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Video: Ke$ha sends backing dancers to counter Westboro protest at concert

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Reader comments

  1. Come on, are we really that desperate to want self-confessed Devil worshippers like KeSha and Gaga – who blatantly revel in Satanic symbolism – batting for us?

    1. What is wrong with you, did you forget to take your medication today or something?
      You might want to look up the real meaning of Satanism too, before you continue with your Christian-led nonsense.

      Well done that woman, for being creative in the face of utter ignorance.

      1. You are the ignorant one, or a denialist at best in the face of irrefutable evidence.

        Follow the link I provided and do your own research before knee-jerking in your blind adulation for your trashy pop idol.

    2. Seymour Cat 21 Aug 2013, 6:58pm

      Samuel B

      You, sir are an idiot. God and the devil are figments of your imagination. I hate to break it to you bluntly, but there are no unicorns either.

      1. None so ignorant as those gifted with ears but refuse to listen, and eyes but refuse to see, even when hidden in plain sight.

        (Stifles yawn…)

        1. Or maybe we are using our eyes to ears to see ahd hear facts and reality rather than delusion and wishfully thinking forced on us by others.

          Satanism still requires a belief in God by the way.

  2. I had a look at your link Sammy B and after a read though a few of the comments it was clear it’s another god-squadders page.Devil in the breeze,Beelzebub in the trees,the Horned One in your hair Satan,Satan is everywhere…and so is God too,apparently but he and I don’t talk much these days not since I told him I was gay then he just went away muttering something about ‘Burn in HELL’ and I haven’t heard from him since.As for Ke$ha and her dancing boys..Good show! stuck it right up Shirley Phelps and her clan of the cave bear,though what irks me is why WBC isn’t in jail..maybe someday soon..I have faith in that.

    1. For the record Teva I have no religious affiliation but follow my own spiritual compass.

      So how do YOU explain all the Satanic imagery replete on MTV 24/7 these days pray tell?

      It’s a fact that the music industry is Satanic and is following an agenda to program subliminal Satanic symbols and imagery into the minds of the masses, especially children.

      As I mention on the Bradley Manning thread, we are living in extraordinary times in which claims that were once instantly written off as conspiracy theory are now self-evidential fact.

      The world is in the grip of tyranny right now driven by psychopaths and misfits following an agenda to control and enslave humanity.

      Even The Guardian has woken up to this fact:- or do you kneel at the altar of Gaga for your daily news feed?

      There is a war going on between consciousness and those who would seek to imprison our minds and enslave us so that the elite who number less than 0.01% can live like Gods at our expense.

      Hunger Games, anyone?

      1. Satanism still requires a belief in God, if you are an atheist, as many on here seem to be Satanism is irrelevant.

        1. So you deny that Satanists exist?


  3. MarKo Hubert 22 Aug 2013, 12:46am

    I think this singer got it write. The best thing to do with those WBC morrons is to make them look as the fools they are.

    1. As tempting as it might be to have a swipe back at them, its actually a much better idea to just completely ignore them. They want and need a response, as its the response to what they do that gets them their much craved coverage and attention.

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