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London teacher: ‘Why shouldn’t faith schools criticise gays?’

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  1. I suppose next he will be protesting about teaching evolution, Darwinism etc.

    What a clever way of ending your career, dickhead.

    1. He’s got a point though, the Bible made it abundantly clear that slavery was perfectly okay, and now look what has happened because of the mindless interference of a few do-gooders.

      Economy down the toilet.

      The cost of digging a well these days, well, its frankly scandalous!!!

      Bloody liberals.

      The Bible is clear – slaves good, gays bad.

      If any God fearing person wants to keep slaves or persecute gays, they should be perfectly at liberty to do so.

      I’m with you every step of the way there Mr Head of Sociology …. you fvcking d1ck

    2. you said, “I suppose next he will be protesting about teaching evolution, Darwinism etc.” Been there, done that in Tennessee with the Scopes monkey trial. (See the documentary movie “Inherit the Wind 1960)

    3. Well…after reading all the comments I see the HYPOCRITES are out in force again.

      So many of you who criticised those two Essex guys for taking on the C of E and spouted about respecting religious beliefs, don’t rock the boat, etc etc don’t seem to be respecting religious beliefs now and certainly seem to want to rock the boat now.

      So it’s alright for the religious institutions to refuse to marry gay couples but it’s not alright to teach children in their schools their religious beliefs.


      Discrimination is discrimination period.

      Religious institutions ARE tax exempt and therefore funded by the State ie the taxpayer. Either they start marrying gay couples and stop preaching their anti-gay rhetoric from the pulpit or in the classroom or they give up the Tax Exempt status and start paying their way in society.

      My God…many of you must have been class mates with Cardinal O’Brien at the School of Hypocrisy

      1. Tom Robbins 22 Aug 2013, 10:10pm

        Religious freedom does not extend to damaging people who are under your care. Saying a church has control over it’s own rites is not the same as saying a church school can tell it’s pupils that they’re evil, unclean, or inferior. If you don’t see a difference between these two cases than I’m very concerned.

        Oh, and the overwhelming majority of faith schools are at least partially state funded.

        1. So refusing to marry gays (particularly those that are religious – and that is their business and no-one elses) is sending what message then?

          That we are just as equal as everyone else?

          And what message does that send to heterosexual teenagers – that it is ok to treat us like dirt and to think that we r just “poofs” and “dykes”.

          If they want to be tax exempt then they need to tow the line.

      2. totally agree

        and look at the arguments below: “replace gay with black and you see how bad what he is saying is”

        but when I said that on the article you mention (i.e. what if churches were refusing to marry black people rather than gays) I got nowhere…

        1. Sorry Jphn…I accidentally reported you (using mobile) but gave u a thumbs up as well.

          Yes I know we r in agreement on this…we were both having a go at the hypocrites re: the other article.

          They simply have gotten what they wanted with regard to marriage equality and choose to be Uncle Toms.

    4. “And he made everything on this glorious earth… except the dinosaurs… and gays” – Matthew 3:5

  2. Someone tell this ignoramus that the dogmatic hogwash faith schools use to target LGBT people is the same absurd nonsense historically used to target people of colour, and that we don’t allow homophobia in schools any more than we would allow biblically-endorsed racism.

    What is it going to take before the rest of us can live in a civilised society, rather than one dictated by the easily exploited social mores of superstitious bronze age sheepshaggers?

    1. Neil Davenport believes he has a right to criticise people’s sexual orientation.

      Neil Davenport believes he has a right to criticise people’s skin colour.

      Neil Davenport believes he has a right to criticise people’s native languages.

      Neil Davenport believes he has a right to criticise people’s ethnic origin.

      Neil Davenport is another dinosaur, another stick-in-the-mud.

    2. Surely the main point is that they are taking the tax money of gay people to pay themselves a salary to say these things.

      I don’t care what they think or say as long as they don’t expect me to pay them to say it. And while we are at it let’s have their churches pay tax too.

