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Footballer suffers anti-gay backlash over male kiss photo

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Reader comments

  1. Amazing. If he was seen beating-up an old lady, I bet no-one would give a monkey’s. What a strange, schizophrenic breed we humans, are.

    1. *football hooligans are

      1. I think you’ll find homophobes come in ALL shapes and sizes – not just those who squeeze themselves into ‘Beckham’ replica shirts. And how many of them would just love to squeeze themselves into Beckham’s bed? Isn’t that at the root of all homophobia? Same-sex desires suppressed and projected as hatred onto those who represent that which they hate most about themselves ….?

  2. Glad he defended the photo instead of apologising, good man.

    You are right, you have done nothing wrong, in fact I call on all footballers to do the same.

    1. He did aplogise to anyone who was offended.

      1. The apology was probably for the bigot’s choice to be so weak and ignorant, rather than for him kissing a male friend.

  3. I’m glad that he had the humanity to post that picture and stand up against the homophobic thugs. People like him will change attitudes in sport. It will take time though.

  4. Well as a Brazilian gay man I can tell you, I’m happy I left Brazil 12 years ago, it is not just homophobia but health, securtiy and the (of course) the increase of religious groups that makes Brazil a horrible place to live. I have no regrets leaving Brazil and I am very well and happy living with my english partner in this lovely England. (Well at least I can garantee you it is better then Brazil)

  5. thatblokeoverthere 21 Aug 2013, 4:44pm

    Maaaybe it’s becaaause I’m an imbeciiile
    That I love football sooooooooooo…

    …what, that’s not how it goes?

  6. What the hell is it with lots of football fans? Why does a bloody GAME attract this sort of pathology? Homofriendly football fans I know (yes, some actually exist) who try to interest me in the game always try to minimize or explain away this poison but are plainly at a loss to account for it. Even without the mad hatreds I can’t imagine ever being much interested in people kicking a ball around a field, but where does all the wacko stuff come from?

    1. I think you might have chicken and egg might be the wrong way round there.

      If you’re a male homophobe and uncomfortable or awkward about your own sexuality, the easiest way to build a macho identity is to strongly identify with macho culture. And strange as it seems, in most countries football is seen as macho…

      Compare and contrast with the US, where football doesn’t have the same macho connotations, but other more mainstream sports like American football and basketball do, and homophobia is more mainstream in support for those sports in the US than it is for football.

      It’s a bit like asking why lad mags would attract homophobes.

      1. Why? I know some quite sexist straight men who are not homophobic and probably enjoy lad mags. And it remains to be explained why football is perceived as ‘macho’ in a way other team sports are not.

  7. It is Brazil for you!

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