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Minicab firm Addison Lee accused of kicking out gay couple for holding hands

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Reader comments

  1. How sad to be so full of hate that they cannot even be professional and do the job they are paid for.

    Good on Addison Lee for taking immediate action against this driver.

  2. Jock S. Trap 22 Aug 2013, 11:18am

    Shame on this bigoted man. He shouldn’t be working as a cabbie if he cannot handle two people holding hands.

    As for called them dirty? WTF.

    Sack the idiot.

  3. Nice to see a company acting professionally and quickly in such an case.

    They obviously know the potential damage this could do to their business.

    It’s worth remembering that there are employment laws they have to comply with, and suspension during investigation is the right thing for them to do.

    If they have any sense, and the story is backed up, they’ll let the driver go once the process is over.

  4. Mike Dalgarno 22 Aug 2013, 11:34am

    Next think we will be hearing that this is the man’s car and he should be allowed to drive whoever he wants.

    My advice…if you have an issue with ‘the gays’ then don’t pick them up outside G-A-Y!

    1. As far as I am aware, all Addison Lee cars are owned by the company and do not belong to the drivers.

      Secondly, they are not permitted to pick up off the street like London Black cabs, all AL cars must be pre-booked. If this driver had just picked them up randomly then he had broken the law.

  5. Rick George 22 Aug 2013, 12:04pm

    Was the taxi driver a Muslim?

    1. Beside the point. Bigots appear in all religions and from all walks of life. Educating them otherwise is the important factor.

    2. Is rick George a bigot?

    3. I bet you he was, Rick. Thankfully the law isn’t currently on religious homphobes’ side.

      1. I may have -8 but I’m not about to be bullied by edl bigots. Why don’t you sod off to stormfront or something

        1. Agreed. The Muslims I have met in my life have been the most accepting, non-judgemental people I’ve ever met. Unlike some British born Christians I’ve met…

          Either way it’s irrelevant.

          1. I don’t get this left wing obsession with bumming muslims. “All muslims are angels sent from heaven; all christians are evil bigots”. Life ain’t black and white is it…

    4. The proportion of Muslim homophobes is disproportionately high, just look at their countries, there’s no denying it.

      1. I tell you what go and kiss your boyfriend in a kebab shop on Friday night.

  6. This does surprise me as I have used Addison Lee on many occasions and have never had an issue.

    Still, I am glad that it appears that they are investigating properly and suspended the driver in question until all facts have been established.

    Will be interesting to know the outcome in due course.

  7. Remember you are tolerated not accepted as equal. This taxi driving bigot should be sacked and Addison lee taxis should have the rainbow flag in them.

  8. This does surprise me. I have used Addison Lee on many occasions and have never had an issue.

    Still, I am glad that they are investigating properly and have suspended the driver in question.

    I would be interested to know the outcome in due course.

    1. Apologies for duplication!

  9. Addison Lee is a vile company. I was physically assaulted by one of their drivers 10 years ago after he objected to my boyfriend. It went to court but the whole court process was very homophobic and they let him off.

  10. This is what happens when so many of our taxi drivers are of a backward, hateful, homophobic culture which happily accepts the idea of us being thrown off mountains.

    Especially when our bending over backwards to accommodate them gives them such a sense of entitlement that they think it’s fine to carry on behaving in exactly the same way once here. Rather than, say, shock horror, integrating and at least trying to adapt to their new home’s relative acceptance of homosexuality.

    No, we don’t know what culture the driver was from, but how much would anyone like to bet?

    You can vote me down but all you are doing is defending our attackers. Is that worth it just to appear politically correct? It’s not about “race”, it’s about culture.

    1. That There Other David 22 Aug 2013, 5:25pm

      Oh great, another one who thinks hate can be trumped by hate…

      1. They can’t see they are exactly the same

  11. But they were openly wanking each other

    1. Wish fulfilment?

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