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Scotland: Police investigation launched as trans woman barred from female toilets in shopping centre

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Reader comments

  1. I call for this guard to be forced to attend a diversity class.

    1. I would suggest he is compelled to seek alternative employment.
      Apart from anything else he has exposed his employers to an action for damages and prosecution under the equality act if the reporting is accurate.

      I do agree that it might be a good idea for his employers to conduct diversity training for the remainder of their staff though. And perhaps that if they conduct themselves in the manner of this former employee their employment will cease.

  2. vversatile 22 Aug 2013, 5:10pm

    The security guards actions are dreadful – but naming yourself “River Song” after a character in Doctor Who is just tacky.

    1. Why? I wouldn’t do it, but that’s my choice. It’s a nerdy gesture. I know one guy who named his new born daughter Arya. And how do you think all those weird biblical names became common in the US?

      1. I think River Song is a beautiful name, it’s like a mini poem

  3. Isn’t this the second or third time in the past year or so that a trans woman has been stopped from or harrassed for using female toilets in Scottish shopping centres? Sometimes I’m ashamed of my country and the bigoted idiots in it.

    1. Yes me too.

      And so many others that have not been publicised.

  4. The security guard certainly did the right thing. He told the young man a truth that others were not kind enough to tell him ie that he is (and always will be) a male.

    Reality is not hateful, but lies are.

    Whilst it is impossible to change sex, it also true to say that “Gender reassignment surgery” is a contradiction: Gender is a state of mind. We do not need to change our bodies to change our mind. There is no such thing as “Gender reassignment surgery”, and no such thing as a “Sex change”.

    1. Well thank you for coming on here and exposing your flagrant ignorance laced with a dash of bigotry and animus.

      As to doing the right thing, if the reports are true, the security guard will be lucky if he is only sacked as it would appear he committed a number of criminal offences.

      Incidentally it is also an offence in Scotland to verbally assault some-one thereby causing alarm or distress add to that the other offences it amounts to a hate crime.

    2. Still trolling stories about trans women, how sad. Sorry about your empty life.

    3. PantoHorse 23 Aug 2013, 8:09am

      Ahh, look. Closedmind is back

  5. Just a note to the editor – this isn’t a photo of the St. James Centre. Your photograph shows the Thistle Hotel.

    The St. James Centre sign below is above the exit to the carpark.

    It’s an ugly building, so you can be forgiven for not knowing one end from the other

    1. theotherone 22 Aug 2013, 9:54pm

      it is indeed hideous.

  6. I wonder if this is related?
    Maybe someone knows.

    Role:Security Officer for St James shopping & Multrees walk

    Hours: varies weekly

    Salary:£6.96 per hour

    You will be required to work dayshift and nightshift hours

    You should have excellent customer service skills

    Must have a valid SIA licence

    To apply email your CV to

  7. Terrible incident! But wonderful name – River Song! My inner Dr. Who freak was overjoyed

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