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Comment: We must guard against the return of Section 28

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Reader comments

  1. Mark Healey 21 Aug 2013, 7:30pm

    Time to speak up and ensure that there is no return of Section 28. Surely it is time that there was a universal policy of acceptance and understanding of LGBT issues in all our schools. Perhaps we should dedicate this year’s 2nd Hate Crime Awareness Week 12th-19th Oct to tackling LGBT bullying in our schools.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2013, 7:38pm

    I wonder why the Tory back benchers are so silent? Come on Sir Gerald Howarth, David Burrowes, Nadine Dorries, Peter Bone(head)!!! Cat got your tongues?

  3. This should not be in guidance notes, it should be right up there at the top of the education act – No student or employee of any educational institution shall be discriminated against or treated less favourably because of their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or marital status or similar ground. .
    No ifs buts maybe’s or religious exceptions or exemptions.
    Let’s cut the crap.
    It is way beyond time that esp. secondary school and college students have a fair shake and are not denigrated and abused, with a direct course to law if necessary to ensure they are not vilified for who they are when growing up and are treated with dignity, respect and care. The majority already do this, but it needs to be made explicit.
    Ideally we should also have proper, comprehensive, age appropriate, sex, physical development, and relationship education with properly resourced and trained teachers.
    I cannot see this government doing the right thing, sadly.

  4. Jock S. Trap 22 Aug 2013, 7:05am

    It must be quashed.

    You can’t have Equal Marriage helping toward stopping the bullying and discriminating then allow children themselves to be discriminated.

    This has little to do with the government but more over inflated ego’d adult thinking they’ll get noticed and it needs to backfire on them by the government telling them to stop and stop now!

  5. Actually, let’s bring back section 28 and stop pretending that homosexuality is acceptable an the basis that there is no victim where there is adult consent.
    Just because a behaviour is victimless, has adult cansent and is considered an ‘orientation’ does not qualify it as moral or natural, otherwise, we could say that same sex consensual adult incest is acceptable.
    The pathetic argument about homosexuality animals fail to convince too since animals also practice cannibalism, torture, incest and killing.
    In fact there are no homosexual animals since no animal is exclusivekly attracted to the same sex. This myth has been created by the deviantts themselves.

    1. FCUK off Troll

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