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Russian athletes ‘insulted’ by the idea that same-sex kiss was meant in protest against anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. … not as insulted as I am that you support a regime which treats gay people as second-class citizens.

    1. She feels tarnished, and with gold too? I thought gold couldn’t be tarnished. Must just be a cheap imitation win then.

  2. PantoHorse 20 Aug 2013, 1:26pm

    I’m insulted they think supporting gay rights would be insulting.

    And I’m insulted she thinks a public same sex kiss would tarnish anything.

    I’m insulted by her insult.

    1. She still seems somewhat confused over how her kiss was actually (mis)interpreted by the media… she seems to be under the impression that everyone thinks she and her teammate are in some way a couple, rather than the actual media impression of two (presumably straight) women protesting against discriminatory laws. Her wording it as strongly as being insulting is in itself rather insulting, yes, though I do wonder if her opinion would change if she was actually made aware that nobody thought of her and her teammate as anything more than friends, and I also wonder a little if her calling it an “insult” is more out of fear of others perceiving them as non-heterosexual in a country where LGBT people are being beaten nearly to death by gangs of thugs while the police look the other way.

  3. Not as insulted as I am by the concept held up by so many that praising people for running in circles or jumping over things is more important than the liberty, safety and lives of LGBT people.

    Did I think it was actually a protest at the time? Not in the slightest. But this attempted assertion of victimhood in the face of genuinely deplorable acts against people really grinds my gears.

    1. “running in circles or jumping over things”

      Love it.

    2. Like you Valksy I didn’t think it was a protest at all…unfortunately some jumped the gun and saw it as such and now must feel quite foolish.

      As I have said before it is easy for people to say they support equal marriage and gay equality when all they have to do is tick a box or answer a questionnaire on their way to their local. However, the reality is we do live in a sports crazy and hungry world and sport is perceived to be a bastion of the red blooded heterosexual male by exactly the same and they take their sport seriously.

      Lets not forget how much homophobia exists within sporting organisations and the sporting fraternity in general.

      We will soon see how much support we really have amongst the populace when gay rights interferes and disrupts major sporting events around the world in the next few years.

      I think a big gay delusional bubble is going to burst in the near future and not before time.

  4. lucretialive 20 Aug 2013, 1:31pm

    What I don’t get is that they kissed TWICE, directly after the race (photo above) and again at the medal ceremony

  5. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    1. … and wouldn’t you if perhaps, after the event, you had been TOLD to make a public declaration … or face life in a gulag? These people were either EXTREMELY brave or extremely foolish.

  6. So will it now be OK for any same sex couple to be shown kissing at the Sochi Olympics? After all a kiss is a kiss.

    Or will the Russian thought police be interrogating wayward kissers after the event to make sure that they were the right sort of kissers.

    Perhaps these two have been interrogated already and are now expressing these views under threat of prosecution?

    It’s all so ridiculous and just shows up the absurdity of the anti-gay laws in the first place.

    1. I keep expecting to wake up one day to find this has all been a very silly dream

      I seriously can’t believe I live in a world that is so damn DUMB

  7. Please focus on the mean idea of the note, we all know about what the other Russian athlete said, and also the “rainbow’s nails girl” it is not necessary read it over n over again

  8. Ladies, you did it twice so I can hardly believe you were so overcome by a storm of emotions that at ‘that moment’ your lips touched. Also, why did you not kiss everyone on your team?

    I didn’t think it was a pro-LGBT protest in the first place, but I do very much feel you’re overly labouring the point that it was not – someone putting pressure on you?

  9. lucretialive 20 Aug 2013, 1:47pm

    Ha pull the other one! Why did they kiss TWICE then? Directly after the race (photo above) AND at the medal ceremony !!

  10. Amad Demetrious 20 Aug 2013, 2:16pm

    Drop dead!

  11. They need to blame their President. He is the one who brought the glare of the world’s media on Russia and long may it continue until this abhorrent law is repealed.

  12. It’s not about their president, it’s the people. Russians ARE homophobic, period. Their president simply does what they approve of.

    1. That’s why you need good leadership from the top, people will change and follow.

      If a someone is told its ok to bully and you won’t get punished, what do they do?
      If someone is told that is wrong bully and you will be punished, what do they do?

  13. Sadly, this is the Russian mindset on the whole. We think we have homophobia in sport? You haven’t seen anything yet.

    Many of the people there are so ignorant you can almost compare their society to that of 1950’s North America and the civil rights movement.

    This is genuinely what these fools think when it comes to gay people, they are like the KKK and their sympathizers back in the day.