      It is just brazen hypocrisy to stick out your hand for public cash and then moan about not being able to promote your hatred.

  3. Andy Williams 22 Aug 2013, 1:56pm

    “So are we saying that the self-esteem of gay teens is more important than the autonomy of religious communities?”

    Yes. Yes we are. You imbecile.

    1. It is just an incredible question to ask isn’t it ? Particularly from a teacher of young people….so young peoples lives can be damaged on the altar of their own lazy doctrinal beliefs. I believe that most of these people holding ‘traditional moral views’ haven’t even bothered to examine the foundations or contexts of their beliefs but merely adopt these BIGOTED views without question. Also I will not apologise for using the word ‘bigoted’….

  4. He sounds more than a little shrill himself, doesn’t he?

    I trust he will as enthusiastically (or shrilly) encourage the expression of many “traditional” Christian views on race.

    1. Probably not. More likely to traditional Jewish views. After all, he does teach at JFS, formally know as the Jewish Free School.

      1. Thanks for that – I must admit I automatically assumed he was a militant* Christian and hadn’t looked the school up. I note in passing the Supreme Court has upheld a Court of Appeal ruling that the school has discriminated on racial grounds.

        * If they can call us ‘militant’ I don’t see why we can’t return the compliment.

    2. Galatians 3:28 condemned racialism, ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek…’ etc.
      Biblical-endorsed racialism is mostly contained within the Hebrew Bible. It was the Jews who were race-haters, not the Christians.

      1. The segregated churches of the USA and South Africa which, as far as I understand, found “scriptures” to justify their attitudes, weren’t exactly Jewish sects though, were they?

        If Christians are going to reject the attitudes of the Old Testament, then they should lay off quoting Leviticus.

      2. And in any event, as I’ve just found out, it’s a Jewish school.

  5. This moronic bigot fails to mention the most important reason cult schools are not allowed to promote homophobia.


    If cult schools are willing to give up all state funding then theu can teach what they want.

    Until that point f*** them. They mist not be allowed promote homophobia.

    Thus guy ought to get treatment for his religious belief / mental illness.

  6. I sincerely hope that the head of the school where he works takes a look at what he has written and if it doesn’t fit in with the school ethos (as I suspect that it won’t) take the appropriate action.

    No school would encourage criticism of different races or religions, sexuality should be treated no differently.

    1. But he is just begging for us to set up non-religious schools where, quite obviously according to his logic, we could criticise religion and believers to our heart’s content.

      Would that make him happy? It would only be fair.

      1. You won’t get any state subsidies for a school like that!

  7. How would he like to have negative comments about him, his lifestyle and his future in classrooms?

    There’s a LOT that could be said about his look, dress sense and other aspects of his life, yet we refrain from saying these things as it doesn’t create value in society . . . neither do his values or hate.


  8. You mean just like we’re allowed to freely criticise religion? Oh wait… no we’re not. Free speech is a two-way street.

  9. What’s next? Will it be okay to criticize people for being black or disabled or divorced? That’s what the Inquisition was for, and that’s what Religion is for. To give evil an excuse to thrive.

  10. The man is treating gays as if we’re just one more intellectual idea, an abstraction, to be criticised along with other abstractions, and ideas.

    I note he writes for Spiked which is packed with reeking ex-RCP members (revolutionary communist party) which was a vile homophobic hard left trot organisation. Another ex member of the RCP, Brendan O’Neill, now writes anti-gay articles for the telegraph and he led a charge against gay marriage. They pretend to take a civil liberties approach to the issues they write about, i.e. gay marriage oppresses all good right wing thinkers. Wankers all of them

  11. Regardless of the rest of the BS this idiot has written, this bit “So are we saying that the self-esteem of gay teens is more important than the autonomy of religious communities and also of parents?” I just cannot believe.

