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UK Government: No schools should be reintroducing Section 28

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Reader comments

  1. Well thank **** for that.

    Although it says “we make it clear schools should be promoting NO sexual-orientation” leads me to believe that LGBT issues will still be totally ignored and everything will be assumed to apply to straight people anyway.

    How can you teach sexual education without promoting ANY sexual orientatation? If I recall, all we got was a bunch of photos of diseased genitals and told how to use a condom. Is that what they mean? How does that help anyone? I already KNEW about STD’s and condoms, they are under-estimating how much kids actually know.

    Learning how to put on a condom in secondary school didn’t help me when the kids where pushing me in the “gay pit” in primary school though.

    Would have been nice to learn that the “gay pit” wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

    I think parents and schools are wrapping their children in cotton wool and are underestimating how much they know about sex and how sexually aware and active they really are.

    I’d seen it all by 13

    1. Peter Spriggs is part of the FRC, perhaps the most vile anti gay group in america. they are all so.baptists / evangelists who are actually racists and now hate gays as well

      ‘ve seen spriggs close up – his pants are too tight on hiis arse and he was admittedly an actor in the past.
      Here’s the head of the FRC, Perkins, doing biz with racist pigs

      Here is the founder of the FRC and who ran Narth – the fix the gays thing which is being disgraced as we speak. BTW George rekers couldnt even fix himself.

    2. We have all seen it all at 13. But perhaps parents should decide what their children lern.The DoE are not StalinsSoviet System nor should they be.

  2. Investigating. But who is going to pay for the crime? I expect whoever is responsible for introducing these illegal rules to be punished. If they were racist or anti semitic rules then someone would be sacked in shame. I hope the BBC report the story when that happens.

    1. ” I hope the BBC report the story when that happens.”….

      And we can imagine what that “report” will look like…

  3. This is a seemingly inconsistent stance to that of the minister, now that it has all blown up in the press somewhat:

  4. King James’ state school, in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire stipulates in its SRE policy –

    1. GulliverUK 19 Aug 2013, 8:20pm

      That is a disgusting policy. Someone should be hung out to dry.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Aug 2013, 11:54am

        Interestingly, the policy now seems to have been removed.

    2. I’ve edited their Wikipedia page to reflect this!'s_School

      1. LOL Nice one :D

        1. Haha, cheers! I’ve bigged it up a bit with a dreaded “Controversy” heading.

    3. Curiously, that document no longer exists.

    4. Oddly this page is no longer available

  5. Sorry but no, we need mandatory inclusive sex education as part of the national curriculum and no more pandering to religious bigotry and prejudice.
    Schools cannot be trusted to draw up their own sex education policy as has now been quite clearly shown.

    1. It would be interesting to see if these same schools have anti bullying policies and whether they mention homophobic bullying.

  6. Derek Williams 19 Aug 2013, 8:11pm

    I taught in schools for over 30 years and never once saw anyone sexualising children. In the West, if anyone gay or straight attempted this, they would be sacked.

    Your instinctive romantic affiliation for the same or the opposite sex is something you discover during puberty, not something you choose. Homosexuality is bestowed randomly by Nature on a tiny 5-10% of the population.

    Persecuting homosexuals will not make us heterosexual any more than my so-called homosexual ‘propaganda’ has made any straight people homosexual.

  7. Paul Brownsey 19 Aug 2013, 8:11pm

    One wonders how the matter is handled in the large number of Roman Catholic secondary schools in Scotland…

  8. Surely Ofsted should have noticed these things and commented about them in the school reports. Schools should obviously receive bad results.

    1. GulliverUK 19 Aug 2013, 8:21pm

      Asleep at the wheel, or institutionally homophobic. Flip a coin. :(

  9. I know from personal experience that governors of state schools have a surprising amount of power. That is why there is so much effort to become a school governor by the usual suspects – religionists and right wing ‘guardians of morality’.

