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US Columnist: Gay rights have ‘hijacked the civil rights movement’ and ‘destroy black communities’

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Reader comments

  1. Tell that to the Gays, Jews and others who supported African Americans when KKK racists (also anti-gay) were calling black people less than human things. He is not very bright!

    1. Diego L. Gerald 20 Aug 2013, 11:08pm

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  2. Mumbo Jumbo 20 Aug 2013, 8:09pm

    “….The civil-rights movement was a Christian movement….”

    As were the Klan.

  3. Yes because there are no gay black people after all.
    It’s such a shame that people can have such a short memory when it comes to things like this.
    It’s okay to discriminate, as long as doesn’t include a group I see myself belonging to.
    Humans, we’ll never learn.

    1. “Yes because there are no gay black people after all.”. the “DL” or the “Down low” has replaced the word gay.

  4. Yes because there are no gay black people after all.
    It’s such a shame that people can have such a short memory when it comes to things like this.
    It’s okay to discriminate, as long as doesn’t include a group I see myself belonging to.
    Humans, we’ll never learn.

  5. What an utterly vile man

  6. “The civil-rights movement was a Christian movement”. I thought among its supporters were and are Christians and non-Christians. Are atheists, agnostics, Buddhists etc. not welcome in the civil rights movement?

  7. GulliverUK 20 Aug 2013, 8:39pm

    I call it Wing Nut Daily, if you’ve ever been there you’d know that’s a more accurate description. The only one is Life Sh1t News, almost as bad, but largely obsessed with abortion.

    They’re all mad.

  8. Yet again we see the Christian right demanding rights whilst trying to deny others the same courtesy, makes me sick.

    maybe they realise that for many in the west they are becoming increasingly irrelevant. They have already in effect lost the battle. what we are seeing now is them thrashing around and lashing out, clutching at any inane stupid ideas they can to try and regain some lost ground.

    The problem is they have lost respect from many and will never again rule the lives of people like they once did. And that is what it is all about. they seek to rule our lives. Well sorry guys you will not ever rule mine!

  9. I think some are forgetting that the leader for organizing the march was A. Phillip Randolph, an African-American non-religious humanist and civil rights veteran since the 1910s, and his deputy was Bayard Rustin, who was known to be gay (it was the reason he wasn’t a listed leader).

  10. Michael Stevens 20 Aug 2013, 9:33pm

    We call them Universal Human Rights for a reason – they’re just that – universal, and we have them by fact of being human.

    They’re not Black Christian rights.

  11. Funny! There is NOT any black gay folks…this guy is the primary reason for racial profiling…

  12. how do you spell M-O-R-O-N…pot calling the kettle black?

  13. Helen Wilson 20 Aug 2013, 11:07pm

    I’ve not seen the part of the Martin Luther King speech that says on black heterosexual men are created equal!

    Maybe Star Parker could enlighten us to the whereabouts of this new version of Dr Kings speech!

    1. Helen Wilson 20 Aug 2013, 11:09pm

      No stupid keyboard, not on that should be only!

  14. ““I am transformed by the blood of Jesus’ and ready for a wife.”…
    What a scary chat-up line!

    1. Sounds like the plot to that movie ‘The Mummy’, except with Jesus’s blood instead of some random archeologist’s.
      Or is it ‘Hellraiser’ I was thinking of?

  15. I must admit I do feel bad when I compare LGBT rights and movement to the civil rights and movement because I know it bugs some people of colour. They don’t see how it’s similar and I can understand why they can’t because straight people in general very rarely “get it”

    But when it comes to gauging or measuring oppression, it’s the only way you can really get your point accross; it’s the only way to try to make people understand; it translates it into something they are familiar with.

    & I do believe our struggles /are/ very similar, I do. I love the african-american people and all african culture, all of my heroes are black. I would never want to hijack their struggle for my own gain.. I just want people to “get it”

    1. I always tell people (eg a now-former friend, someone who referred to herself as a ‘fag hag’) that general remarks about gay people are only acceptable if you could substitute the words ‘black’ or ‘Jewish’ for ‘gay’ without discomfort. It is truly astonishing how many people have never looked at it this way (and as for those who don’t agree, clearly they must believe deep down that homosexuality is a choice).

  16. Is anyone else hearing “I want ALL the attention, it’s all about me, me, me, me!”?

  17. Lion in Winter 21 Aug 2013, 3:51am

    But the Bible HAS defined black people: they carry the “mark of Cain”…

    …according to previous generations of so-called “Christians”.

  18. so one random mofo says something and you’re gonna feed all the bs all these extra entitled white queers feeling the need to talk shit to/about black folks movement??all this blah blah blah ‘the black community’ is some idiotic crap which erases the black QUEER community!

  19. If this woman truly believes in traditional Christian values should she not be at home in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, looking after about 12 children and tending to the needs of her man, who is her Lord and master in the home and family, instead of dictating to men how they should be acting and behaving?

    And has she forgotten those traditional Christian values that kept black Americans enslaved for over two centuries, picking cotton on the plantation.

    And maybe she should reflect on those same traditional Christian values next time Mr King’s extramarital affairs come up for discussion at the dinner table.

    And by the by, “Star”. Really?

    No wonder the woman is delusional. She probably suffered brain damage when she fell from the heavens.

    1. And by the by, “Star”. Really?

      It does sound silly to me too, but if you can have ‘Stella’, why not? (The only real difficulty would be if she married a man whose surname was Starr!)

      1. Good one

  20. “The civil-rights movement was a Christian movement. ”

    Time to rewrite history again.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Aug 2013, 11:40am

      Time to leave religion as History and move to a more progressive world!

