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Russian attackers upload video of violent attack on trans woman by five men

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Reader comments

  1. The video is not available.

    1. Joseph Patrick McCormick 19 Aug 2013, 1:05pm

      While I expect the video will be taken down in the near future, and attempts to upload it to YouTube have failed, it is still available to view now.

      1. Thank you for the link to that video, and thanks for posting it, Joseph.

        I don’t think I have watched anything so horrific springing from a “European” nation at this time in history.

        So brutes and thugs ought to be rounded up and very severely punished.

        And to think we are allowing 100s of very wealthy Russians easy entrance into the UK. They’re no doubt settling here with very similar attitudes.

        I hope Cameron and Clegg force themselves to watch this video, as I had to do.

    2. I saw it with no problem, but am not sure how authentic it is. The camera generally looks away when there about to be some violence. However there is some “butt-kicking” shown in the middle, so it may be. No one’s face is shown.

      1. Katie kool-eyes 19 Aug 2013, 4:40pm

        Oh yes, the kick to the skull at 0:56 looked soooo set up. Were we watching the same vid, or did you not look closely enough?

        This is a disgusting display toward an innocent woman.

  2. Completely shocking! It’s an “invented problem” is it Mr Mutko…

  3. Notice again how they don’t bother to hide their faces? This is the consequence of the Russian law and the institutional endorsement of bigotry – The growing assumption of social acceptance of violence and brutality against LGBT people.

    Sick savage filth, well on the way to a full-blown pogrom against LGBT people.

    Still don’t think we should boycott that festering armpit of a country, and any and all events, manufacturers and other international functions? Do they have to start bloody lynching people on camera before action is taken?

  4. thequeenofkings 19 Aug 2013, 1:24pm

    Seriously, Putin and friends should be arrested for allowing such crimes against humanity!! I don’t even want to watch the video; just reading about crimes like these is enough to make me sick to my stomach.

  5. I saw it with no problem, but am not sure how authentic it is. The camera generally looks away when there about to be some violence. However there is some “butt-kicking” shown in the middle, so it may be. No one’s face is shown, that is, they dont wear masks, but the video is too unclear to make them out, and the victim never faces the camera.

    1. Try watching it without the sound, as I did the first time. See what you think.

      Other curious aspects: 1) Near the end, one of the assailants hands the victim one of her shoes, with which she smashes something made of glass, presumably a bottle (reference those appalling assaults with bottles that have caused internal injuries and death); why? (2) The victim appears to be dressed in lingerie that could be more a really ignorant straight person’s understanding of how gay men or transsexuals dress.

      While this video may be perfectly genuine, I would urge caution in adopting dubious ones – it may backfire if shown to be staged by immature thugs jumping on a bandwagon.

      1. I’m russian. They tryed to pressure her to rape herself with a bottle. “Sit on this bottle. Sit!” that’s what they are saying along with “Fag! Beat him!” I think if they were drunker they can even rape or kill her.

        1. That’s appalling. But why do they hand her a shoe to smash it?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

    That group should send it to the IOC a.s.a. p. as further proof of the brutality of the Russian regime.

  7. What in the hell is wrong with those people?

    1. Possibly bad acting by immature thugs, imho. But I could be wrong.

      1. Putain, is there a possibility that that video is so horrible that you would rather believe it isn’t true?

        1. There are many truly horrific assaults we have heard of and seen resulting in death and serious injury. That does not mean everything the fascist youth put online can be accepted at face value. There are a number of things about this video that raise questions and I feel cautious about. But I suspect the thugs in it are real enough. Watch it carefully without the sound on.

          1. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2013, 3:35pm

            So you would only have believed if this person had been murdered then? What kinda message does that send out?

            Ignorance and suspicion don’t help.

            Just because things may not conform to your idea of a ‘beating’ doesn’t make it less so.

            Even if this was a ‘mock up’ as you suggest, what part of that should be ignored if it’s promoting violence against others.

            Guess it’s easier to insult the victim when the victim isn’t you Putain. Let’s hope it never is for people to judge if you’re putting it on or not.