    1. The very people who we would want to disqualify from the human race, but particularly education.

  10. As mentioned before the teachers do not have any input in these policies in most schools, they bought them in. I personally read a similar policy on a school I taught in and made them change the word tolerance to acceptance. I hope every school that has a policy that has any hint of this is named, shamed and put under the microscope

  11. Well, at least they’re moving on this fairly swiftly after the news broke.

    Let’s just hope they take firm, decisive and appropriate action when they have all the facts at their disposal.

  12. This news makes it clear to me, and I hope to our politicians that it is high time; that we had a national curriculum for Sex education or PHSE, or whatever the latest trendy term is.

    This is too important to alow individual schools with their own agenda’s to decide for thmselves. I also belive that their should be NO parental opt out.

    I am sure if such mesures where introduced we would hear Christian based parent groups screaming from the rooftops that their rights are being broken. Utter bollox! They don’t own their kids and the kids have a greater right to, concise and thorough teaching on this as well as all other subjects, without any religious bias and lies.

  13. Just one thing guys on the following web page you will find the contact info for this school. I think a few hundred or maybe a few thousand emails about their policy will soon make them change things.

    I doubt if the government will do anything soon: if at all. They will maybe issue ‘new guidance’ of course being ‘guidance’ the schools will feel free to ignore it.

  14. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2013, 8:27am

    Good. I’m please Mr Gove has made such comments and I hope he will ensure the well being of All students.

    There is no place for discrimination esp in schools.

  15. Michael 2912 20 Aug 2013, 8:50am

    This is just jaw-droppingly gut-wrenchingly grotesque. Everything that needs to be said has been. Let’s hope for action and do what we can, maybe locally, to ascertain the policies of schools and expose those that are doing such dreadful damage to children. Never forget the words of Harvey Milk: “Give them Hope”. This, of course, is just another effect of the creeping privatisation of our education system. There’s probably no stopping it!

  16. Michael 2912 20 Aug 2013, 9:08am

    It occurs to me that this is the sort of issue (I hate that word) that Stonewall should take up.

    1. Luckily there are lots of other groups and individual activists who do brilliant work. Schools Out being just one example. But also remember the work of Pink News and the Out4Marriage campaign.

  17. I think the school governors responsible for introducing /maintaining this homophobic policy need to be investigated and prosecuted to set an example to the others that this type of homophobia will not be tolerated in UK’s education system.

  18. time to cut off their funding. This reminds me of paragraph 175 in Nazi germany that ultimately led to the gays being sent to the death camps.

    Welcome to xtianity. Hitler, Goebbels, Echmann, Mengele and Himmler wer all catholic, and went to schools that were catholc in fact if not in name, funded by the state.

    Christianity is the curse of the west even more then Islam of the middle east

  19. Spriggs is part of the FRC, perhaps the most vile anti gay group in america. they are all so.baptists / evangelists who are actually racists and now hate gays as well

    Here’s the head of the FRC, Perkins, doing biz with racist pigs

    Here is the founder of the FRC and who ran Narth – the fix the gays thing which is being disgraced as we speak. BTW George rekers couldnt even fix himself.

  20. Section 28 was a good piece of legislation. Why should education systems be forced to expose minors to information regarding behaviour that billions find disgusting and immoral?
    Homosexuality has no benefit whatsoever to society and nobody has been able to show otherwise.
    Proportionately, it is the most promiscuous and plague riddled community.
    Did you know that homosexual males are 50 times likely to have AIDS than heteros and that cottaging in toilets is unique among homosexuals. They infest our public toilets and pout holes in cubicle walls, peeping on innocents, sometimes minors.

    1. Michael 2912 20 Aug 2013, 1:07pm

      I really hope that you don’t have LGBT children. My blood chills when I try to contemplate the hurt that you could cause. Why are you so full of hatred?

      1. Thanks, Keith – the thought of any god who’d be pleased with you has amused me no end on an otherwise fairly dull afternoon.

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