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Politician who said gay relationships not in ‘any way equal’ to straight ones, guilty of abusing three wives

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Reader comments

  1. what a vile disgusting old man you are.

    Given you have been found guilty of 23 charges of assault I hope you resign -somehow I don’t think you will in which case I hope you can be sacked.

    You have the front to attack others you make me sick

    1. I think he can only be sacked if he’s sentenced to at least a year in prison. He automatically loses his seat under Scottish Parliament rules. Anything less than a year and he can legally remain as an MSP.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Aug 2013, 6:39pm

    Revenge is sweet! Now the vile, nasty bigot will get his comeuppance.

    Perhaps Dr. Sharon James of C4M should interview him to find out what caused the erosion of three of his marriages.

    1. Oh, you know these straight types are so promiscuous!

    2. Just to be pedantic, the Scottish equivalent of C4M is Scotland for Marriage.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Aug 2013, 12:04pm

        I forgot about that, BennieM, but equally as bad of course. I wonder if its getting any assistance from our lot south of the border?

        1. I hate to be pedantic about it, but I just think it’s important to remember that equal marriage has still not been passed here in Scotland, and that there are separate campaigns (on both sides) in Scotland. I do agree with the point you made, though. It doesn’t say much for the opponents of same sex marriage when their arguments are shot down in flames by the likes of Bill Walker.

  3. I wrote to my local SNP MSP when this all first hit the headlines to ask why the SNP kicked Bill Walker out of the party as soon as these domestic abuse details emerged yet they did and said nothing over his previous homophobia. I was told that his homophobic views didn’t count as discrimination because the same sex marriage consultation was ongoing when he said them. A pretty poor excuse to say the least. I wonder if the domestic abuse would have been ignored had there been an ongoing consultation about a domestic abuse law?

  4. I hope this vile wife beating homophobe is sent to prison for a nice long spell.

    Looking at the charges he should get more than a year probably 2-3 years would be my guess. Possibly suspended due to his age.

  5. Well, well, well. Another one bites the dust.

  6. Upholding the sanctity of marriage eh Bill?

    Bet you must yearn for those traditional Bible values that say you can beat your slave but should avoid putting out an eye or breaking teeth.

  7. That There Other David 22 Aug 2013, 8:24pm

    It’s amazing how all those who hate us pretty much turn out to all be bitter, angry and deceitful people isn’t it?

    Their “faith” is obviously nothing more than a bandage trying to cover the open wound of their broken personalities. They are damaged goods. We should pity them.

  8. What an utter womenhating hypocritical scumball. Shades of homophobe Stephen Green of Christian Voice UK, also a spouse batterer according to his former wife Caroline.

    1. By accounts of those who’ve left his family Fred Phelps is no slouch in the domestic abuse department either. (1.50 mark in this interview)

      See also this on Stephen Green:

      I’m seeing a pattern of foaming homophobe fundamentalists who like to wallop their wives in between public appearances railing to anyone who’ll listen about the sanctity of marriage

  9. L O L !

  10. Scott Lively author of The Pink Triangle is also in legal hot water.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Aug 2013, 12:08pm

      And he ought to be banned from entering the UK. He’s right up there with that other loon, Fred Phelps who is actually barred from coming here. Lively is just as evil and had a direct hand in the Uganda anti-gay legislation. We should all contact Theresa May about that.

  11. I meant to say author of The Pink Swastika Scott Lively. In both cases, these are examples of psychological projection.

  12. Let the courts deal with him. Barlinnie is too good for him.

  13. Those most vocal about having the moral high ground are typically the least deserving of it.

  14. If he doesn’t get a custodial sentence, then there is no real justice in this world.

  15. Oh how I love it when chickens come home to roost!

  16. What a hideous example of a sub human this man is.

  17. Psychologists will tell you that spouse-beating is often the result of suppressed homosexuality. They (men particularly) feel trapped by societal heterosexuality when, really, they want to be in a relationship with another man, So, they take out their frustration on what they see as the barrier to their happiness – their wife. Add this to the self-loathing they feel (as gay men, in denail) which manifests itself as homophobia … and – hey presto – you have a clear closet case.

    1. Oh dear, this raises all kinds of uncomfortable questions about my father then !!

      (Funnily enough, my mum has always suspected he was a bit queer!! Yikes!!)

      1. Indeed it does raise questions – especially if it transpires that there is a genetic link to homosexuality! That really would be one in the eye for all the religious nutters who constantly try to stop us being gay and become ‘breeders’. Haha.

  18. I’m more and more convinced that this kind of – so called Man – is scared shytless by gay men – because we have found the strength to live honest, decent lives being true to who we are and this spinless abuser of women is trapped by his own misogyny!

  19. Secism and homophobia walk hand in hand in this world. We still have some crusty old white folk who think their wives are their property, brown people are scary and filthy and the gays are diseased perverts.

    Once these dinosaurs start dying off, the prejudice period of the 20th Century will begin to fade…. the women, the people of colour and the gays will be free!!!!!

  20. I’m doing my surprised face right now, if you couldn’t tell…

  21. Remember, these freaks want to uphold the “traditional idea” of marriage and they make the suggestion that allowing gay people to marry harms the sanctity of their marriage…

    You’ll notice that many of those saying such BS have been divorced, often more than once, have kids out of marriage, and even abuse their spouses. It seems that many of them are control freaks and regularly beat their wives. That’s the “traditional” marriage they preach about, and it makes their arguments no better than the BS the Taliban spout.

    I often view these religious types as complete hypocrites, and although I feel sad for the wives, I’m very glad this sicko has been exposed.

  22. ItchycooMark 23 Aug 2013, 4:38pm

    I wonder how it feels to have the moral rug pulled from right under your feet? Perhaps I should ask him

  23. B. Allan Ross 23 Aug 2013, 5:33pm

    Beat the bastard to a bloody pulp whenever he shows his face. Night or day, drag his ass into an alley and beat him mercilessly. Advise him that his wives are sending him a message and walk away, leaving him for the next honorable person, the next man with balls to continue his punishment, which should last until he dies of exhaustion. Beat the fukker to death, just to be fair.

  24. Aww leave him alone he’s only doing what all politicians do and that’s collecting titles.
    Racist, Homophobe, and now Misogynist.
    I think he’s got the lot.

  25. Hold up.

    We got a world with a 50% divorce rate, single parents galore, teen pregnancy is the latest trend, orphanages and hostels full of abaononed kids and domestic violence reigns supreme….

    What’s so perfect about “traditional family values” exactly? Why do these people still think they have a right to dictate what is and isn’t “healthy” for a society anyway?

    I was raised by a single mum a victim of domestic violence – I never quite saw the appeal of being straight ! So I never let straight people treat their straightness as some beacon of moral value. They lost that right long ago.

    Their love has become somewhat disposable, a commodity… but ours grows through the cracks of oppression and blossoms under tretcherous pressure, make no mistake about it, we got soul.

    Don’t let them fool you – heterosexuality ain’t nothing special. Our bonds are unbreakable :)

    Love is love, hate is hate, you know the rest…

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