    So he’s basically of the view that “Oh dear little Jimmy/Jenny took their own life after hearing for years they were wrong and sinful. That’s ok because our interpretation of a book says it’s ok to say these things”? And this guy teaches other people?!

  12. There are many reasons this doofus is wrong, but one I’d like to touch on is what schools are for.

    They are they to educate – NOT indoctrinate.

    Schools should be providing young people with the tools they need to get on in later life. So, in a country where equality is enshrined in law, of course schools shouldn’t be teaching intolerance.

    You can just imagine someone who was educated at this school being dismissed or reprimanded from their place of employment for homophobia blaming it on “Militant Homosexuals” rather than their own bigoted opinons.

    The world doesn’t need more bigots and creating new ones should certainly be against the law.

  13. Further evidence of why there should be NO faith schools in the UK.

    1. I also expect him to be at least suspended from his teaching job.

      If someone were saying racist remarks, anti semitic remarks, anti christian remarks they would probably loose their job. Why should it be any different if someone is advocating that a school should be able to be anti gay.

  14. Anti-discrimination laws exist to protect people, not beliefs.

    Obviously, the laws need to be tightened up to prevent this sort of this

  15. Paula Thomas 22 Aug 2013, 2:40pm

    How far does he want to take parental autonomy? Shall we allow racist parents to push their views to their kids via schools? Shall we allow parents to beat their children? Sexually abuse them? How far?

  16. I think he should be able to say whatever he likes – it’s a free society. But saying these things isn’t very nice and he shouldn’t be surprised when others use their freedom of speech and call him a c*nt!

    1. St Sebastian, the humanitarian 22 Aug 2013, 3:05pm

      Jamesh, the problem with the freedom of speech with children is that children haven’t yet learned to be objective and discriminate the quality of information of their teachers. Effectively, teaching prejudice is effectively child abuse.

      1. That’s an interesting argument. I’m trying to let each side have the freedom of speech. Do you think that if one is racist then you shouldn’t be allowed to work in certain professions? Can a member of the BNP be a lawyer or a doctor for example??

  17. Tom Robbins 22 Aug 2013, 2:43pm

    The conscience of teachers, governors, and even funding bodies comes second to the welfare of those under their care. If Neil Davenport doesn’t believe that, he’s in the wrong profession.

  18. Such traditionalists often also view sex before marriage, abortion, divorce and euthanasia as morally wrong.”

    But it is okay to burn, behead, cut of hands, imprison, attack with acid, sell children to paedophiles, rape, force marriage, slavery… in the name of religion.

    Now, it would be so much more meaningful if he had such passion and a need to express against these sins of his ilk.

  19. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Aug 2013, 2:44pm

    His point would be ok if he agreed that secular state schools allowed teachers of no faith to teach that there is no god and that religion has and continues to be the primary source of fomenting homophobia and discrimination throughout its history. Tolerance of others’ view is a two-way street, Neil Davenport.

    Of course, he’d be the first to complain about that wouldn’t he?

  20. nearly 40 years ago, I went to a Jesuit high-school (grades 7 through 11). And you know what? Despite it being a Jesuit school, with almost only Jesuit teachers, the subject of homosexuality NEVER once in those 5 years came up.

    So why is it, that 40 years later, suddenly “faith schools” have this overbearing NEED to make statements about homosexuality?

    1. It’s be ause they know they are losing the argument, and that terrifies them.

    2. That was before the Polish Pope and the German Nazi Pope. And, most of your Jesuit teachers were probably gay.

  21. Andrw Dobbin 22 Aug 2013, 2:47pm

    “Mr Davenport concluded his article by arguing that students should be able to hear negative portrayals of same-sex relationships in the classroom.”

    But this is ALL they have heard for decades!

    There should be a debate in faith schools about LGBT issues.

    But perhaps that’s what he’s afraid of?

    Children learning to think?

  22. Change “Gay” to Black” and you expose his argument as just another one of the bigots.

    So Simple.

