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Producers of Alan Turing film reject criticism of project

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Reader comments

  1. That’s good to know. So PN got it all wrong then?

    1. Yes they did. Completely wrong.

  2. David Thomas 19 Aug 2013, 12:10pm

    The statement seems to me very clear and unequivocal. When do we not trust that the producers will keep their word? There is far more to be gained by being part of a revered body of work placing Mr Turing accurately & honestly in his historical context. The BBC are part of that and set a tone in their drama that well reflected the period and Mr Turings openness with the authorities.

  3. Hilarious! PN – check your sources: you don’t want to give exposure to any old nutter who wants to air a gripe – like not being paid to offer their twopenneth of script advice.

    It’s still not clear who Julia Turing is – she makes other claims elsewhere on the web.

    1. PN doesn’t even report their sources. You want them to check them? Anything read in PN must be corroborated by another source before I believe it.

    2. Nothing about this ‘Julia Turing’ rings true, especially now that someone purporting to be her has posted on the other thread. I think Pink News has been well and truly pranked.

  4. On your last feature regarding this, the producers of the movie left several comments re-assuring people that they would not cleanse the truth from the film.

    It seemed they were really concerned about that, so I trust they will keep it real.

    I’m looking forward to the film either way, I love Alan Turing :)

    1. I was unhappy with pink news for rushing to post unsubstantiated stories. I can see why the producers were upset. If I remember rightly you repeated the story twice.

  5. This is interesting. While I really hope that they do stick to the facts and don’t embellish it for dramatic reasons (to make it more popular) we have to remember that this is an art form, and anyone has the right to be creative. If you don’t like the result, get over it and move on.

    A movie script cannot change history. If it’s a ridiculously bombastic story to make it popular then it won’t do well, because those who are interested in the film are those who appreciate the real story.

    I think there are far too many people spreading nonsense about this because they’re a little nutty, and probably a little jealous that they were not invited to participate.

    Did Julia change her name? That suggests something a little nutty about her character in itself.

    1. I’m a Historian but I’m also love movies so I understand when writers change things for dramatic reasons. You’re right they’ll not change history.
      But Turing’s homosexuality is vital to his own history. He was persected for it!

      1. …and straightwashing is just wrong!

        But I have more faith in the producers than in this Julia woman, in part because I read the early draft of the script and specially because that article is so unreal.


    Have you forgotten their transphobic adverts already? Pink News values money more than their readers clearly! For shame! I’m absolutely disgusted!

  7. George Broadhead 19 Aug 2013, 5:35pm

    I hope the statement is truthful and look forward to seeing the film about this famous gay atheist.

  8. FWIW Julia is a program that attempd to pass the Turing Test. So I definitely want to know who the person called Julia Turing is. IE if its NOT a scam

    1. She does exist, Google her name.

      1. I google her . I didn’t found anything.
        I follow the wonderful Alan Turing Years on Twitter and they don’t know her.
        Someone from the real Turing family is on twitter and in contact with Alan Turing Years. She confirmed some time ago that the actors and the production were in talks with them. Good news.

  9. Julia Turing “keen follower of Turning’s work” so did she change her name then? I thought she was related to him in some way! Odd

    Well I hope their statement is true as I found what has been said in the past worrying to say the least!

    1. Sorry I mean “keen follower of Turing’s work”

  10. Strongfemme 22 Nov 2013, 3:12pm

    Mr Turing, lived his life with, courage and integrity he showed living life as a gay man in a society that demonstrated prejudicial treatment ….. If there was a gay idol to admire for his intellect and integrity it’s, Mr Alan Turing.
    “Lest We Forget”

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