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GLAAD study reveals severe lack of LGBT characters in Hollywood films

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Reader comments

  1. …. and … this is NEWS? Until religiously-inspired homophobia is completely wiped-out, it will be ever thus. Hollywood is still totally heterocentric. And yet we will happily point the finger at Russia ….?

    1. Um… yes it’s news.

      We may have previously known there was a lack of Hollywood LGBT characters – but without the data and evidence it’s difficult to do anything about it.

      And I’m not sure if you are being serious about your comparison with Russia, but if so it might be worth having another look at your hand – if you are like me you will have 10 fingers… more than enough to point at both Russia AND Hollywood

  2. This could be a serious, and ongoing, problem, as a lot of the money made for these films is made globally. Countries with poor attitudes to LGBT people would likely avoid films starring them and so I think we risk the money men in Hollywood keeping movies way behind society in terms of gay characters in order to maximize profits.

    Not sure of a solution.

  3. Disappointing, but not really surprising. My guess is that the big studios avoid GLBT characters because movies from these studios are so expensive to produce. They are driven by the profit motive and don’t want to run the risk of alienating any potential market segments.

    While they don’t get the distribution they deserve, independent films are often better and far more inclusive of GLBT characters. The recent movie “White Frog” is a good example. You’ll probably have to watch it on DVD, but it is worth it.

  4. How does Thomas Roberts’s cameo in The Avengers have any relevance to a discussion on homosexual portrayals in film? He is gay, looks good in a suit and reads a teleprompter for a living. He is barely an actor since he typically plays himself in TV shows and movies. If that counts as a “gay character”, I’ll eat a fascinator.

  5. Star Trek has NO gay characters at all. It’s like we don’t exist at all in the future.

    1. Paul Essex/London 21 Aug 2013, 6:49pm

      Yep. A new world where the human race can cope with aliens but an LGBT person would just blow their minds!

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2013, 4:23pm

    As if we didn’t know. I rarely ever defend Rupert Everett, but he was spot on when he made his own statement about that several years ago and was blacklisted by Hollywood which is most definitely homophobic when it comes to giving a leading role to an openly gay male or female playing a straight role.

    1. Which is spot on, but a different argument – this is about having gay characters, whether played by gay actors or not (and, as we know, in Hollywood even gay roles tend to be taken by ostentatiously non-gay actors).

      The trouble is down to economics: unfortunately very few mass audiences for Hollywood films are interested in anything other than stereotypes (when was the last time you saw someone with a “Briddish” accent as anything other than a villain?), and they’re also just not very interested in gay characters fullstop. It used to be the same case with black characters, and that only changed when the spending power of black audiences increased.

  7. This is no surprise. It does underline how very much more advanced TV is (in some countries) than any major movie industry.

  8. Paul Essex/London 21 Aug 2013, 5:55pm

    The last and only one that I’m aware of is Brokeback Mountain and frankly I’m still amazed that that got made. I’d thought that after said film Hollywood would open its eyes to the fact that mainstream audiences won’t implode if they’re subjected to major gay story lines and do actually appreciate them. But alas not.

  9. Hollywood promotes itself as Liberal and anti-Republican to hide the reality – which is quite the opposite.

  10. Really? They only looked at 101 of the films from 6 major studios? That would probably account for around 1-2% of the films major studios release during their lifetimes.

    I agree that there is far too few lgbt characters (in a positive light) in mainstream movies, but if your going to publish a paper take a bigger sample size, otherwise your numbers are pretty meaningless.

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