    1. St Sebastian, the humanitarian 22 Aug 2013, 3:09pm

      So Simple.

      Yes, so succinct too Jase. Love you work.

  23. Is this moron actually suggesting that gay and bi-sexual teenagers should be abused and denigrated to satisfy his beliefs, in the face of proven harm.

    He also seems to be trying to equate a belief “I think” on a equal basis to a persons sexual identity, an innate part of a persons makeup.

    The mere fact that he cannot tell the difference between these would strongly suggest he is not qualified to be teaching the college subjects he is engaged in.

  24. St Sebastian, the humanitarian 22 Aug 2013, 2:57pm

    “Mr Davenport concluded his article by arguing that students should be able to hear negative portrayals of same-sex relationships in the classroom.”

    We have to admit all same sex relationships are not all rosy, BUT the trouble is, Mr Davenport and his ilk will only portray the negative of same-sex relationships. He is also likely to make subjective claims appear objective. He and his ilk will portray opposite sex relationships as perfect.

    Davenport needs to understand the equivalency of homophobia and racism – both are aspects of humanity that cannot be chosen or changed. Therefore attacks on homosexuality are just as distasteful as racist attacks.

    PS Don’t worry, you straights can’t catch homosexuality, and …… homosexuals can’t catch heterosexuality.

  25. What a dick

  26. Remove him from his post in this school.

  27. Christopher Thomas Tomkinson MSc 22 Aug 2013, 3:09pm

    Change the question to, “Why shouldn’t faith schools criticise black people?”. If you can put up a convincing argument to that I will, as they say, ‘eat my hat’.

    1. Zzzzz,,,black people, black people, black people. Spin another record!

  28. This bigot betrays his game in the last paragraph. He doesn’t believe the self-esteem of gay students is very important (even though the absence of self-esteem leads to depression and sometimes suicide). He also fails to address the fact that these faith schools are paid for by taxpayers, including gay and lesbian taxpayers. It is bad enough that they incite hatred against us, but we are also expected to subsidize them when they do so. The bigots are free to say what they want in the public square. They are not free to incite hatred or to indoctrinate children in schools that are paid for by the public.

  29. Yet another case of “you’re oppressing us by not letting us oppress people!”.

  30. Robert in St Bees 22 Aug 2013, 3:23pm

    To equate the rightly free-for-all of an open public debate about important issues with the teaching of pupils, or more likely, preaching at pupils in a class room setting is completely disingenuous. This offends me on so many levels; as a christian, as a gay man and as a rational being that cares about the world we are creating for these young people to grow up within.

    Sexuality is a sensitive subject including many complex issues and different viewpoints but its teaching should never be used to condemn a pupil’s lawful sexuality! It should help the pupil understand the issues and develop as a healthy member of society.

    Faith schools (and most others) have a bad history of educating their straight pupils, let alone their LGBT pupils, in these matters. That is in my mind the real issue!

  31. “Such traditionalists often also view sex before marriage, abortion, divorce and euthanasia as morally wrong”

    Religious groups are entitled to hold opinions on these topics as they involve DECISIONS being made one way or another.
    Being homosexual is not a decision, thus should not be categorised in the same way. Clearly Mr Davenport does not understand this, and thus is clearly not educated enough himself to be teaching younger generations…

    1. Very good point!

    2. Excellent point.

  32. Make you a deal.

    If you promise not to pray in my school I’ll promise not to think in your church!

  33. The projection is strong with this one.
    His complaint seems to me to revolve around defending the ‘rights’ of schools to not only ignore the very existence of a particular group and the issues important to them, but also to ban any good mention of them whatsoever within their grounds, all on the basis of defending a sort of cultural plurality. He is complaining that anyone campaigning for just such a plurality to exist in schools across the country is in fact restricting that plurality. Blissfully ignoring that banning LGBT friendly discourse is not a belief but an action, and banning the ban is not such a burden for people who, by Mr Davenport’s own admission, have plenty of other pet peeves to rant about.
    Different beliefs should be respected, be allowed to coexist, and not interfere in the safe and good living of others. If faith schools are unwilling to let that happen, then it is not the cultural plurality that is at fault, but is instead the faith schools who refuse to accept it.

