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US: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signs into law a ban on ‘gay conversion’ therapy for minors

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  1. A good day for New Jersey.

  2. This “therapy” is nothing less than child abuse!!! It’s a very damaging waste of time and just stupid. STUPID! I can’t even believe people were allowed to let this happen. It’s a crime against humanity.

  3. GulliverUK 19 Aug 2013, 9:18pm

    This is a long video, and you may not even get to the end, but I watched it all today

    “Just Because He Breathes” – Rob & Linda Robertson

    I don’t even know how Linda got to the end in one piece.

    And this is the HuffPo article which I first say

    Be prepared to be upset.

    But this is why Christians need to be so careful, and also why conversion therapy should never be allowed, not for young people, and not even for adults.

  4. A good move but why didn’t they put an out right ban on it altogether?

    1. It will come.

  5. I’d bet that the republicans arguing that it interferes with parents’ rights to raise their children the way they want to are also the first to condemn parents who raise trans children in their preferred gender identity.

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