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UK Government removes gender identity in new draft National Curriculum

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Reader comments

  1. Who cares?

    1. Anyone with the tiniest shred of empathy cares.

  2. Carol Uren 21 Aug 2013, 6:45pm

    Quote: “The Department for Education said in a statement: “Teachers are best-placed to understand the needs of their pupils and to tailor their programme to reflect the needs of their pupils.””
    So, by inference, teachers were not best placed to understand the needs of other groups (eg race etc).
    Many teachers have absolutely no idea of what might or might not be in the best interests of a transgender child and by omitting reference to gender identity they are apparently giving teachers carte blanche to ignore their responsibilities under the Equality Act and allow them to sweep this under the carpet.

  3. Surely the wording should mirror the wording of the actual equal opportunities legislation the passage is talking about? The Equality Act covers “sex” and “gender reassignment”, which is probably not the ideal wording, but the aim of this passage is to make teachers aware of their legal responsibilities.

    Oddly enough, they also seem to have missed out pregnancy/maternity, which is the other protected characteristic when it comes to discrimination in schools. Maybe the author is just naive enough to imagine that schoolchildren can’t be trans or get pregnant?

  4. Helen Wilson 21 Aug 2013, 11:53pm

    Back to the dark ages of homophobic and transphobic 1980’s educational practices.

    Thanks for nothing Dave & Nick on behalf of our ConDemed LGBT kids!

  5. The naivety of the DfE is rather disconcerting. Do they not realise that removing specific mention of gender identity will mean that many school governers, headteachers and teachers will take that to mean that they can completely ignore the issue. Despite their education and career choices, teachers and school governors aren’t always the sharpest knives in the box. The DfE cannot afford to assume that those in day to day charge of our children’s education will follow the spirit of their vaguely worded document. One only has to look at the way that Section 28 is being quietly reintroduced to see that vagueness doesn’t work. These things need to be spelled out in intricate detail to ensure that no children are pushed to the margins. Or, all too often, tragically, beyond.

  6. No, no, no!!

    No ommisions. You /add/ things, not take them out. That’s called being “counter-productive” and is not what you want

    What are they scared of? OH you taught my child about the gender spectrum ya DEVIL WORSHIPPER I man really

    1. Croydon Guy 11 Sep 2013, 10:30am

      The blog

      suggests asking your MP (URL supplied) to ask Michael Gove why the government has removed *trans* children from schools’ inclusion policies.

      This seems a simple and easy response, and one to get the Minister’s mind focussed on the issue very effectively.

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