      2. Katie kool-eyes 19 Aug 2013, 4:42pm

        The kick to the head at 0:56 wasn’t acting

    2. Insecure men need a scapegoat or victim to beat on to feel better about their empty existance. They have a bizarre sense of straight white superiority, but little WORTH, so they feel cheated. They feel cheated and angry and need to beat on someone because they never quite figured out how to use words to assert their alpha-male dominance.

  8. If this was being done to black people there would rightly be a boycott of the Olympics. British politicians just play lip service when it comes to LGBT rights, half of them just don’t get it; self centred sportsmen are more important than human rights as Cameron’s eyes!

    1. Here we go…the comparison to ‘black people’. It’s like you can’t quite believe that ‘black people’ have rights!

      1. I think youve missed the point of the analogy – if this were black people, an elderly woman, a child etc, against whom there was institutionally promoted hatred then the IOC would rightly say we’re going somewhere else. However, because its gay people, it can be overlooked and accepted as cultural difference – just as it once was in the USA. Think again.

  9. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2013, 2:00pm


    And this they claim is the western world being an “invented problem”..

    What kind of ignorance does it take to have these attack going on, filmed and put online like some kind of trophy Then try to convince the world it is invented.

    It’s disgusting what is happening in Russia and it is completely evil for those that run the country to see it as acceptable.

  10. So, the “article” Pink News released right after this one is an ad for the lovely transphobes at Paddy Power – what the hell, Pink News? Are your irony sensors broken?

    1. The Paddy Power advert is so unacceptable I decided not to even open it.

      Shame on you, PinkNews.

    2. In your opinion, is the victim in the video really dressed as an ordinary transexual or homosexual would dress, or how a straight thug imagines we dress?

      1. Putain, you have no reason to dispute a number of different reasons why that particular trans person was dressed in the way she was at that particular time.

        Use your imagination.

    3. I, for one, have lost a great deal of respect for this site after seeing that ‘feature’ from Paddy Power.

  11. I just watched the video, from the PN link. My goodness, these people from russia are just sick, or at least 98% of them. If they support this I just hope that that country collapses and all of those sick bastards burn with fire.

  12. jonnielondon 19 Aug 2013, 2:28pm

    So, in which country that Putin steps off a plane will be the first to arrest him and have him sent to the ICC for prosecution for crimes against humanity?

  13. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Aug 2013, 2:34pm


  14. wether or not this is genuine, the sentiment is still the same. Expressing a deep hatred of LGBT people.
    Deeply, deeply sad :(

    1. That’s true; if it’s staged to appear “cool” other blackshirts, it is the same sentiment of hatred at its heart.

    2. nobody in russia denies that this is genuine. Putain is the only one who says so. Putain… sounds like Putin.

    3. Only Putain thinks that this is not genuine.


    Have you forgotten their transphobic adverts already? Pink News values money more than their readers clearly! For shame! I’m absolutely disgusted!

    1. DCBrighton 19 Aug 2013, 4:24pm


      Couldn’t really believe I saw that on Pink News. Short memory PN?

    2. You need to investigate why this would be. Most advertising is done through a third party, and PN might have little or no control over the ads appearing here unless they are made aware of it and can then block it.
      It’s not as simple as PN being given money for advertizing by a company.

      Please look into these things before you start attacking.

      1. If it were some banner ad off to the side or whatever, I’d agree. But when it’s run as an actual full advert article, well… I’d expect Pink News to have control over what articles are posted onto their site. It even says at the bottom “Paddy Power is a PinkNews advertiser”, which strongly implies that Pink News have a specific advertising deal with Paddy Power, rather than a deal with a generic ad network that has just happened to run a Paddy Power advert.

      2. It’s an actual article promoting Paddy Power’s Bingo on their front page (or at least it was at the same time). Pink News is advertising for them after they wrote articles about their transphobic advertising.
        Disgraceful. Money before values

        Benjamin Cohen needs to answer for this

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Aug 2013, 3:08pm

    And Google is blocking access for LGBT people in Russia to access gay websites!

    1. What?? Where did you hear this?

      Surprising, because Google sponsors gay organisations in other countries where it’s illegal to be gay, e.g. Pink Dot in Singapore.

