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US: Conservative groups defend ‘gay conversion’ therapy after New Jersey ban

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Reader comments

  1. Why don’t they all convert to being gay en masse and then they can simply convert back, and then I will be convinced that their so-called therapy is legitimate.

  2. And what about the men and women and kids growing up gay who no longer want to be tormented by other people’s unwanted obsessive homophobic attentions and insanity?

    1. Er, prosecute the homophones in court?

  3. Guglielmo Marinaro 22 Aug 2013, 12:56pm

    Adults must have, and do have, freedom to waste their time – time which they will never get back – on dabbling in “conversion therapy” in the vain hope of changing a homosexual orientation to a heterosexual one. They should be advised against it, of course, but if they insist on frittering away their lives on a wild-goose chase, that is up to them. In the same way, they have the freedom to dabble in Christian Science healing, pyramid therapy, or any other form of useless quackery that takes their fancy.

    But when it comes to imposing this unnecessary, futile and potentially harmful “therapy” for a non-illness on minors, that is quite another matter. Just as it isn’t legal for paedophiles to sexually abuse children, so it shouldn’t be legal for peddlers of “ex-gay” hocus-pocus to play psychologically abusive games with the lives of gay youth. Congratulations to Chris Christie on signing the bill into law.

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