  21. Donnie McClurkin has turned against his true homosexual nature to do what is unseemly with a member of the opposite sex.

    “My lust for cock and lust for God was tearing me apart.”

    He still craves the cock but is going to ruin some woman’s life by marrying her so he can live in a closet of “respectability”… what a coward.

  22. GulliverUK 21 Aug 2013, 9:09am

    Trying to create a wedge is what they do, rather than treat people as individuals and appeal using rational logic and critical thinking. They’ve picked on all sorts of groups over the centuries, based on this characteristic or that, and they gain support only by polarising issues and framing the debate.


    Fifty-nine percent of blacks now say they support same-sex marriage
    Small poll, but a helpful sign.
    In the US support tends to vary considerably state to state – we have a less striking political divide geographically in the UK.

  23. I bet that no one reading this article ever heard of this stupid woman before the article appeared. All PN is doing is increasing the attention given to idiots like her. It’s all very Fleet Street, let’s upset the punters with something that really wouldn’t be news if we didn’t make it so.

  24. These are the same Christians who wanted to keep Black folk as slaves and were fighting tooth and nail to make sure they black people were not given their freedom?

    How bloody blind sighted these people are.

  25. Humm Prop 8 comes to mind.

    Its depressing that there’s a vocal group of Black Homophobic rhetoric.

    Again religion & macho culture is the key problem here along with a ‘we are the most hard done by’ mind set that resents other vulnerable groups. So negative.

    Empathy is what’s missing.

    1. ….& Star Parker, you’ve learnt NOTHING about discrimination. You as a black woman should know better…you’ve failed.

  26. I love the way the article describes WorldNetDaily as a ‘conservative website’. Rather like calling Stalin a ‘liberal leader’.

    Here’s a taste:
    In addition to claiming that Obama is actually a Kenyan who gay married a Muslim, WorldNetDaily has plenty of other sanity-deprived ideas.
    The attack by Anders Behring Breivik was invented by the Norwegian Labour party in order to gain sympathy. “This is likely a fabrication of the Labour Party, who needs to hold onto power to enforce their multi-culturalist, Muslim-favoring, anti-nationalist views”, according to Michael Savage.
    Soybeans and soy milk will make your penis shrink and turn you gay.
    Obama is planning on building a Death Star.

    For more see

  27. The NAACP – the most important civil rights organization in the United States – is committed in its moral support of LGBT rights. It would be a double standard to support the equality of all ethnicities while condoning the discrimination against other categories of human beings for their immutable characteristics.

  28. Jock S. Trap 21 Aug 2013, 11:39am

    So let me get this straight.

    A black women who fights and knows what discrimination is wants to deny and discriminate against another section of society, which may I add includes both black men and women, denying others the same rights they had to wrongly fight and earn?

    All this whilst knowing what hate brings, what separation brings, what bully, torture and murder brings.

    All the term ‘Christian’ does is make excuses for something they chose over the way we’re born… like being black, white, straight, gay.

    How does that work exactly?

    It’s shameful that to these people (and by that I do mean general homophobes), it’s (rightly) wrong and shameful to show hatred, bully, discriminate against race and yet fine to to act and show against Gay people.

    This from people who really should know better.

    It’s just wrong.

    Oh… and lets not forget what their Bible says about slavery. How can they rightly be wrong now and yet being Gay is still to the word of the Bloody Bible?


  29. It always saddens me greatly that the massive contribution of Bayard Rustin – a gay black man – to the success of Martin Luther King’s campaigns seems to be airbrushed out of history.

    We need to reclaim people like him, and the novelist James Baldwin, as an important part of the narrative of the Civil Rights movement.

  30. This is all you need to read to be able to dismiss this shrieking imbecile…

    “The civil-rights movement was a Christian movement”

    No, it wasn’t. In many instances it was the religious groups within the US wanting to maintain segregation and the “norm”. Many Christian groups and well known churches were pro-segregation, and this is a historical FACT.

    The woman in a religious nutter, and her opinions mean nothing.

  31. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2013, 1:46pm

    I think we will have a very long wait before McClurkin takes a wife. He fathered a child some years ago but never married the mother, I wonder why he hasn’t married any woman since? Come on, Donny, do tell us.

  32. Dan Filson 21 Aug 2013, 3:17pm

    The civil rights movement was a coalition in which churches – some churches but by no means all – played a role but alongside them were those of the left who were excluded from the political process because even the word ‘liberal’ was seen as bad as ‘communist’ , mainstream Northern Democrats, and gay people like Bayard Rustin who realised that the civil rights movement would eventually embrace them too but that the fight over colour discrimination came first, not least as it was the most obvious of the stupid discriminations that went on.

  33. “Ex-gay” is such a farce. These are simply homosexuals unable to come to terms with their sexual urges towards the same sex that use pseudo-science religious jargon to claim they’ve been somehow “cured” and are now suddenly heterosexual. Dozens of organisations and modern science have rejected gay conversion therapy and state that it is harmful. He’s not straight, he’s gay whether he admits it or not. And he’s just harming himself and a possible future female partner.

    1. St Sebastian, the humanitarian 25 Aug 2013, 11:29pm

      You are absolutely right, homosexuality is not an illness and therefore cannot be cured.

      As you say, it is not fair on the opposite sex partners of so called ex-gays – they deserve sexual satisfaction and true intimacy with their opposite sex partners, just as gays do.

  34. All these pulling and pushing to find logic to justify their christian believes.

  35. “My lust for man and lust for God was pulling me one way and tearing me apart.”

    I would have gone for the real thing, embracing my homosexuality and letting go the fantasy that is “God”.

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