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US: New Jersey ‘gay to straight’ therapy leader condemns ban on treating minors

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Reader comments

  1. You can still peddle your moronic snake oil to idiotic adults (although ask yourself if you’d want your daughter or son marrying someone “ex-gay”) but you are not allowed to exploit or injure minors.

    Why does that not sink into the minds of these people?

    Oh yes, because tyranny, exploitation and the extracting of funds from simpletons is SOP for all religion – so of course they will fight back.

    In the past they would have been the people who sold bits of the “true cross” to idiot peasants, this is just the next iteration.

  2. Mr Goldberg is right that there are people struggling with the issue. But he is wrong to suggest that this so called ‘therapy’ is the right way forward.

    Young LGBT folk need to be told that there is nothing wrong with what they are feeling. They should be given the assistance that they need to grow into strong, confident LGBT folk.

    This is yet another classic example of a religious nut job thinking that religion will ‘cure’ people of their natural tendencies.

    1. This individual set up this ex-gay movement when his son came out. Not exactly an admirable example of supportive parenting.

  3. He should be banned from treating everyone.

  4. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2013, 10:22am

    The last thing anyone wants when “struggling with the issue” is to be bullied by religion dictating pray and told how wrong they are.

    This idiot and his ilk are the last people on Earth anyone struggling should have to face and put up with.It’s because of them that people struggle at all, so seriously, how can they think they’re the best.

    It’s like sending a vegetarian to Hannibal Lector, he’ll try and cure you but only to destroy and consume you in the end.

    The ban is good but it needs to be for all. It’s not acceptable to say that they know conversion therapy is dangerous so the ban it just for minors.

    It needs to be banned full stop.

  5. Guglielmo Marinaro 20 Aug 2013, 10:23am

    If you want to know more about this character, try googling “Arthur Abba Goldberg”. You may find it quite enlightening.

    1. Thanks for that. Blimey – As Executive Vice President and a major stockholder of Matthews & Wright Inc., a Wall Street investment bank, he orchestrated a massive fraud from 1984 to 1986 in which the firm sold over $2 billion of fraudulent municipal bonds to several cities. The victims were mostly impoverished communities with large minority populations

      A highly respectable of man of great probity, then?

      1. That depends how far one probes ;)

    2. Guglielmo Marinaro 20 Aug 2013, 1:05pm

      Perhaps someone will say at this juncture, “Oh, but you don’t know his side of the story.” Well, no, that’s true, I don’t. What I do know is that he told his story in court – and I am sure that, being himself a qualified lawyer, a former deputy Attorney General of New Jersey and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (although he was disbarred after his conviction), as well as being a very wealthy businessman, he made sure that he had the best legal representation that money could buy – and that the court, having heard his side of the story, sentenced him to 18 months’ imprisonment with 5 years’ probation and a fine of $400,000 (later reduced to $100,000 on appeal).

  6. “Some Republicans who are opposed to the legislation have argued that the new law takes the choice out of parents hands on how they best wish to raise their children.”

    So I guess it follows if parents wanted to change their kids from straight to gay they would obviously approve of them having equal access to straight to gay therapy.

  7. Are there any depths , I wonder to which the homophobes at Pink News will not sink in order to promote homophobia.

    How many members does this group have
    Why is Pink News advertising for them.

    Pink News is a homophobic website.

    And Benjamin Cohen’s pathetic explanation that advertising extremism helps gay rights is utterly contemptible.

    1. What is your agenda here, I wonder?

      Pink News is primarily read by LGBT people, and we need to know who, what and where homophobes are trying to remove or prevent LGBT people’s human rights.

      Is there a reason not to know?

      1. I’m wondering what SteveC would like us to talk about instead?

        I have a great Apple Pie recipe, if you’d like?

    2. I see Pink News‘s remit as reporting anything from the international media that includes the word ‘gay’ or involves gay people. I admit it’s tiresome constantly reading about small groups of hysterics in the US, but if they’re getting coverage I suppose it’s better to know what’s being said than not. If it’s likely you won’t appreciate an article (ie if it’s about some US nutcase), don’t open it.

    3. SteveC. Have you never heard the expression regarding “know your enemy”?

    4. Guglielmo Marinaro 20 Aug 2013, 1:23pm

      One of the things that I admire about Pink News is that, unlike homophobic websites, e.g. Anglican Mainstream, Christian Institute, Bill Muehlenberg, it does not censor the news. For instance, on the rare occasions when gay persons commit atrocious crimes, those too are reported.

      It is of particular interest to know the ins and outs of this saga, since knowing how two American states have managed to get it made illegal to practise the abusive fraud known as “conversion therapy” on minors, and knowing how they deal with opposition from people of retarded views, may give us useful tips on getting it made illegal in this country also

  8. People ‘struggle’ with being gay because of the vile ‘taboos’ perpetrated by religion. If there was no religious hate-mongering, there’d be no one ‘struggling’. Geddit? So, let’s stop putting carts before horses. Get rid of religious anti-gay conditioning – then people won’t have to ‘struggle’ with the ‘stigma’. You freaking idiots!

  9. Right wing religious freaks are forever trying to control others, that’s what they live for. If they can make a living out of it, they love it even more!

    These despots will not win in this case. I hope they waste a lot of money trying to repeal this. Anything that reduces their control and their financial clout is a great thing.

    Also, I would go further and suggest a law that allows parents who push their children into this kind of nonsense to be charged with abuse of a minor.

    This is child abuse, no doubt about it. There should be further legislation to define this as a crime and be able to offer support to get kids out from under the control of these abusers.

  10. Riiiight, because the therapy has been such a gargantuan success !!!!

    NAAAAAT. The “therapy” is child abuse or just plain torture, take ya pick!

  11. Maybe the parents could try acceptance !

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