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Swedish ice hockey star notes positive reaction to his criticism of anti-gay laws in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. Its is unacceptable that Athletes would have to make such statements in the first instance … wheres the Olympic Charter ???

    A Human Rights ( Sporting Events ) Act [ or Directive at EU level ] is needed into the future which will ensure that Major sporting events are located ONLY where a minimum standard of Human rights protection and defence Legislation is adopted and enforced in law prior to the awarding of any Sporting Event.

    The legal precedent for this already exists across a wide range of other spheres including Technology sales, Knowledge sharing, International Aid spending etc., – Yes —

    A Human Rights ( Sporting Events ) Act — because Self Regulation by Sporting Bodies is just not working.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Aug 2013, 8:17am

    By the way : It’s kind of easy for gay and lesbian athletes to be open in Sweden. They don’t risk much when telling about themselves. I do think Sweden is in a leading position when it comes to such matters.

  3. This guy has received a ‘positive’ response because he lives in an enlightened country. Sadly, Russia – as with many other parts of Eastern Europe – is backward, restrained by decades of communism. Until these places are able to rid themselves of their dictatorships which masquerade as ‘democracies’, little will change. Meantime, we must do EVERYTHING we can to expose and embarrass Putin and his henchmen over the vile, insidious nature of the anti-gay legislation they introduced.

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