully not.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Aug 2013, 7:27pm

    Nicely done, fast and effective, no nonsense, the way this sort of thing should be handled. Well done Addison Lee.

  7. Unfortunately this will do nothing to alter the homophobia of the driver concerned. If anything it will deepen his hatred. Better, IMHO, to require the pillock to undergo a diversity training course as a prerequisite for getting back behind the wheel of his cab.

    1. I should imagine he will not be getting a glowing reference from Addison Lee, when he quotes his prior work record to a future employer.

      1. I suspect he agreed to go without taking them to a tribunal and more bad publicity as long as they gave him a neutral reference for his next job… in another taxi company. Companies are loathed to give bad references in case they are sued for liable.

  8. Other companies and organizations would be wise to study this straightforward and well executed process. Addison Lee have done it absolutely right.

    It’s surprising that this needs to be pointed out in 2013, and that so many companies completely fall on their arse when it comes to basic anti-discrimination procedures.

    Well done Addison Lee, a professional response from a well managed company that actually understands the process and the reporting of the result.

    Whoever managed this within the company deserves a pay rise to make sure they don’t go elsewhere. The biggest corporations in the world don’t have this kind of professionalism.

  9. Good. Gladly Addison Lee has upheld the law. I hope other companies follow the example in such matters.

  10. Although I am of course glad of the response, why was the taxi driver waiting around G-A-Y, or else respond to a call there anyway if he didn’t like the type of people he’d be picking up? I haven’t been to London in years so please excuse my potential ignorance…

  11. The anti-discrimination act does have a downside!You cant go to what was a gay bar and find a fellow gay guy ,cause everyones allowed in and normally hen parties take over,what was a predominently gay bar,especially at weekends!

    1. Since the rise of the “metrosexual” and the acceptance of gay people, there are no longer any gay bars.


      Why? Well, because they’re full of straight people!! It used to be straight people would rather die than be seen in a gay club, so you knew you were safe. Now it’s just another commodity, another way for the straight people to appear cool and edgy, and gay people are left wondering who will and won’t punch them on approach once again…

      1. This comment is quite generalised I think. Every guy I’ve approached in a gay bar or club have been gay barring one guy (pity, he was hot). He was clearly flattered, and quite apologetic that he wasn’t gay funnily enough. Please don’t take this the wrong way Mr Pink, but I think perhaps you come from an older generation? We have tons of gay bars/clubs in London, mainly frequented by LGBT individuals. Join us for a pint!

      2. Personally, I just go to a bar. Maybe one day we won’t need ‘gay’ bars and ‘straight’ bars. I think it’s a good sign.

  12. Good response from Add lee. Thanks. I would have boycotted without a second thought if this had been any different.

    Other companies should take note.

  13. Free Money Jobs for the.boys 24 Aug 2013, 5:46pm

    Yeh squander £150,000 of people living in poverty with hiv money like the gays at ukc did n u can get a £15k payrise !
    Why worry about driving a taxi get rich quick wiv a job in hiv charity sector u can.even turn away gayswhen they ask for help

  14. Describing homosexuals using the word ‘dirty’ is an indicator of someone being religious, Islamic in particular. Since London is brimming with multiculturalism, I suspect the taxi driver was a Muslim.

    1. So wrong!

    2. Remind me what the (Catholic) Mr Robert Mugabe is reported to have said about homosexuals a few days ago?

      1. Patrick Mc Crossan 28 Aug 2013, 3:08pm

        Mr Mugabe is hardly a human being let alone a catholic. Which ever religion he attaches himself to his history of abuse of everyone is self evident.

        As to Addison Lee I’m concerned he left by mutual consent.

        Sounds like he got off scott free.

        Addison Lee say he denies everything.

        Odd decision appears like courting favour with LGBT community.

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