  34. Funny, Hitler used Christianity to justify his holocuast. Also which country makes the best slaves?

  35. “The former music journalist is currently Head of Sociology at the JFS Sixth Form Centre in Harrow, Middlesex, and teaches Government & Politics and Sociology.”

    I suspect he’ll be adding another “former” shortly.

  36. No excuses for Hetro Supremacy anymore! 22 Aug 2013, 4:19pm

    Why shouldn’t faith school’s criticise disabled people?

    Why shouldn’t faith school’s criticise black people?

    Why shouldn’t faith school’s criticise Woman?

    The KKK use THEIR religion to justify White supremacy AND Closet homophobes use THEIR religion to justify Hetro supremacy!

  37. There’s a bigot in NW London. Shock! Horror!

    Thanks Pink Fleet Street.

  38. My adopted children will most definitely not be going to the school he teaches at

  39. I worry how he feels that parental autonomy should supercede the emotional well being of their own children, who may be suffering in silence and being told that they are sinful just because of who they are, which is something that they can’t control.

  40. “So are we saying that the self-esteem of gay teens is more important than the autonomy of religious communities and also of parents?”
    Yes, and it should always be the case. Since poor self-esteem can lead to a variety of health issues, not being able to pass on prejudiced views hurts nobody.

  41. Religion has for year been given a free pass when it comes to expressing unpleasant and repressive views. It’s as if religion somehow trumps reason and rationality and can’t be questioned and confronted. Long gone are the days when someone could expect automatic respect for being “religious”.

    Given the absurdity of many religious beliefs it’s easy to see why this automatic unquestioning “respect” was forced upon people over the centuries.

  42. “Writing for the website Spiked”

    Why am I completely unsurprised? Is there any greater concentration of morons and douchebags around than Spiked?

    1. What a cesspool.

    Help: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

  44. This idiots views are outdated and dangerous. They do receive state funding and so I would hope the Headmaster takes this matter seriously.

    I urge everyone to make a formal complaint to the school. Here is the email address and name of the headmaster

    Jonathan Miller
    BSc(Hons) MA NPQH

    The president is Lord Levy
    address emails to Lord Levy

    Lord levy voted in favour of SSM so I can only imagine how he will respond to this idiot. Let us get him and his dangerous views out of teaching. He has every right to hold his views. But not to pass along his bigotry to kids.

    The way to tackle homophobia is through education. If you teach a child to hate that is what they will do. homophobia has no place in UK schools.

  45. Robert White 22 Aug 2013, 6:22pm

    Cross out “gays” and write in any number of other social or ethnic labels.

    Why Shouldn’t faith schools criticise

    The Poor,
    The Homeless,
    The Elderly,
    The Ill

    Get the picture yet?

  46. There are all kinds of things teachers would be reprimanded for commenting upon, the classroom isn’t a platform for a teacher’s self-expression, it’s a space for them to carry out a task for which they are paid.

    That said, if teachers want to say what they like, then the same courtesy needs to be extended to the pupils to say whatever they wish. I’m pretty certain teachers don’t allow that.

  47. “Mr Davenport concluded his article by arguing that students should be able to hear negative portrayals of same-sex relationships in the classroom.”

    Well in that same spirit students should also be able to hear negative portrayals of faith schools intolerance and bigotry towards other human beings who are trying to get along in this world in their own way.

  48. I have now emailed both the school and Lord Levy the schools President.

    I hope you all take the time and do the same.

  49. Can public schools ridicule religion , then? I doubt he’d favour that. But this to me warrants it.
    If anything, a persons rights comes before a belief system. You can choose your religion, you can’t choose your orientation.
    And if you have a problem with homosexuality, blame your fictitious god for making 600 million of them.

