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Russia defends anti-gay law in open letter to International Olympic Committee

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Reader comments

  1. “cannot be regarded as discrimination based on sexual orientation”

    Really, so you allow your citizens to beat up random people on the street just for being who they are?

    What a ridiculous statement, the whole lot of it!

    1. They must need a lesson in English or they would not have said it is not discrimination. If a straight couple can hold hands or kiss in public, but a same-sex couple can not, then it IS discrimination. There is no other way to view it.

  2. The law will remain in place during the games…
    Gay people will not be discriminated against…

    It’s either one or the other, pal. It can’t be both.
    If you expect a mass of athletes and spectators to arrive as someone other than themselves, that necessarily requires them being discriminated against. Whereas if you allow LGBT athletes and spectators to be who they are, that necessarily requires the law to go unenforced.

  3. “….last week the IOC have reiterated that political protests are not permitted in sports venues.”

    Being. Gay. Is. Neither. A. Political. Statement. Nor. Is. It. A. Protest!
    Jesus H. Christ, is the IOC ever thick.

  4. This questions the Morality of the IOC as much as that of Russia itself. Does the IOC President Jacques Rogge will continue playing Guest to a Host where he sees Women are publicly violated/molested, the Host beats his Wife to pulp for his ‘fun’, others’ guests having ‘fun with kids’? If tomorrow another Nation legalizes Slavery and thus Women/Child abuse, will IOC still associate themselves with such ‘tirades’?
    Which part of this inhumanity is that the IOC personnel are not understanding? I know for sure I dont want to associate myself with such a Community either. For me, Russia and IOC is banned. I hope to see this will be the case with others. (Well those with heart and soul)

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