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Russian athletes kiss in protest against anti-LGBT law

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 18 Aug 2013, 11:08am

    Either way it’s seen, more of it needed.

  2. That kiss is gay by any interpretation but the authorities won’t care because it’s two women kissing and not two men and most of these bodies and politicians are dirty pervy straight men who probably get off on it.

    1. Christopher in Canada 18 Aug 2013, 12:51pm

      Interesting how the double standard of lesbianism being ok (so long as they aren’t actually dykes, or worse, LOOK like dykes) is permissible, eh?

      1. Sexism, pure and simple. It’s “ok to be gay” as long as you conform to the 1950’s paradigm of what it means to be a boy or girl and heteronormatize yourself to their standards.

    2. I strongly suggest you educate yourself on russian customs and culture. Kissing on the lips is a perfectly normal way to greet and celebrate friendship.

      1. can’t wait to go to russia and practice this wonderful custom with new friends

      2. The women had a press conference afterwards and presumably confirmed it, otherwise this would have been demented long ago.
        Yet not a single mention in Russian media, surprise, suprise…

        1. The response to this friendly kiss sure is demented

  3. I praise the international mobolization concerning lgbt rights in Russia. But I also request some mobilization about Greece, which is in EU, after all. Notorious neo-nazi Greek MP Panagiotaros, known from Golden Down attack to theatrical play “Corpus Christi” called German Minister of Foreign Affairs “lady” one day before Mr. Schauble visited Greece (18/7/13). On 16/8/13, he appealed for homosexuality to be criminalized again in Greece.
    Ordinary Greek right wing, New Democracy, the main party in Government, is not like Cameron whatsoever. Numerous right wing MPs of New Democracy, appeal openly for co-operation with Golden Dawn, the purest Nazi party in Europe in next Elections. All their history and acts of GD, all their culture is full of cult to German Nazism. They never hide their will to attack gay people and criminalize homosexual acts. New Democracy denied to support a law on Hate Speach, proposed by Democratic Left and tis was one of the reasons Democratic Left withdrew…

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 18 Aug 2013, 2:00pm

      One suggestion is that gay organizations in Greece should extend their contacts with sister other countries. This initiative can gradually be widened— FIGHT FOR GREECE, Dimitris T !

      Go for it. ( —Norway )

  4. …withdrew from Government in June. ND proposed another law, whose main difference fron the law proposed by Democratic Left was to ommit sexual orientation fron the ground of protection and other, minor differences. Laws on gay propaganda to minors are constantly proposed by Nazis and ultra-conservatives and an anti-gay policy is not unlikely. So, I plead for at least one third of the interest shown for Russia!

    1. Dimitris, I think you may be interested in a number of such Greek issues that I address in my forthcoming book, “Athens – The Truth”. I hope that amongst other things my text will help spread word in the UK, US, and so forth, of the very difficult situation that exists for LGBTs in Greece. You can find links to bookshops and sites offering the book at:

      Best Wishes, David.

      1. Dimitris T 18 Aug 2013, 2:23pm

        Thank you David, I will look for it. Crime exists in every society. Sometimes cruel, hideous, or organized. But we need to know that the State stands opposite to it.

        1. Yes, Dimitris, indeed crime and hatred exist in every society, and the UK and the US and various other Western states are by no means perfect. For example, here in the UK we’re seeing Free Schools trying to get away with teaching “good old-fashioned values” (including homophobia). I hope that my book may just help a little to shame Greek politicians with regard to what they are not allowing with regard to LGBTs in Greece. Cheers, David.

  5. Metsän poika 18 Aug 2013, 12:44pm

    You go girls….

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 18 Aug 2013, 1:39pm

      YES, YES-Metsän poika !

  6. Not to rain on the parade (pardon the pun) but did anybody ask them personally how they meant this gesture? Friendly or protest… It seems to me that it’s only credited as such. It would be both daring and awesome if true for sure.

  7. MarKo Hubert 18 Aug 2013, 2:14pm

    Wow those girls rock!

  8. Michael 2912 18 Aug 2013, 2:14pm

    I’m sorry: this is just another example of Pink News’ low journalism standards. It would be wonderful if the headline was more than speculative but it isn’t.

    1. Why don’t you go find abother LGBT news outlet if this one is so lacklustre? Huffington posts “gay voices” is a good one.

      1. Are you suggesting that people should ignore it when journalists make up stories to fuel their own agenda?

  9. Brave ladies

  10. Christopher 18 Aug 2013, 3:08pm

    This is the moment the world can do something in Russia, and soon everywhere, for gay rights. Do next to nothing and we will have another Nazi Germany in Russia as well as elsewhere. Don’t let this turn into Newtown!!!