  50. Yeah, and schools should also be allowed to teach kids slavery is ok. ‘Cos the Bible says so, you know …

  51. It won’t be long before the skeletons come tumbling out of this mans closet. People who usually display this much prejudice, always have something to hide.

  52. Look at another disgusting NEW video gay teenager tortured by Russian homophobes

  53. No Compromise 22 Aug 2013, 7:31pm

    I agree with him. Let religious organisations do as they want. But remove their tax-exempt/charity status from them and treat them like businesses.

    Also, close or convert all government run faith schools to secular academies that will actually teach something useful, and ban religious clothing and propaganda from universities.

    Then see if faith with faith alone can keep itself afloat.

    1. I strongly disagree with letting them do what they want. Though I agree with the rest of your comment.

      Children who attend faith schools do not attend through choice. It is the choice of their parents.

      No child should be told there is something wrong with them, based on factors that are out of their control.

      1. No Compromise 22 Aug 2013, 11:00pm

        There is method to my madness, Lee. Once they are no longer being propped up by the taxpayer, you will see a radical change in many religious organisations. Although I still wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

        1. Last I checked, Judaism wasn’t propped up by the taxpayer. I fully agree that taxes should not be used to support religions, but stopping that won’t end religious bigotry all on its own.

  54. ‘Why shouldn’t [Christian] faith schools criticise [Jews]?’

    Debate over.

  55. “This could make gay pupils feel ashamed or humiliated, we’re told. So are we saying that the self-esteem of gay teens is more important than the autonomy of religious communities and also of parents?”

    Yes mate, that is exactly what we are saying.

    Due to the environment in which I grew up, including school, I developed a mental illness due to my inability to deal with the negative portrayal of same sex attraction. I still suffer from mental illness today. There are children committing suicide because adults, including teachers, are referring to same sex relationships as “abominations”.

    How anyone can think that it is acceptable for gay & bisexual children to be subjected to such stigma in 2013 is beyond me.

    This guy needs to catch a grip, and realise the mental harm his viewpoint will cause thousands of children across the world.

  56. Tom (Winnipeg) 22 Aug 2013, 8:08pm

    OK then, let’s put down Jews and Blacks, and all other minority groups. Because of your F-ing religious beliefs there are many gays who are going around through life with various neurosis, many who wish to destroy themselves, all because of your past filthy mouths and bigoted activity.

  57. sooo -if i work at Catholic school, i can criticize and denigrate jews for not acknowledging jesus as the messiah?

  58. That There Other David 22 Aug 2013, 8:20pm

    There should be no faith schools. Myth and legend should be taught where they belong, in a church. Schools should teach facts.

    Easy way to solve this problem, if only we ever had a government with the bollocks to actually do it.

  59. The central point missing in this poorly argued rant is that all schools have a duty of care to their students, including LGBT ones, and that means homophobia must have no place whatsoever in such a setting, regardless of what smokescreen (usually ‘religious values’) is erected to justify such prejudice. Furthermore, they have an obligation to follow equality legislation and again, a selective, fundamentalist interpretation of some religious texts does not make them immune from such legislation.
    The fact that LGBT students are up to 7 and 8 times more likely to attempt suicide due to homophobic bullying, abuse and the kind of legitimacy afforded to homophobic bigotry contained in this drivel, makes flippant references to parental choice overriding gay teens ‘self esteem’ particularly obnoxious.

    All schools, whatever their status, should be legally required to proactively combat homophobia and transphobia.

  60. ..Should add that I am not surprised at the ignorant views of this journalist. He does after all write for ‘Spiked’ which has form when it comes to attacking and belittling LGBT equality.

    The editor is also a self declared Marxist who writes for that well known hotbed of left-wing extremism – The Daily Telegraph…

  61. At the end of the day it is the responsibility of the parents to decide if they what their child educated in a State school or a Faith school. It is not for other people to interfere we are a democracy.