      1. will you go away


        1. Because?

      2. It’s not illegal to be gay in Singapore. Same-sex activities between males is illegal, but homosexuality isn’t.

    2. Wh-wh-whaat? Cut out that crap. It’s one thing to condemn homobes but it’s a very different thing to pile lie upon lie or call a country a festering armpit, as in a comment above. I have far more reasons to despise instititionalised phobias in Russia as a Saffa currently in Moscow, but I’ve got no patience for assholism either

  17. Evil…..pure evil….T_T

  18. Dear President Putin,

    Now tell me that your laws aren’t hurting anyone?

  19. I just watched it. Disgusting, these people are vile nazi scum. And the IOC is still happy to have the olympics there…nice

  20. And this will never make it into even a mention on the BBC or Sky, or any one of the many global news organizations while they occasionally comment on the whole Sochi debacle.

    There are now so many videos and stories like this coming out of Russia, but no news org is actually mentioning any of it.

    If this was happening in our own country, wouldn’t there be some media attention to it? It’s becoming a pandemic in Russia, and I fear that there is a lot that we are never hearing about too.

    What about all the people who never report? What about those who try and are turned away or assaulted again by the police? What about the news organizations who are preventing this from being discussed in Russia and therefore it not being picked up globally?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, and if things like this are being leaked out of the country, you can bet that there’s a lot more we never hear about.

    1. They don’t want people to know this is happening because they know it will breed a whole new generation of radical fairy’s and outrage straight people too.

      The last thing they want is angry gay people, they will try everything they can to keep us thinking we are actually “equal” and have nothing to be concerned about so they can continue to swat down any complaints we have as a grudge or personal grievence that doesn’t actually exist.

      They want to keep us in the cage of false equality. The illusion of inclusion. The delusion of safety…

      1. I agree totally. Even the supposedly liberal Guardian is refusing to publish these stories. They instantly ban IP addresses of users who link to them on comment is free. Can it be because of the Snowden affair? I doubt it. Your interpretation is more plausible.

        I predict there will be a need for armed resistance in the near future. That is something we haven’t seen yet during the history of our stuggle.


  22. I refuse to watch the video; I don’t need to see it, my imagination is vivid enough!!!

    The way these people can’t distinguish between transexuals, homosexuals and peadophiles makes them the single DUMBEST nation in the “civilized” world !

  23. LGBTI people have the right to defend themselves so you have to get guns and shoot the offenders…save your own lives….

  24. Just watched this video and cried, Keep posting your sick video’s guys, this is all evidence that will come and kick you the butt.

    I really feel for the Russian LGBT community at the moment and hope they come through this.

    Putin’s days are numbered.

    1. I invite these cowards to come over here and try that with me or any of my friends. I guarantee they won’t have an easy time of it. Moreover, they’ll be put in jail, where they deserve to be. 5 counts of Grievous Bodily Harm, not to mention the theft of one handbag and it’s contents. Russia, you should be ashamed of your “normal” folk!!

  25. It’s stomach churningly sick. And makes me boil with rage. And hey…news just in…this stuff happens to trans people in every country of the world, including the UK. And plenty worse. Come and join us at Transgender Day of Remembrance in November and we will read out names of the hundreds (we know of) who have been brutally (it often involves torture) murdered all over the world.

    1. JJS, I think we know the brutality toward us is world wide. I work in a demanding environment, which involves going into lots of male dominated workplaces. Don’t think for one moment, that at all times, I am not concerned that my “history” will be discovered and compromise my job.
      So it’s not news to our community, but maybe our Russian brothers and sisters need our attention at the moment.

  26. Dear President Putin.

    I wish you get a shot in the middle of your eyes.

    Big kisses you c***

  27. Alas, beating up LGBT people or even goths, in other words, anyone who’s not “normal” and then posting a video of it online is a well established russian hobby.

  28. Kristyana Finch 20 Aug 2013, 3:45pm

    Well folks they are only a couple of goose steps away from a dictatorship. It is typically in the nature of these regimes to spark up hatred in the community against minority groups then support it by failure to act against it. Instead they enacted laws that slowly diminish the rights of the minority and encourage actions against them . They give justification to the hatred.

    Putin is a dictator disguised as a Democrat. .

  29. Dimitris T 20 Aug 2013, 4:06pm

    Those villains seem too confident that their acts will remain unpunished. The State is responsible for this situation. Does the Church consider them to be good Chistians, or the State good Russians?

  30. Look at another NEW video gay teenager tortured by Russian homophobes

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