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US journalist says Russian state TV told pre-arranged taxi to dump him on a highway

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Reader comments

  1. What’s Sweden got to do with it?

    1. It was a video interview from a studio in Sweden on Russian Television as I understand it.

  2. “And I told him that I would pick up the tab. But at the end, actually, at the airport, he said that the ride was free, so maybe we have some anti-Putin activists in the Swedish taxi company.”
    So the taxi driver actually ignored the call and took him to where he was going anyway? At least, that is how I read it.

  3. I’m guessing from this badly written article that he was in Sweden and was interviewed via sattelite or whatever in Russia. The headline gives the impression that he was in Russia and was left at the side of a Russian highway.

    As usual pink news headlines are misleading and sensational.

    1. Joseph Patrick McCormick 22 Aug 2013, 2:56pm

      Par 6 states that he was in Sweden.

      “He has since said the taxi driver in the car he was in on his way to the airport in Sweden when the taxi driver received a phone call instructing him to drop Kirchick off at the side of the road.”

  4. Good for him. Wish he had a few gogo dancers behind him.

  5. Look at another disgusting NEW video gay teenager tortured by Russian homophobes

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 22 Aug 2013, 10:25pm

      Dear wonderful IVAN ! Go on, fight for Our Sisters and Brothers in Russia ! Use every channel that is available. A warm hug from Norway and Helge !

  6. Well, he hasn’t made this up has he? Cause anyone really can tell a taxi driver to dump someone off in the middle of a highway.
    Happens all the time.
    Still no mention of JK’s far-right politics, Pink News.
    Err, why?

  7. Why did he refuse to talk about Manning?

    People in glass houses…

  8. That taxi driver is awesome!!! How cool of him to not charge anything after being told to dump his passenger and wasn’t going to be paid by the company.
    It shows some hope for Russian people.

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