    1. I think child welfare should override parental

      The fact is that sending a gay and bisexual child into environment were they are told that there is something fundamentally wrong with them because of their sexuality is harmful to the child. The child has no choice but to endure this.

      Faith schools should not be exempt from promoting equality, regardless of their beliefs. The bible is a big book, surely they can focus on some of the verses rather than ram this crap down vulnerable children’s throats.

    2. That There Other David 22 Aug 2013, 11:19pm

      If parents always made their parental decisions based on reason rather than acting under the influence of their own indoctrination then all would be well. Unfortunately too many people never shake off the mental straightjacket the Jesus or Mohammed Cults impose on them as youngsters, and therefore they automatically pass the indoctrination on regardless of what damage they are subconsciously doing to their offspring.

    3. My childhood best friend was brought up in Orthodox Judaism. He is also gay. He attempted suicide prior to coming out at the age of seventeen. No, parents should not be allowed to subject their children to religious homophobia.

  62. I counted five uses of ‘traditional’ including ‘traditionalist’ in the article. Couldn’t he think of any other adjectives to describe ‘homosexuals are immoral’ dogma that wouldn’t sound rather less gentle and proper?

  63. “Only the philistines of the BHA will be shocked to learn that many religious-minded people do not have a positive view of homosexuality”

    i’m not sure anyone would be shocked to learn that to be honest

  64. I particularly like Jase’s comment. Hits the nail on the head. My thought is similar but less succinct.

    Davenport states: “Such traditionalists often…view sex before marriage, abortion, divorce and euthenasia as morally wrong.” But these are all choices, while sexual orientation isn’t. It’s no accident that traditionalists are desperate to promote the idea that homosexuality is a choice for otherwise they cannot consistently place it in with the list of other things in the quote.

    Davenport also states that: “It seems odd that campaigners cannot abide any expression…of disapproval of homosexuality.” I disagree about it being odd. Like race, homosexuality is not a choice and not a bad thing. So it isn’t odd that campaigners have no truck with expressions of disapproval.

    Parents should have the right to raise their kids as they please EXCEPT where instilled beliefs hinder the rights of other kids to feel safe, wanted, and just as valuable and “moral” at school.

  65. “This could make gay pupils feel ashamed or humiliated, we’re told. So are we saying that the self-esteem of gay teens is more important than the autonomy of religious communities and also of parents?”
    Eh, yes?

  66. Instead of trying to change the idiotic and imbecilic views of cult members and their indoctrination schools, we should attempt to point out that a child raised to be homophobic in a cult school such as this will have far fewer opportunities in a modern world.

    A kid being indoctrinated into this system will not likely fit in well once they are an adult. It’s a fact that those with outspoken homophobic, sexist and racist opinions are rejected by successful mainstream society, and they find themselves on the edge of that society with limited prospects and a limited future.

    Any parent who tries to force their child to maintain outdated thinking like this is limiting their own child and risking them being ejected from a modern and free society.

    The job of a parent (and school) is to prepare them for the world. If they refuse to do that, they are directly harming their own child and damaging their future.

    1. What you are saying is so right, it is nothing less than child abuse and needs to be treated as such.

  67. How boring, yet another closet queen.

    Go and die in yer little school. TWAT

  68. He teaches at JFS, the Jewish Free School, which accepts children from “diverse Jewish backgrounds”, not just Orthodox Judaism. So his school includes children from Liberal and Reform Judaism, denominations which are actively campaigning for equal marriage.

    “Such traditionalists often also view sex before marriage, abortion, divorce and euthanasia as morally wrong.”

    Even Orthodox Judaism accepts divorce and abortion, and generally Judaism is fairly relaxed about premarital sex.

    What Davenport is saying isn’t even in line with the position the school would be expected to hold. He just wants JFS and faith schools in general to follow his personal, bigoted, views.

  69. Remove this homophobic idiot from his job!

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