  11. Funny that the BBC has ignored this headline, Sky News had it as one of there top stories

    1. The BBC ignored it because its not true. But judging by their recent non-news coverage and blatant making stuff up outside a hospital for hours on end I thought it would have been right up their street.

  12. Unfortunately, we don’t have any confirmation at this point that this kiss was indeed meant as a protest. I have searched all over the Russian news and there is no confirmation of any sort.

    Personally, I think it’s just too good to be true. Russian athletes are tightly controlled by the state. If they really did this as a protest, that would be the end of their careers in Russia.

    1. You have a point! we have heard many times how the Russian athletes are encouraged, supported and promoted by their government. If this was a protest, one wonders if their careers will be over or the Russian government will rebuke them and let them continue (only until after the Olympics) because it would hurt their potential medal count if they prematurely ended their careers before the Olympics. One might see a little self serving hypocrisy from the Russians in this particular case.

  13. From the video in the attached link, you can see all four members of the team kissed each other. It looks far more like a celebration than a protest.

  14. So a kiss that is a classic russian kultural way of showing friendship has been highjacked by others for a completely different reason. Sounds fair and proper…

    Had been different if the ladies kissing had claimed it to be something else.

    1. GulliverUK 18 Aug 2013, 6:24pm

      It’s a stretch to interpret it as being a protest, now that we hear some claims that Russians would kiss on the lips as a sign of friendship, and a stretch to imply people have hijacked it either. Russians seem far more sexually repressed that most Europeans, and I’ve never heard of Russians doing this when meeting one another. Is it only the women? Do Russian men kiss each other on the lips when they meet? Does Putin?

      I note from the video that the two who kissed first did it on the lips, whist others appeared to do it on the cheeks. Perhaps the two who kissed first were making a protest, perhaps they missed each others cheeks, or perhaps they intended a protest. We will probably never know, but it was nice to see nonetheless. I would happily hug and kiss other gay men in public, and wouldn’t have a problem hugging straight guys – but that’s just me. :)

      1. You didn’t know that Russians kiss on the lips as a sign of friendship but you do know that Russians are far more sexually repressed that most Europeans. How does that work?

        It looks like we have now given Russian anti-gay politicians an opportunity to show how culturally ignorant LGBT “activists” can be. Good work everyone!

        1. GulliverUK 19 Aug 2013, 8:20am

          I would have thought that was implicit in their emotionally immature and irrational fear of a sexuality different from their own. If someone tells me they’re straight I don’t tell everyone we must repress them, lock them up, persecute them, deny them the opportunity of love and companionship and for the children’s sake to not allow any overt display of heterosexuality in public. They’re making themselves look like idiots and that they are insecure with their own sexuality, thus repressed.

          Is there anything else I can help you with today? :)

          1. So you’ve never travelled anywhere more foreign than Ibiza ;)

        2. Michael 2912 19 Aug 2013, 9:52am

          I agree with you entirely. I’m astonished that contributors seem to be unaware of the Russian kissing custom. You really to have to be careful to avoid trading on assumptions when looking at a foreign culture.

  15. GulliverUK 18 Aug 2013, 6:13pm

    Very brave and very beautiful.

    In the UK we still possess, in general, a rather odd personal space boundary and touching censorship, between men – women not so much. Men here don’t hold hands, and wouldn’t kiss each other, despite the acceptance of people who are gay who might show affection in public, sometimes. It’s refreshing to see that some from overseas don’t have this Victorian attitude towards intimacy, and don’t see a kiss or hug or embrace as necessarily implying a sexual relationship.

    In short, we would all of us be far better off if everyone hugged and kissed and were more tactile, gay and straight.

  16. GulliverUK 19 Aug 2013, 8:28am

    On the way in to work this morning it struck me that if this is a cultural tradition, embracing others physically, kissing on the cheeks, and even if the kiss on the lips by these two was purposeful, then aren’t the Russians actually about to wipe out this apparent cultural norm, at least in part? If women or men aren’t allowed to embrace, or kiss on the cheeks, then that will be the same for every Russian. Presumably no two men or two women would be allowed to embrace, hug, kiss on the cheeks.

  17. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Aug 2013, 11:04am

    I do think this kiss was a deliberate way to support LGBTQ-persons ! No one-eventually these two young women- can make me change my opinion.

  18. They weren’t protesting. This journalist has just made that up to suit their own agenda. It doesn’t matter how important your agenda is, making up stories is pretty horrific. It may even cause them harm to suggest they were making a protest. I think that is irresponsible.

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