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Olympic Committee President: We are content with reassurances from Russia over anti-gay legislation

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Reader comments

  1. I’d like to say I’m shocked by this, but I’m not; it was exactly the reaction I expected. In my heart I hoped the IOC had the balls to do something gutsy and call Russia on their BS antics, but I knew it simply wouldn’t happen.

    Same old, same old. *sigh*

    1. David Myers 23 Aug 2013, 10:39pm

      Given the long history of pro-fascist sympathies in the upper echelon of the IOC (dating back to pre-Nazi days – google “IOC fascist sympathizing leaders” or other similar terms including “1934 – IOC meets with German jewish athletes”) this is totally no surprise, because that’s what Putin’s law and skin head’s kidnapping and torture of gay kids is all about – fascism rearing its ugly head again – this time in Russia!

  2. If this is true. Are heterosexuals going to be fined by promoting that gay people is wrong? Are priest going to face charges when they say gay people are going to hell? Are aggressors going to Jail by publicly attack GLBT persons? At the end, good or bad this is still “gay propaganda”. If this only applies to Gay rights activist, from my personal point of view their law is discriminating!

  3. laws affect everyon in the country you live in, hence the Russian goverrnment is correct in saying this, as we’d expect everyone who comes her e to do so. What is worse is that people who prostests i nRussia can expect a 1 way ticket to Siberia. vide Pussy riot, in Putin’s russia, solzynitsyn in Communist Russia and Doesteyevsk yin Czarist Russia= apologies for mosspellings!

  4. I’m sure they must have received the same sort of ‘assurances’ from Adolf Hitler in 1936.

  5. This guy is not much better than his predecessor Samaranch. He must shoulder much of the responsibility for this mess but he is about to retire from his position soon and will just walk away and leave the whole thing for someone else to sort out.

    I am thinking he should retire to a gulag.

  6. i am glad you are hunnibuns cos I certainly ain’t

  7. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak seems to have failed logic 101, discriminating against gay people Is discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

    Is he claiming that gay relationships ARE traditional (as not specified) in the Russian Propaganda law, that would then agree with his statement, but the former statements (and actions) of his government would indicate that gay relationships are NOT classed as traditional in respect of this law although there have traditionally been gay relationships in Russia as in every other country.

    Also he lies when he claims it does not impact on the standards required by international Human Rights – the United Nations Directorate of Human Rights in Geneva certainly has made statements which contradicts him and have called for its repeal as being fundamentally contradictory to basic human rights and being oppressive.

    The position of the IOC has become a JOKE only it isn’t funny!

  8. A “traditional values” resolution being advanced by Russia at the UN, is a patent attempt to cloak bigotry and hate in the legitimacy of a Human Rights Council resolution

    We need to ensure our government supports a commitment to on-going support for the UN’s recently- launched “Free and Equal” initiative for LGBT rights.

  9. Pandering to Putin as you pandered to hitler in 1933 you are a disgrace

  10. 1036 sorry

  11. Hold the IOC executive criminally responsible for any violence against LGBT Athletes, fans and reporters during the games then…..

  12. Velvet Steele 23 Aug 2013, 9:51pm

    the absurd naivety of this ass!!

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