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Video: Reporter cut off on Russian state TV: ‘Gay people will not be silent in the face of repression’

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Reader comments

  1. That guy needs a medal!

  2. Kevin Doble 21 Aug 2013, 7:28pm

    Superb – Gay people will not be silent in the face of repression!!! Thank-you James Kirchick. Let’s all make the message loud and clear.

  3. Tim Hanafin 21 Aug 2013, 7:32pm

    Amazing! Surprised he got so much said before the plug being pulled.

  4. Oh. My. GOD! That video just made my year and restored faith in humanity! This dude is awesome!

  5. SUPERB it . ajournalist with integrity and guts !!!

  6. It takes a rare kind of awesome to do something like that, good on him for getting the message across. I hope more people follow his lead.

  7. you have all my respect. such a brave man!

  8. such a courageous person. much respect.

  9. My new hero!!! I think the presenters may have been secretly on his side, they did let him speak for my of the time he was on.
    James Kirchick – Bravo!!!

  10. Colin Cass 21 Aug 2013, 8:44pm

    Excellent ! We, living in more tollerant Societies,must, As this reporter did,get the message to the LGBT people in Russia ,that they have the support of thier brothers & Sisters throughout our lands!

  11. Thank god! We need more of this! At least someone is getting the message across to the Russian community and people!

  12. Why did you not point out who James Kirchick is and what his politics are?
    Clue; he’s a far-right ‘homocon’.
    Might explain why here he proves literally incapable of criticising US mistreatment of Bradley Manning?

    1. Bradley Manning whether you like it or not whilst in a position of trust, released military documents some of which MAY have exposed operatives in the field.

      He may have thought his exposition of said material was in the public interest, however we all know that government interests are no longer the equivalent of what the public pay or wish them to do.

      Mr Manning was extremely naive in this, in stupidly believing that he lives in a democracy.

      All Democracy is, is the ability to vote in the same cloned power mongers next time round.

      However, I admit it is better than an Oligarchy or a Theocracy.

  13. James, I love you. Thank you from me and my friends in Russia. It was cool.

  14. Looking Class 21 Aug 2013, 10:32pm

    Complete hypocrite. Bradley Manning faces the same or as bad as any gay person in Russia… or have we forgotten that his original impetus was the bullying that he received from his family AND the army?

    I’m surprised they didn’t tell this oaf to f**k right off. I know I would have done. A dozen states allow gay marriage in the US, and the crimes against gay people run into the thousands each year. Get your own house in order, four eyes.

  15. If every one was to speak out during the Olympics on every occasion or on every opportunity during the games where commentary was required, the Russian government would likely have to cut off commentary 24/7 to censor what they don’t like. It would make a laughing stock of the games coverage for the Russian people. Putin would have a hard time explaining why there was no audio for so many events or medal ceremonies. It will take enough people with enough courage to speak out!

    The Russian government and the IOC are simply flexing muscles to intimidate people with threats of consequences before they get to Russia. They need to be told it is not going to work!

  16. Now THAT’S what I call making a stand! Good on you, James!!!

  17. Excellent. At last a man with courage and determination. Thank-you James for some real reporting.

  18. Well done that man!

  19. In Russia you are allowed to practice be`stia“lity, conse“nsu`al adult inc`e`st , de-f`acto poly`ga`my and homosexuality.
    In England if you practiced any of those things (except homosexuality) you would be imprisoned for a long time. If you sttarted promoting them to minors you would also be imprisoned and likely beaten up or tortured by members of the community.
    In reality therefore, Russians have far more freedom under law to practice perversions than the British or Americans. Of course, those are not gay issues so you hypocritically ignore British laws which criminalize consensual adult sex between family members(even when same sex), something that is legal in Russia.

    1. You seem proud that bestiality is legal in Russia, that’s nothing to be proud of at all. You see, decent countries like ours have Animal Rights laws, whereas Russia has few, so mistreatment and abuse of Animals goes on. That’s just more evidence that Russia is a messed up country living in some kind of dark age. Russia is a backward country.
      As for incest, it’s is not clarified under UK law as far as I am aware, so all incest is criminal. This is a long standing law to prevent in-breeding, and was in place long before homosexuality was decriminalized.
      Again, the fact that incest is legal in Russia is more evidence of the backward and uneducated idiots in power. Incest can and does cause major medical issues, and Russia is too idiotic to understand this.
      You are trying to make Russia look more free, but you’re just making Russia look more idiotic every time you post this BS.

    2. Oh dear, Keith, so you want to practise those elements which are illegal in this country. I am not surprised at that, for your severe mental illness is well recognised on this site. However, you have two options: one is to have psychiatric treatment for your mental illness; the other is to go to live in Russia.

  20. Perhaps PN should start printing articles written by gay people living in Rissia. Andrew Sullivan has posted some interesting comments here:

  21. We are the Stonewall girls… <3

  22. Velvet Steele 22 Aug 2013, 5:21pm


  23. Look at another disgusting NEW video gay teenager tortured by Russian homophobes

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