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Labour Shadow Minister Stephen Twigg: ‘Michael Gove must stop schools from resurrecting Section 28’

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Reader comments

  1. ” It seems that some schools, perhaps not knowingly, are still using guidance from before Labour’s repeal of Section 28.”

    That’s a very charitable way of looking at it.

    Anyway, good to hear a politician speak up.

    1. It would be nice if he would also speak up against academies and free schools more generally, but he’s just as committed to them as Gove is.

      There is absolutely no way schools are unknowingly using guidance from over 10 years ago.

      This man is pathetic.

  2. Thank god there one person who not scree and spineless to speak up. I would hate to think whats being taught in some of the free schools.

    Theres no excuse why any schools should be using old guidance.

  3. I think schools should be fined if this story turns out to be correct. “Ignorance of the law is no defence” and it is VITAL that not a single young gay person is allowed to grow up believing that they are in ANY WAY a second-class citizen.

  4. Kyle William Pryde - Jarman 19 Aug 2013, 4:20pm

    I think that the publish ALL schools, who has Section 28 still in their schools, as i was openly gay in high school and i have a feeling that my high school had this section 28 when i was taught sex education, as i did not know much about same sex relationships in high school and all schools should be compulsory teaching same sex relationships in sex education, as it’s just as natural as “normal sex” and i think all open and non openly gay students would benefit i know i would have, and i sure as HELL won’t want any kid to have a bad of time in school as i had, due to ignorance and prejudice from both staff and pupils!!!

    1. Vickie Fforbes - Chav 19 Aug 2013, 5:40pm

      I think they should start with teaching good English, and go from there.

  5. Derek Williams 19 Aug 2013, 4:21pm

    I taught in schools for over 30 years and never once saw anyone sexualising children. In the West, if anyone gay or straight attempted this, they would be sacked.

    Your instinctive romantic affiliation for the same or the opposite sex is something you discover during puberty, not something you choose. Homosexuality is bestowed randomly by Nature on a tiny 5-10% of the population.

    Persecuting homosexuals will not make us heterosexual any more than my so-called homosexual ‘propaganda’ has made any straight people homosexual.

    1. Exactly! If their theory is correct about ‘exposure equals gay”, why aren’t I straight because I grew up witnessing only masses of heterosxism day in, day out? Could their fear really stem from an uncertainly about of their OWN sexuality and, because they have had ‘issues’ about suppressing their inner-most desires, they believe EVERYONE is the same as themselves … struggling to reject homosexuality? Hmmmm …..

  6. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2013, 4:29pm

    There is no place for this in any schools. It needs to be stopped and stopped now.

    We’ve come a long way from those days of child discrimination and there should be no will to return.

    Michael Gove need to show he’s the minister of education in this government and stamp this discrimination out.

  7. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2013, 4:31pm

    Let’s not forget also that before the last Labour government left office they introduced Amendment 70 which basically allows religious schools to teach homophobia.

    1. That was never passed in the end, because the Bill ran out of time at the last election. It was intended as a sop to Catholic schools when the Labour government wanted to ensure a more comprehensive and inclusive sex education policy. Ed Balls championed it at the time.

      1. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2013, 8:30am

        Actually it was passed as it was rushed through before the last election.

  8. It was LABOUR’S Ed Balls who got the ‘no promotion of homosexuality’ rules put in there in the first place. HE SPECIFICALLY ADDED THE AMENDMENT TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

    As much as I despise the Tories you can’t blame them for this one, it’s completely Labour’s fault!

    1. See my comment above.

      Labour’s enthusiasm for Academies was not helpful.

  9. The SRE document is still available here

    Also of interest is the CVEA “anti-bullying policy.” Normally a school anti-bullying policy is expected to provide a definition of what they mean by “bullying”

    But look what CVEA says here –

    “all members of the Academy community share an understanding of what is defined as bullying”

    That is not very helpful at all.

  10. Wait… Twigg’s attacking Gove for Labour’s Academy schools implementing the homophobic policies Labour enabled them to run as evidenced in policies from pre-2010?

    And that’s the current government’s work? Er… cunningly done using their governmental tardises I suppose?

    Got to admire his cheek…

  11. If I remember correctly-Michael Gove was expressing the idea of allowing the re-introduction of Section 28 on a piecemeal local authority basis as recently as 2009.

    1. Nick Davis 19 Aug 2013, 7:12pm

      I thought he championed homophobia as well.

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