    I hope this “insult” continues, and their picture is used over and over again, denying them the glory they expected.

    They think their success is tarnished? No, they are tarnished as Humans. They’ve made it clear that they are no better than the homophobic imbecile on the streets of their backward country.

    They’ve done more damage to themselves through their reaction than anything anyone else could have said about them.

  14. She said she had not known of the controversy surrounding the law. “I simply did not hear or read about it because I was totally focused on my performance at the championships.”

    That’s exactly what Putin wants of her. It is what he wants of all of us. To focus on nothing but the sports or whatever other event is taking place in his country, and by us willfully ignoring the abuses made against ‘undesirables’, he is free to both continue and do even more evil.

    A little off topic I know, but just yesterday I read a piece on AmericaBlog about Vitaly Milonov (of St Petersburg’s ‘gay propaganda’ law) who is now proposing the roundup of Russia’s approximately 4 million homeless to be placed in “dormitories” in “remote villages”, read: Warsaw Ghetto.
    Out of sight and out of mind seems very much to be his political philosophy.

    1. The suggestion that she had no clue about the debate raging around the world is not so much to do with her being too busy in competition, it’s about the lack of freedom of the press in her own country.
      The law forbids the media from discussing this in Russia, unless it’s in a negative light. Therefore, most media within the country is self-censoring and not reporting on it at all for fear of being attacked by the government.

      It’s not because she was too busy to notice, it’s because she lives in a draconian nation where people are not free to report or discuss things in the media without bowing and licking the boots of Putin.

  15. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2013, 3:29pm

    Er, someone tell her you don’t need to be in a relationship to make a protest but hey thanks for being ‘insulted’ and thanks for telling us where you stand.

    Such a shame that nasty people have to be insulted by love and relationships.

    1. If gay people in the west weren’t so pig ignorant about other cultures. they wouldn’t be able to claim they were ‘insulted’.

      Ditch the political & cultural ignorance about Russia. It isn’t helping gay Russians.

  16. Paul Brownsey 20 Aug 2013, 4:24pm

    ‘ Speaking to the Guardian on Monday, Ryzhova strongly refuted reports that the two kissed in protest against the anti-gay laws. She said: ”It was just happiness for our team.” ‘

    Point of English: she didn’t *refute* it (=provide conclusive evidence against); she merely *denied* it.

  17. Michael 2912 20 Aug 2013, 4:26pm

    This was just the point that I made earlier when I had the temerity to criticise the way that PN reported the incident and got a thumbs down. I take no pleasure in saying: I told you so. It really is naive to expect support from the populus when the repressive regime that governs them received international condemnation. By all means keep up the co demons toon but don’t forget that gentle persuasion can get results.

  18. I think in the grand scheme of things, once we get free sexual liberties’ in Russia – which I think we will get in the fullness of time! When the shackles come off, both women will reveal the true nature of this stance in the years to come. Its a shame that people in Russia are so frightened that they have too live in fear of being ran underground. Nobody thinks these ladies are gay but I bet Putin’s press office have selected some political spin here and made these two girls feel awful and made scapegoats in this specific circumstance…………..

  19. Brian Trousers 20 Aug 2013, 7:49pm

    The minute I saw those photos I thought “That’s not a protest”. I knew instantly that it was this website (amongst others) interpreting the gesture to meet their own agenda. Kissing on the lips is absolutely commonplace in Russia – it means nothing more than friendship or greeting. They did it twice because they were happy twice.

    I also think it’s pretty clear she means “insulted” in terms of the kisses overshadowing the reporting of their achievements – that’s why she said “and our trainers”. The focus was not on them winning, which to them is the most important thing.

    Once again, people are taking that one word and twisting it to suit their own ends. This was all misinterpretation by the media, and I don’t think these women have anything to apologise for.

  20. I don’t believe them, they may be married but they have trained together for years and are most probably in love in my opinion.

  21. I’m surprised nobody sees the irony here: I doubt it matters legally what they wanted to show — it’s a fact proven by photos and video that they DID kiss. This means, by all legal standpoints, they broke the law.

    Just their action of kissing, as two women, on the mouth, out of any context (and law is typically applied out of context, context only helps to find the correct punishment) IS promoting homosexuality. It simply does not matter what their motives were

  22. if i had a dollar for every time a hetero was ‘insulted’ to be mistaken for GASPSHOCKHORROR a queermo I’d have a lot of dollars. I’m insulted that y’all bigots couldn’t find a way to say, ‘I’m straight’ without insulting me and mine. fracking russia.

  23. Look at another disgusting NEW video gay teenager tortured by Russian homophobes

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