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Cameroon: Over a hundred take part in anti-gay rally targeting suspected gay friendly bars

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Reader comments

  1. Dr. Damn Right 21 Aug 2013, 6:42pm

    At the risk of sounding colonial, what deluded children! Homosexuality a violation of human rights? Gay isn’t even necessarily about what you do but about what you are, and if this pamphlet-maker reads the word ‘right’ in human rights as ‘duty’ they really have the thing ass-backwards.

  2. Geoff Jones 21 Aug 2013, 7:06pm

    Joseph Patrick McCormick, you should make a greater effort to proof read your articles before posting them. The sentence in bold print in this article does not make sense. Should be “take part” not “take place”

  3. They seem to be inverting civilized concepts for their own homophobic ends. And with the “Homosexuality is a crime against humanity….” line, I am very convinced that this move is being paid for and promoted by people close to Scott Lively, who as we know, is being put on trial for crimes against humanity.

  4. friday jones 22 Aug 2013, 12:57am

    So one guy is tragically raped and murdered in a hotel, and it’s open season on LGBT people, but women are raped and killed in Cameroon all the time and when it happens to a woman they blame her for not avoiding it. So Cameroonian anti-gay rhetoric is actually based in their misogyny and their definition of men and boys as human beings and women and girls as less than human.

  5. Denis from Ottawa 22 Aug 2013, 3:53am

    This piece sounds like it was written by the anti-gay organisers. Did you get the info from their press release at You repeat their unsubstantiated allegation that some a student was first raped and then killed by homosexuals back in 2006. What are your sources for this? Shame on you PinkNews, re-printing this anti-gay drivel and passing it off as news. SHAME. Please see the real news report at

  6. Cameroon? Russia? Who is going to do what??

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